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Automatic paper bag handle pasting machine

  • Our machine offers dual compatibility for pasting round and flat rope handles.
  • Features precision sensors for efficient detection and removal of faulty adhesion.
  • Nova Machinery offers a simplified installation process that is convenient for customers.

Modular automatic paper bag handle pasting machine with expandable features

Versatile automatic paper bag handles pasting machine for diverse bag designs.

Advanced Motor Configuration

Includes Japanese Panasonic and INVT servo motors for precise control and reliability.

Quality Vacuum Pump

Utilizes ORION KRX5-P-V vacuum pump, a Japanese brand known for high performance and durability.

Pneumatic Accessories Selection

Incorporates renowned Japanese brands like SMC and CKD for cylinders and solenoid valves, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Robust Control System

Employs Siemens PLC control system for efficient machine operation and management, enhancing overall performance and functionality.

Solutions for your company's different paper bag needs

Nova’s paper bag handle pasting machine can be used in conjunction with different types of paper bag machines. This allows you to produce different types of paper bags to meet your company’s needs.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Square bottom paper bags are the perfect match for carrier bags when combined with a paper bag handle pasting machine and a handle machine.

Paper rope making machine

Specialising in the production of high quality paper ropes, it can be used with paper bag handle pasting machine to complete the semi-automatic production of handbags.

Paper Bag Printing Machines

Precision printing equipment tailored for paper bags, offering customizable designs and vibrant colors to enhance brand visibility and appeal.

Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

Automates the production of sturdy paper bag handles, ensuring consistent quality and seamless integration into the bag manufacturing process.

Customized paper bag hands string making

Paper bag handle pasting machine can meet your requirements for small batch manufacturing of hand bags as well as large scale production, making it an affordable accessory for paper bag production.

Nova Machinery, professional paper bag machine manufacturer

Nova Machinery is a professional paper bag machine manufacturer in China. We have our own factory and paper bag machine design and production team.
We are committed to serving paper bag manufacturers of all sizes. Nova’s engineers will provide you with a customized solution for your paper bag machine according to your needs. The paper bag handle pasting machine is one of our customized machines for carrier bag suppliers.

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Automatic Paper Bag Handle Pasting Machine

A Detailed Guide

Automatic Paper Bag Handle Pasting Machine

Figure 1: Automatic Paper Bag Handle Pasting Machine

With the call for these improved paper bag bags, manufacturers increasingly opt for automatic paper bag handle pasting machines. These machines efficiently apply handles to large quantities of paper bags, ensuring a reliable and consistent solution for mass production.
This blog will explore the role and features of the automatic paper bag handle pasting machine. Let’s get started.

Overview and Technical Parameters: 

Technical Parameters of paper bag handles

Figure 2: Technical Parameters of paper bag handles

A paper bag handle pasting machine is a piece of equipment specifically designed to paste handles into paper bags, automating the process. This machine can create two types of handles: thick round handles and thin flat ropes

The bag width can vary from 230mm to 400mm, while the length can range from 230mm to 450mm. Most of these bags are made from paper with a thickness between 70g/m² and 100g/m².

The machine weighs approximately 1460 kilograms and is typically coupled with a cold glue system for handle bonding. The hot melt system is optional and affects the machine’s price. The unit runs on a three-phase, four-wire power supply with 380V + 220V, 50Hz. If the operations manual is correct, the unit could operate in all countries with their power specifications.

Besides the operating machine, the air compressor’s power is one of the essential values of at least 4HP. The air pressure compressed by the machine has to be within the range of the 0.4MPa – 0.6MPa. 

Additionally, specific requirements are set for the quality of the handles produced: they must have no more than a small level of torsion and a particular degree of rigidity to preserve their shape and stability while in use.

How Does It Work?

Working of machine

Figure 3: Working of machine

Here’s how the handle-pasting machine works. 

  • Bag Feeding:

Paper bags are fed into the machine through a conveyor system. The bags are positioned and aligned for handle attachment.

