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Leading Paper Bag Handle Making Machine In China

  • Bid premium amenities, custom designs, development.
  • Highly proficient, knowledgeable team.
  • Well-equipped, state-of-the-art flair.
  • Engineers with over ten years of practise in engineering and manufacturing.
  • Paper Bag Handle Making Machine designs are accessible across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

A Handle Bag Making Machine Can Couple Up With Manifold Machines

An ultra-modern facility is well fortified with the most advanced machinery and equipment for developing quality products.

Automatic Round Handle Machine

The automatic handle machine is intended to produce handles of various types, shapes, and sizes for suitcases, bags, etc. The manoeuvre can be observed clearly through an opening in front to give a clear idea about the machine’s working.

Rolling Machine

This machine works on the code of rolling and cutting simultaneously. It is particularly suitable for mass production in rolling sheet, a strip that otherwise requires many workers in manual work.

Paper Rope making machine

The rope machine is premeditated to produce various ropes used for different purposes. The machinery is mounted on a heavy cast iron base for stability and reliability.

Desktop Glue Brushing Machine

This glue brushing machine is mounted on a tilting table, and it can be tilted at different angles. To one side of the table, there is a roller that sweeps the brush over the surface to be painted, and with the help of an independent motor, glue is deposited onto the cloth or bristles. 

Choose A Paper Bag Handle Machine From The Assortment Rendering To Your Company's Rations

Nova produces a range of different Handle making machines that can make virtually every type of bag your company may require.

Twisted Rope Handle Making Machine

This is a hot melt glue type of machine. It is used for assembly twisted rope handles and has a production speed of 10000p pairs/hour.

flat handle paper bag machine 1

 This is a hot melt glue type of machine. It is used for making flat rope handles and has a production speed of 6000pairs/hour.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine With twisted Rope Handle Inline

The Fully Automatic Square Bottom Machine is amalgamated with the warped rope handle to style paper baggage with twisted handles. This machine can produce up to 350pcs/min.

Make Your Custom Paper Bags With Exceptional Enterprises And Appearances

Paper bag handle making machines originated with an extensive range of paper bags in various shapes, sizes, and styles. This gives firms a lot of options for selecting the appropriate bag.

Nova Machinery Is A Global Supplier Of Premium Quality Paper Bag Machines

Nova Machinery has paper bag manufacturing equipment that may make almost every sort of bag your business requires. 

It offers a broad selection of high-quality equipment for producing a variety of paper bags.

We can supply you with v bottom paper bag making machines, square bottom paper bag making machines, fully automatic paper bag machines, paper bag handle making machines, and many more.

We can help you find the right equipment perfect for your needs.

Nova’s Customer Service Representatives are standing by to take your call.

Why Should You Go With Nova For A Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

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Nova Machinery manufactures its machinery using good quality raw materials and components, ensuring that the machines will last for a long time. It offers after-sales services to all of its customers across India.

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Paper Bag Handle Making Machine FAQs

Nova Machinery is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality paper bag production machines in China. We provide a full range of paper bag assembly machines, including automatic flexo printing and die cutting machine, semi-automatic flexo printing and die-cutting machines, manual flat printing machine, as well as slitting and rewinding machines. With over ten years of involvement in the field, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality apparatuses that meet their specific needs.

Our paper bag production machineries are intended for maximum efficiency and reliability, ensuring that you can produce high-quality bags at an affordable price. In addition, our experienced team is prevailing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about using our machines.

1. What Is A Paper Bag Handle-making Machine?

Round Handle Making Machine

Figure 1: Round Handle Making Machine

A paper bag handle-making machine is a maneuver that assembling handles for paper bags. The handles are made from a long, thin strip of paper fed into the machine and then cut to length. 

The machine cuts and folds the paper into a handle shape, which can be attached to the bag. This process speeds up the production of paper bags and allows for more consistent and uniform handles.

2. How Many Bag Handles Can We Make With A Handle Making Machine? Also, Discuss Hot Melt Glue And Without Hot Melt Glue Machine Variants.

Several types of handle styles are available on paper bag handle making machines. These include:

  1. Twisted Rope Handle
  2. Flat Rope Handle
  3. Round Rope Handle

Hot melt glue paper bag handle making machines are quite prevalent because of their durable construction and precise, stable performance. Also, they can be cleaned easily after use which reduces downtime in the production process. 

This machine is semi-automatic and has four rolls of paper used to make the flat rope and flat handle at once.

Without Hot Melt Glue Variant

In this variant, a water gluing system is used to join the paper to make a handle. 

Hot melt glue machines are usually faster than water gluing machines, ideal for high-speed production environments. However, water gluing machines offer more meticulousness and stability, so they may be better suited for smaller-scale productions or applications that require greater accuracy.

3. How Many Types Of Handles-making Machines Are Available In Nova Machinery?

four different categories

Nova Machinery has four different categories that fall under Handle making machines. These are

  1. Twisted rope handle making machine
  2. Flat rope handle making machine
  3. Flat paper bag handle making and pasting machine- Hot Glue
  4. Round rope paper bag handle making and paper bag handle pasting machine
4. What Is The Difference Between Round Rope And Flat Rope Paper Bag Handle Making Machines?

Round rope handle making tackles are premeditated to create rounded handles out of paper. The engine uses a rotating drum to twist the paper into a spiral shape, making a sturdy and durable handle. 

Flat rope handle making machines are intended to create flat handles out of paper. The device uses two rotating drums to fold the paper strip into a similar shape, creating a flexible and robust handle. 

Both of them are the same in working and production rate.

