Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

With a global network of paper bag making machines, Nova machinery maintains its integrity at the same pace. We are customer-oriented and manufacture all solutions per the client’s preferences. Our production area has various paper bag-making machines that serve you in a wide range of features and specifications. Being a best-seller, our fully automatic paper …

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Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

Nova machinery is the epitome of quality paper bag manufacturing and provides services in different world areas. With our continuously improving strategies, we have built several local servicing points where we help our customers with technical complications. Our policies are transparent, and our customers highly trust our products.  We welcome you to visit our production …

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paper bag material

Paper Bag Material

Nova has always been business-oriented and used the correct strategies at the right time. This strategic approach helped shape the company’s background and ultimately resulted in the business expansion of Nova machinery in 40 nearby countries. Nova always wanted to be loyal, transparent, and honest with its customers. Nova mainly focuses on educating its customers …

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Paper carry bag making machine

Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

Nova Machinery has been remarkably expanding the paper bag machine manufacturing business for years. With the 20 years of consistent struggle, we have managed to open our offices in 40 countries which is a huge trademark in the history of Chinese manufacturers. The customers across the borders highly admire our improved and constantly developing solutions.  …

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