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Paper rope making machine

  • Well-structured team to deal with your paper rope making machine-related queries
  • Proficient progress report delivery with the help of a strong management system
  • A hub of high-technology machinery and flawless designs for paper rope machines 
  • Free consultation with our business analysts to carry out strategic campaigns for your business
  • Maintenance guidelines for any type of machines and spare parts you buy from Nova Machinery 
  • Imported machine parts to enhance the efficacy of your double and single paper rope machines

Paper rope handle making machine in China

We provide you with diverse features in the paper rope machine at Nova machinery

Paper rope machine Assembly area

To accommodate massive paper rope making machine production, we have designed a separate aerated area. Once your machines are manufactured, we place them here to avoid damage. They are well taken care of until we dispatch them to you. The environmental conditions are also maintained.

Paper rope machine Details 1

This section covers the upper area of the paper rope machine. On the outer upper surface, there is a perforated net-type metal lid. We cover the machine with a lid so that no extra paper piece falls out in your eye (although it never happens but for the sake of safety). The machine frame is non-vibrating and noiseless which lets your manufacturing area run peacefully.

Paper rope machine Details 3

From the inside, the paper rope making machine has one to two spinners (depending upon the machine model). These are high-speed spinners that rewind the paper rope on the rollers. Their speed can be adjusted with the help of an electro/digital meter on the upper surface of the machine.

Paper rope machine Electrical Distribution Boxes

Your paper rope making machine has a separate box for electrical suppliance. In this box, we have separate switches, batteries, and power supply systems that transfer electricity to the respective units with the help of wires. You need to be well cautious while working with the wires.

Paper rope machine manufacturer with distinct specifications

Nova machinery offers you novel paper rope handle making machine categories!

double head paper rope machine

Running a huge production house isn’t really possible unless you have the leveling equipment. To suit this cause, Nova Machinery has designed a double head paper rope making machine that contains two spinners with guaranteed high-speed and high-production of twisted paper ropes.

single head paper rope machine

It has two – three paper rolls on a single shaft that combine together to make twisted paper rope. A single spinner or rotator is enough to carry out the whole rope formation process. We have a mini exhaust in the machine that balances the machine temperature. Furthermore, all the dimensions are customizable.

Different types of paper rope to meet different needs

You can excel in your business with our manifold rope and handle making machines

Offering premium solutions to your paper rope making machine problems!

Our manufacturing journey has been phenomenal since 2006 and up till now, we have expanded our business in more than 35 foreign states. All this success comes from our extraordinary team skills and management, their hard work, and effective strategies. As we have experienced every minute detail and customer requirements, we guide you based on the true facts and we deliver to you what we think is the best for your business growth.

We have never received a complaint regarding any working department in our firm and that is because we have studied which company behavior disturbs the clients and we have avoided repeating that. Nova machinery is highly customer-oriented and that is the reason we will deal with your problems related to paper rope making machines and will give you the best solutions possible. Happy Buying!

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Paper rope making machine – FAQ guideline

Nova machinery is the ultimate powerhouse for paper bag manufacturing companies residing all over the world. With our extraordinary services and management, we have attracted a huge number of clients to our manufacturing business. And the one rule we followed was to maintain “transparency”. There was only limited paper bag making machine models in the market till we emerged and introduced diverse machine models one of which is the paper rope making machine. It is quite famous among the industries as it helps in making paper ropes and paper bag handles.

Despite the manufacturing services, we have a lot more to offer. Visit our website or product catalog and you can find everything you need in just one place. we offer you the most genuine machine parts at a competitive cost wrapped with both pre-sale and after-sale services. However, moving on to the paper rope making machine, we have designed the possibly asked questions to entertain your cause. Have a quick read and ping us for the order placement or queries.

What is a paper rope making machine?

Paper Rope Making Machine

Figure 1: Paper Rope Making Machine

We hope that you are well aware of the paper ropes as they are used as handles on the shopping bags and have a better grip. You can also use these paper ropes for whatever purpose you may want. These paper ropes need specialized equipment to make with accuracy and precision. That equipment is introduced by Nova Machinery which is a Paper rope making machine.

A paper rope machine is a multi-functional machine that not only makes paper ropes but also paper handles for your paper bags. This machine has an average size and weight of 400 Kilograms which makes it compatible to move from one place to another. All the functions of the paper rope making machine are automatic and less complicated as compared to the other machines. It is an offline machine which means that it doesn’t need to be connected to a paper bag making machine directly. In other words, it works independently.

If we move on to the machine functions, it doesn’t require much manual labor. All it takes for you to turn on the machine and you’ll get the manufactured paper rope within time. It doesn’t produce noise or unnecessary vibrations while working. The machine frame is well-structured and well-polished to avoid any environmental contamination. High-quality machine material is used; preferably steel. But you can also have your machine frame made with the material of your own choice.