  • Handle Application:

Handles, either round rope or flat rope, are automatically fed into the machine from a supply reel. Depending on the configuration, the machine uses adhesive (either cold glue or hot melt glue) to apply the handles to the designated positions on the paper bags.

  • Sensor Detection and Alignment:

Advanced sensors, such as thickness detection and precision photoelectric sensors, monitor the process. They ensure accurate handle placement and detect any bag shape or alignment irregularities.

  • Glue Application:

The machine applies adhesive to the handle and bag contact areas precisely and consistently. It ensures strong adhesion without excess glue that could impact bag quality.

  • Pressing and Fixing:

After the handle application, pressing mechanisms firmly attach the handles to the paper bags. This step ensures a secure bond between the handle and the bag surface.

  • Quality Inspection:

Throughout the process, the machine continuously checks for quality control. It identifies and removes defective bags or handles, minimizing waste and ensuring high production standards.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control:

The machine may feature remote Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, allowing operators to monitor and control the machine remotely. This feature enables real-time adjustments, troubleshooting, and maintenance without physical presence.

  • Finished Bag Output:

Completed paper bags with handles are discharged from the machine. They are ready for further processing, packaging, or distribution.

Exploring the Features 

The automatic paper bag handle pasting machine is designed to streamline and enhance the production of paper bags. It has the following features. 

  • Versatile Handle Pasting:

The automatic paper bag handles pasting machine can handle round and flat rope handles, providing flexibility in bag handle design without requiring separate equipment.

  • Advanced Sensor Technology:

It includes a thickness detection sensor and precision photoelectric sensor that can identify and rectify issues like improper bag shape, misalignment, or overlaps during production. This capability minimizes waste, reduces downtime, and enhances overall production efficiency.

  • Remote IoT Module:

The machine features a remote Internet of Things (IoT) module, enabling remote guidance for machine setup, programming upgrades, and maintenance. This remote capability allows troubleshooting and maintenance without on-site visits, improving machine uptime and responsiveness.

  • Simplified Installation and Commissioning:

The machine incorporates a more user-friendly mechanical structure, making installation and commissioning easier for customers. This design allows customers to set up and use the machine efficiently independently.

  • Siemens PLC Control System:

This additional advantage ensures that the actual control over the handling and pasting processes is always reliable and accurate. Subsequently, the production efficiency is increased, and we can customize output parameters based on specific requirements. The PLC system is a relatively simple tool that helps machines work and integrate easily with other processes.

All the features of the auto bag handle pasting machine are effective in its usability and functionality in the industrial sector.

Considerations for Buying a Handle Pasting Machine:

Considerations for Buying a Handle Pasting Machine

Figure 4: Considerations for Buying a Handle Pasting Machine

When choosing an automatic paper bag handle pasting machine, several considerations should be taken into account to ensure it meets specific manufacturing needs:

  • Determine whether the machine can efficiently apply the type of handles required for your paper bag designs.
  • Check if the machine can accommodate the size range of paper bags you intend to produce, including bag width, length, and paper thickness.
  • Consider the type of adhesive system used by the machine.
  • Evaluate the machine’s sensor capabilities, such as thickness detection and photoelectric sensors, to ensure accurate handle placement and quality control during production.
  • Assess the ease of installation and operator training required for the machine. Determine the machine’s production capacity and speed to ensure it can meet your desired output levels without compromising quality.


The fully automatic paper bag handle pasting machine has played a crucial role in improving productivity and consistency in paper bag manufacturing. The machine streamlines production, reduces waste, and ensures consistent quality by automatically attaching handles to the paper bags. There are many benefits of buying an automatic paper bag handle pasting machine for your business aimed at successfully producing paper bags.

Nova Machinery offers advanced paper bag handle pasting solutions, incorporating innovative technology and reliable features to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Contact us to explore our range of machines and find the ideal solution for your paper bag production needs. 

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