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Nova is leading the printing and packaging machinery industry in China with satisfied clients in over 50 countries.

About Nova

Wenzhou Nova Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company and professional manufacturer of Paper bag machine and Non Woven Bag Making Machine.

We started our journey as a plastic bag machine manufacturer in 2006 under the leadership of Mr. Chan. Our plastic bag manufacturing machine was an instant hit in the market, which was a huge motivation for us.

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Our founder Mr. Chan is not only a visionary man, but he is also very much concerned about global pollution. Global white pollution became a serious issue in early 2000, killing animals and degrading the environment.Considering this issue very seriously, our founder Mr.Chan decided not to contribute to the damage work anymore. Consequently, NOVA stepped into the field of the non-woven bag-making industry in the year of 2008.

Quality product and satisfying sales service are the two most essential ingredients for any business to be successful. As NOVA had excellence in both sectors, we went global in a very short period of time. Product manufacturers from around the world started to reach us, and right now, we have clients delivering their products using our machines in over 50 countries.

In addition, we have dozens of local service points in different places in the world. In the span of 15 years, that is quite an achievement that many few companies can achieve.From the inception of our company, we have always thrived for innovation and inventions. As a result, we innovated a range of paper bag-making machines, shopping bag machines seeing the global demand for these products.

Seeing the consequences of white pollution, global leaders set a global implementation of environmental protection policy to reduce the use of harmful plastic bags. Our paper bag-making machines meet that ecological protection policy and are sold widely around the world. The sales growth of our paper bag-making machine was 20% per year.

That sales growth was a huge boost for us, and we decided to stick to the market orientation. We are continuously innovating various equipment and providing different solutions to meet the requirements of our global clients.

We have a dedicated product development and Research & Development team who are constantly working on various eco-friendly solutions. We offer promotional offers for overseas retail shops and service points to serve their clients with environment-friendly packaging.

You are always welcome to join us and use our machines. Serve your customers with high-quality packaging and contribute to global welfare.

The Philosophy we follow:

  • Creating business value for our clients.
  • Restrict global environmental pollution.
  • Value every employee without discrimination
  • Achieve social value with our company activities.
  • Quality is the key to unlocking the success of a business.
Paper Bag Machine commissioning

Manufacture the ideal product using our ultramodern machining technology. Our printing, cutting, laminating, and making machines are highly efficient, and you will get the ideal machining with nearly 0% tolerance.

Paper Bag Machine assembly

You will get complete turnkey assembly services from our experienced and highly skilled professionals. We offer numerous post-production services such as die-cutting, packaging, custom laminating, packaging, etc.

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Our commissioning process ensures that all the components and systems of your machines are perfectly designed. Our commissioning team tests numerous tests on every machine and provides the optimum quality.

Product Roadmap

From the beginning of our company, we have been thriving for innovation. Investing in a machine is a considerable amount of investment. We value your money and have been developing innovative and efficient machines that sustain many years.

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Certifications are crucial in the machining industry. We are an ISO9001 certified company and all of our products are CE certified. Apart from those we also have other industry related certifications and awards that represent our quality as a machine manufacturing company.

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Trade Show

Trade shows are excellent places to show our innovative machines in front of a wide range of people. They are also a great place to meet with the enterprises, know their thoughts and demands.

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Paper Bag Machine tradeShow3
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Is Your Factory Located?

Wenzhou Nova Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian. From SHANGHAI it takes 40 minutes by air and 4 hours by train.

From GUANGZHOU by air is 2hours. You are always welcome to visit our factory. Take a look at our collection of videos.

Do you provide samples of paper bags?

Yes, we can provide samples of various paper bags made with our machine. You only need to pay the express fee for shipping the samples.

How Do You Offer After-Sales Service?

We offer free training for our overseas clients. We also offer remote service from our channels for our overseas clients. Our clients can call or send us a message anytime, and we always assist them with all of our resources.

Can You Provide a Paper Bag Making Machine Capable of Making All Sizes Of Shopping Bags?

We can customize our machine, and you can make any size of shopping bag with our customized paper bag-making machine.

Do You Accept Customization?

Yes, we accept any kind of unique design and customization. Just tell us your requirements, and our engineers will do the customization for you.

How Long Is Your Warranty Period?

You will get a one-year guarantee. But any improper operation by the buyer will violate the guarantee. So, read our guarantee documentation carefully so that you can avail yourself in case of any emergency.
What happens if Any Part Breaks in the Warranty Period?
You will get a free replacement of the broken part if that happens within the warranty period.

How many kinds of machines do you have?

We are a professional paper bag machine manufacturer. We offer various models of paper bag machines. There are simple type, semi-automatic type, fully automatic type, as well as with paper handle and printing and so on. You can choose the machine that suits you according to your budget and requirements.

Of course, contact our experts and we will help you choose the machine you are satisfied with.

Our popular products:

  • Square bottom paper bag making machine
  • V bottom paper bag making machine
  • Fully automatic paper bag making machine
  • Paper bag handle making machine
  • Paper bag making machine with printing
  • Automatic slitting machine
What happens if Any Part Breaks in the Warranty Period?

You will get a free replacement of the broken part if that happens within the warranty period.

How To Find A Suitable Paper Bag Making Machine For My Product?

Finding an ideal paper bag making machine for your product depends on multiple factors. We offer free consultancy to our clients so that they can find the best machine for their projects. In most cases, we ask the following questions to offer a machine that suits your project: 

  • The type of products you are willing to make. 
  • The space you have in your workshop for the machine 
  • The output you are willing to achieve.
Why Should I Buy from You?
  • We have been doing business in the industry since 2006, and our machines are used in over 50 countries all over the world. 
  • We are ISO9001 certified and have all the necessary certifications. We maintain a strict recruiting policy to ensure the best product quality in less time. 
  • We have one of the best production workshops in China, covering an area of ​​more than 3000 square meters, and can produce at least 30 machines per month.
  • We hire the best engineers and technicians. 
  • We offer the best competitive price.  
Do You Inspect The Finished Machines?

As a leading paper bag making machine manufacturer in China, we never deliver a machine before making the final check. We have our own dedicated QC (Quality Control) team with highly skilled and experienced members.
Our QC team runs several tests in the various steps of the manufacturing process to ensure 100% product quality. And before packaging and shipping, we run several tests to make sure everything is working fine. Besides, you can use your own quality testing team if you wish, and we cooperate with them so that you can have peace of mind.

What’s your Payment Term?

We adopt TT, LC.

  • Effect payment by T/T in two installments exactly 30% advance payment and remaining 70% payment before shipment.
  • 100%LC at sight

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