The paper rope handle making machine costs less than the other machines but provides phenomenal functions. You can always reach out to Nova Machinery for any kind of assistance either through an online portal or through the on-site meet-up. Our staff and team are always ready to welcome you.

What is the working mechanism of the paper rope machine?

We always suggest you go through the proper machine study. Only then you can have an idea of your budget and decide your desired outcome. Nova Machinery has already devised a working process for the machine so that you can have a glimpse of it at the very beginning. The following working process is described on a general basis. Specifically, paper rope making machine working methodology is explained in the next questions.

  • Our team from the respective department brings forth the required material before the actual process begins. We take high-quality paper rolls and check all the electrical connections and power supply. In short, we make sure that no human error occurs in the future.
  • Then, we place the paper rolls on the shaft. The shaft is a cylindrical rod that keeps the round paper roll in the perfect balance.
  • Before switching on the machine, we also adjust the paper rope making machine stations (as they are manual and you can take them off). Your paper rope making machine has a single or double station depending upon the model you choose for your firm. With the help of a screw T, you can check the station screws to be sure that they are not loose.
  • In the next step, we take a piece of paper rope (which is already manufactured). We tie it with the narrow paper roll end on one side, and on the other, we pass it through the holes (where the paper rope is twisted) and tie it with the spinner. This gives a little continuity to the paper rope making process. watch the videos provided on our website for this simple yet effective tip.
  • On the left side of the machine, there is a digital meter to adjust the machine speed and dimensions. The rotating knob serves the functions of increasing and reducing the machine’s speed.
  • After having these pre-requisites checked, we proceed with the rope making process.
  • The paper roll unwinds the paper and it moves through the steel holes on the paper rope making stations. The purpose of these holes is to give a twisted shape.
  • The spinners are attached next to the holes. These spinners have fan type shape which rotates continuously to rewind the paper rope on the long, cylindrical, and, empty paper rope rolls.
  • Once the rolls are filled, the machine stops and you collect these rolls. And the whole process begins again.

In the whole process, be very certain of the details we have described. The machine looks easy to use but it doesn’t mean that an inexperienced person can handle it. You leap at one point and the whole process gets affected. If you have forgotten any point, making contact with us is the 24/7 available option.

What kind of ropes does a paper rope making machine make?

Twisted Paper Rope Roll

Figure 2:  Twisted Paper Rope Roll

You might have seen many ropes in your life but ever seen a flat one? Probably not. All the ropes you see around yourself have a twisted structure and they look really strong. The reason behind this twisted structure is that the rope strips are well-knitted and are well in contact with each other. This unity makes the ropes to live a longer life. Following this phenomenon, Nova machinery has structured your twisted paper rope handle making machine to make twisted paper rope. The two or three strips of paper rolls combine together and attain the twisted shape with the help of a rotator.

How many types of paper rope machines can i find at nova machinery?

Concerning the pace of the advancement in the mechanical sector, Nova Machinery didn’t stop at one point. We continued to struggle and brought novelty to the designs of the paper rope making machines. Our Engineers made huge advancements in the form of the following models.

Single station paper rope making machine:

single head paper rope machine

Figure 3: Single Station Paper Rope Making Machine

As the name suggests, this machine has a single station to make the paper rolls. Usually, three paper rolls are placed on the paper roll shaft. These three paper rolls unwind together and go through the twisting sector without creasing and breaking. In this way, you get a fine paper rope. This model is sufficient for smaller productions. It can be used with sheets as well.

Double Station paper rope making machine:

double head paper rope machine

Figure 4: Double Head Paper Rope Making Machine

This machine is equipped with a double paper rope making station. These double stations contain their separate paper roll shafts from where the spinner (there are two spinners for the two stations) takes the paper roll strips. The high-speed mechanism of the machine allows speedy rewinding (on the paper rope roll) of the paper rope. This machine is suitable for medium to larger volume production units.

Paper rope handle making machine:

In addition to the paper rope formation, this banding machine helps in making fine and well-shaped paper twisted rope handles. It is a work-alone unit which means that it has its own production. One thing is to notice that it doesn’t paste the paper handles on the paper bags. It just makes paper ropes for the paper bag handles. For the handle pasting unit, you can buy our handle pasting machine that solely serves the function of handle making and pasting on paper bags.

A paper handle making machine is also available at Nova machinery. The rope handle making machine can be attached offline or in-line with the paper carry bag making machine.

What are the parameters and important parts of the paper rope making machine?

The parameters of the paper rope making machine are model specific. Each paper rope making machine model serves the function prescribed to it. Any deviation means the machine is faulty. The parameters for the double and single station paper bag making machine are as under.