A round rope handle making machine can make round paper bag handles with double station machines, while a flat rope handle making machine can produce flat-type paper bag handles with single station equipment only. 

5. What Advantages Does A Paper Bag Handle Making Machine Have?

There are many benefits to using a paper bag handle manufacturing machine: 

Speeds Up Production Time and Increases Output:

A paper bag handle production machine speeds up production time by cutting down on the manual labor needed for hand folding or twisting handles from long strips of material. It also increases output, as it can make several bags at once instead of just one at a time. This allows businesses to produce more products in less time, with fewer people required to run the process compared to other methods. 

Uniformity & Quality Control:

Paper Bag Handle Making Machines maintain uniform quality control throughout every step, ensuring consistently high standards across products. 

Ease of Use:

Most paper bag handle making machines are effortless to use and require a little experience. Many types have an indicator light that goes off when the machine is finished folding or twisting a strip, so there’s no need for workers to monitor production manually. Also, most products can be made in bulk right out of the box with the minimal setup time needed by operators before being ready for use.

6. Describe The Specifications For A Paper Bag Handle Making Machine.

The specifications depend on the type of variant you are choosing. When looking for a paper bag handle making machine, it is essential to consider the most critical specifications for your business. Some factors you may want to consider include:

  • The type of handles being made – Round rope or flat rope? 
  • Speed of production – How many bags can be made per minute? 
  • Machine size – What is the footprint and height of the machine? 
  • Paper thickness – What weight/gauge paper will be used? 
  • Glue type – Hot melt or water-based? 

Nova Machinery’s machines are designed with these factors in mind, so we can offer a machine that meets your specific needs. If you’re not sure what type of machine is best for you, our team can help guide you to the perfect solution.

7. What Is The Role Of A Paper Bag Handle Machine In Different Industries?

The paper bag handle machine has many different applications in various industries.

In the food industry, they can produce take-out bags and boxes that hold products like pasta or rice bowls. 

Hotels and restaurants use them to create gift bags for guests staying at their establishment during special events such as weddings and holidays. 

The retail industry benefits from using these machines , shopping bags can be made from it , such as shoes, clothing, books, toys, DVDs, etc. It is also commonly found in grocery stores where customers purchase freshly baked bread slices, often sold inside paper bags with handles created by these machines.


8. Can We Use Our Raw Material For A Handle Making Machine?

Raw Material for Handle Making Machine

Figure 2: Raw Material for Handle Making Machine

Yes, most Handle Making Machine can use your raw material.

If you choose a rope handle-making machine, they usually require strips of paper that measure at least twenty-six inches in length and approximately one-half inch wide to function correctly. 

Flat rope machines need a strip made from a single layer of paper on each side with measurements between fourteen and sixteen inches long by three-quarters inch wide.

9. How To Maintain And Clean A Paper Bag Handle Making Machine?

The best way to maintain your machine is by keeping it clean. You must retain all the moving parts lubricated and free of debris. 

  • This can be done by wiping down the exterior with a soft cloth and using light oil on the bearings every once in a while. 
  • You should also empty any excess waste or glue built up inside the machine. 
  • Use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe away any dirt or residue to clean the interior.
  • Let it air dry before using it again. If you follow these simple steps, your machine will last for years to come!

When using a paper bag handle machine, it is essential to keep in mind the safety precautions that should be taken. Devices can be dangerous if not operated correctly, so it’s necessary to read and follow all of the instructions that come with your equipment. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Always wear gloves when operating the machine. 
  • Make sure hair and clothing are kept away from moving parts because Loose hair or clothing can get caught in the machinery and cause serious injury. 
  • Keep an eye on what’s happening around you and make sure no one is standing too close to the machine while it’s running. 
10. Describe The Parts Of A Paper Bag Handle Machine.

The parts of a paper bag handle machine are explained below. 

  1. The hopper is where the raw material enters the machine, usually through an opening on one side. There can also be two openings with chutes to guide it into different areas depending on what type you have. 
  2. The feed wheel moves the paperback and forth over the top of the glue applicator, which forces out just enough adhesive onto each strip of paper as they pass by. This ensures that there’s always enough for proper bonding between layers during production. 
  3. The take-up wheel takes strips of glued paper off once they come out from under the press rollers so they can be cut to size at points along their length by knives or blades located above them. 
  4. The press rollers are what create the final shape of the handle. They flatten out whatever is fed into them and can come in different variations depending on your needs or preferences. 
11. How Does A Paper Bag Handle Making Machine Works?

The paper bag handle making machine works by following these four simple steps. 

  1. The raw material is fed through the hopper and onto the feed wheel. 
  2. It then passes over the top of the glue applicator, where a layer of adhesive is forced out before being taken up by the take-up wheel. 
  3. The press rollers flatten it out and give it its final shape, after which it’s cut to size by knives or blades above them. 
  4. Finally, it comes out from under the press rollers and goes through a drying section before exiting the machine.
12. What Is The Price Range Of A Paper Bag Handle Making Machine?

The price range for a paper bag handle making machine is typically between $20000 and $25000. This range can vary depending on the size and features of the device. Fully automatic machines tend to be more expensive than those that are semi-automatic. Read more……

13. Can We Adjust The Size Of The Handle According To Our Requirements?

Yes, the handle size can be adjusted according to your requirements.


14. Is The Handle Bag Making Machine Fully Automatic Or Semi-automatic?

The paper bag handle making machine is semi-automatic. It is possible to adjust the size of the handle according to your requirements.

15. What Are Your Warranty And After-sales Support For Nova Paper Bag Handle Making Machine?

We offer a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support for NOVA Paper Bag Handle Making Machine . If you have any problems with the machine, our team of experts will be happy to help.

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