Double head Paper Bag making Machine Parameters:

The parameters of a double-headed paper rope making machine are

  • Power consumption: 1.5 KW
  • Weight of the machine: 400 Kilo Grams
  • Production Speed ranges from 20 to 40 meters per minute
  • Electricity required: 220 Volts
  • Paper rope Width: 300 mm
  • Paper rope diameter: Φ2.5-6mm
  • Paper Rope Roll diameter: 300 mm
  • Paper thickness: 15-60g/m2
  • Paper roll width: 20 to 100 mm
  • Raw paper rope roll diameter: Φ76 mm (3”)
  • Machine Length: 1580 mm
  • Machine Width: 1440 mm
  • Machine Height: 930 mm

Single Head Paper Bag Machine Parameters:

The parameters of a single-headed paper rope making machine are

  • Paper rope Width: 300 mm
  • Paper rope diameter: Φ2.5-6mm
  • Paper Rope Roll diameter: 300 mm
  • Machine Length: 1580 mm
  • Machine Width: 1440 mm
  • Machine Height: 930 mm
  • Paper thickness: 15-60g/m2
  • Paper roll width: 20 to 100 mm
  • Production Speed ranges from 20 to 40 meters per minute
  • Electricity required: 220 Volts
  • Raw paper rope roll diameter: Φ76 mm (3”)

We don’t compromise the precision of our machines and you can test that by visiting our firm. We provide prototype testing for your satisfaction because we work on sincere grounds with our clients.

Moving on to the machine parts.

Important paper rope making machine parts:

The parts of the carrier rope paper machine constitute a lot in maintaining the brilliance and efficacy of the paper rope machine. Pertaining to this factor, Nova machinery has kept a strong bonding with Japan and Germany for the import of high-quality motors and other machine parts. The important parts include

  • Machinery motor
  • Bearings for spinners and other similar parts
  • High-quality inverters to keep a balance in the electrical ups and downs
  • Machine frame for no noise
  • Paper rope making machine heads
  • Paper rope twisters
Is paper rope making and paper rope handle making machine cost-effective?

Twisted Paper Rope Handles

Figure 5: Twisted paper rope handles

Without any second thought yes! Sellers increase the cause of their products instead of increasing the efforts on making good quality. Nova Machinery avoids this fraud and keeps the prices as they are. For further ease, we also offer yearly sales so that you can get a fortune for your growing paper rope making machine business.

Is it valuable to start a paper rope making machine business?

It is never too late to start a trending business. This is because the demand is already high, and in this situation, if you decide to work genuinely then there is no doubt that you’ll exceed. Before beginning with the paper rope making machine manufacturing business.

  • Undergo a proper profile studying process of the manufacturer
  • Never fall for the fancy website and product pictures
  • Always try to reach the company staff
  • Be very sure of the authenticity of the products you buy
  • If possible, visit the company and check the manufacturing status

Compare the paper rope making machine costs across different websites and go for the feasible ones

What machinery and designing process is followed by Nova machinery in the manufacturing of paper rope machines?

The machinery used by Nova machinery is servo-driven. However, a strict designing process is followed at nova machinery. As the paper rope making machine designs are the pillars for effective machine production. Any fault in the draft can lead to an unwanted disaster.

You can also order your custom paper rope machine from Nova.

Which paper rope making machine is best for a start-up business?

For a start-up business, you need to be more efficient and precise with the order delivery times. If you lose a customer to the manufacturing delay, you might face a decrease in your paper rope making business. For this purpose, buy a double-headed paper rope making machine as it is based on the dual mechanism, you’ll cover the massive production easily. In terms of the budget, if you are tight with your money, you can first go with a single head paper rope making machine and then gradually make your pace with the updated version.

Is the paper rope machine automatic and user-friendly?

Nova Machinery has designed your paper rope making machine based on health and safety grounds. So, it is 100 percent user-friendly. Furthermore, keeping up with the latest technology, our paper rope machines are automatic. This feature saves your physical energy which you can invest in designing strategic campaigns for your business.

What is the maintenance regime for a twisted paper rope making machine?

There is no hard-and-fast rule for maintaining a twisted paper rope making machine except for the few down below.

  • Constantly check the lubrication areas. Don’t let them dry.
  • Take a brush with soft bristles and remove away the dust from the unreachable corners.
  • Be very regular with the Damage check-ups to save yourself from a major loss.

Always take help from Nova Machinery’s Competent technicians.

What is the manufacturing time offered by nova machinery?

The manufacturing time offered by Nova machinery is from 15 to 20 days. It depends on your order quantity, location, and the type of delivery services you choose for your paper rope making machine.

Can i get customized solutions for paper rope making machines?

Yes! You can definitely get customized solutions for your paper rope making machine. Our customer services are open 24 hours a day to hear your personalized orders. We then direct our manufacturing team to have your orders manufactured by sticking to your instructions.

All the previous customers of Nova Machinery are satisfied with our customization services. We are considered the best manufacturer in China.

How can i place my order for a paper rope making machine at nova machinery?

Too easy! Choose your machine and go to our company profile. You’ll see an instant quote option which will have your order confirmed (only after fulfilling the details). Payments are done online to avoid scams. You can also contact us by filling out the form or calling on the phone number available on our website. Reach out to us today and receive a quote within 24 hours.

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