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Kraft paper bag making machine manufacture

  • We provide sustainable solutions for your kraft paper bag business
  • Productive project planning is provided for profit-gain 
  • Innovative and advanced technology equipment for your kraft paper bag making machines 
  • Our diverse workforce is there to help you in every aspect of your project
  • Free maintenance guides and after-sale services

Customized kraft paper bag machines

Nova’s kraft paper bag making machine allows for a range of customized production. Meeting the requirements of your paper bag market.

kraft Paper Bag flexo printing machine

Kraft paper bag making machine with printing for printing logos and designs on paper bags. This section is available with 2, 4, or 6 color printing techniques.

paper bag Handle Machine

The kraft paper bag making machine with handles allows you to add handles to your paper bags. They can be twisted or flat handles, semi-automatic or fully automatic kraft paper bag machines with handles.

sensor for paper break off, v bottom bag machine

In the case of printing, the photoelectric tracking system ensures the precise printing and proper alignment of the paper and ink. If any problem goes in the way of inking, it automatically stops the machine.

touch screen of V bottom bag machine

This is a touch-screen unit that allows you to adjust the bag size, width, design, and other requirements as per your need. 

Choose the best paper bag machines according to your preferences

Nova Machinery offers a wide range of innovative kraft paper bag making machines that can suit your company’s requirements.

Kraft paper stand up pouch making machine

This machine is structured to give 30-200 pcs/min broad bottom small, and medium sized paper bags. They are perfectly suitable for snacks, bakery items, food and grocery items, and retail products.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

We pair this machine with fully-automatic paper bag making equipment to produce 350 pcs/min paper bags at a fast speed. The allows the additional attachment of printing and handle-making unit.

Flat Bottom kraft Paper Bag Machine

A flat Bottom paper bag making machine is designed to deal with small and massive production orders. You can make 40 to 350 paper bags according to your requirements.

Handle Making Machine

It can also produce a variety of handles in one machine, making it more efficient by reducing labor costs. It comes in two variants; an In-line handle making machine and an off-line handle making machine.

NOVA Company, A World-leading Manufacturer Of Kraft Paper Bag Making Machines

To maintain the integrity of our workforce and the company, we don’t leap into making our customers satisfied. Our team is well organized and we devise impeccable machine equipment so that you can pace up with the market.

For any type of assistance, we are there to help you. Our customer service handlers are well-trained and respond to your queries within 24 hours. We have developed our company based on honesty and since 2006 our company growth rate has increased every year. 

Your investment with Nova Machinery would be a rightful choice!

We Are The Most Advanced Manufacturers Of Kraft Paper Bag Making Machines

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Kraft paper bag making machine guide

With more than 2 decades of on-field kraft paper bag making machine experience, Nova Machinery is continuously giving tough competition to its rival manufacturing companies. This is because of the immense efforts of the workforce and the quality of products that we sell internationally. We have a strong customer base because of our honesty and precise working methods. 

Our company provides instant assistance in your projects, and devices plan for your business and give you free testimonials so that you can collaborate with utmost satisfaction. For further relaxation, we provide yearly budget deals. Always feel free to invest with us because we not only manufacture products, we make a difference!

 The following FAQ Guide unravels the queries that may come to your mind. 

What Is A Kraft Paper Bag Machine?

kraft paper stand up pouch making machine

Figure 1: kraft paper stand up pouch making machine

You must have been familiar with paper bags due to their high demand in the market. The reason is that paper offers great sustainability against the environment and doesn’t cause any form of pollution. The material used for paper bags is usually made of kraft paper.

Keeping into consideration the important benefits and features, Nova Machinery introduced a kraft paper bag making machine. Kraft paper is the finest form of paper that is not only durable but has greater tensile strength. It is made with wood pulp and mixed with other solvents like cellulose, lignin, and sulfurs. Due to the high ratio of sulfur, the kraft paper lives a longer life. 

Owning the advantages of kraft paper, we use kraft paper rolls in our paper bag machine. It is a fine infrastructure that can accommodate the latest technology without any pressure. The paper bags manufactured by this machine are of high quality and great precision. They come in all sizes such as small, medium, and large. We sell 15 to 20 sets of kraft paper bag making machines every month. 

If you need to ask any question or want to take any information, you can talk to our customer service providers. They respond to you in no more than 24 hours. 

What Type Of Kraft Paper Bag Machines Does Nova Machinery Make?

When it comes to creating diverse quality, Nova Machinery is second to none. We have trained our staff to bring novelty in the machine designs and have hired skilled engineers to execute them. We make the following types of kraft paper bag making machines.


  • Printed kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine is designed to fulfill your printing desires. When you buy a printed kraft paper bag making machine, you don’t need to invest money in buying extra printers. It is not only cost-effective but also provides efficient production of paper bags. 

  • Square Bottom Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

Experts at Nova machinery make square bottom kraft paper bag making machines. The bottoms of these bags are spacious and due to their square shape, they are more durable. This machine uses 380V of power which is quite exceptional and makes 30 to 260 pcs/min. It is a fully automatic high-speed paper bag machine and provides medium-small paper bags. 

  • V Bottom Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine 

We make a V bottom kraft paper bag machine that has a paper feed width of 200 – 900 mm. It is equipped with German and Japanese motors that ensure automatic working with no hindrance. The machine’s capacity for making paper bags is 50-610pcs/min or 120m/min. 

It also provides printing services and takes paper roll material with 35-80 g/m

  • Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine with Handles 

If you want to attach modern handles to your paper bags and your budget is keeping you from that, then Nova Machinery has got your back. We provide exemplary kraft paper bag machine with handles that provide;

  • Flat Handles
  • Twisted Handles
  • Rope Handles
  • D-cut Handles

It also offers other customized handles of your choice. 

  • Flat Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

This paper bag machine is designed to suit small-sized production units. It is feasible for making small-sized and medium-sized paper bags which are mostly used in franchise stores, marts, and other sectors where small-sized paper bags are utilized.  It works great in low-volume production. You can make around 250 paper bags with a flat kraft paper bag making machine in a minute. 

  • Fully Automatic Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine 

As the name suggests, a fully automatic kraft paper bag making machine is completely computerized controlled paper bag machine. It is high in demand due to its automated features. No manual labour is required in monitoring the manufacturing process and machine health. The automatic German tracking systems detect the faults and stop the machine automatically. This machine can produce all kinds of brown paper bags, such as shopping bags, carry bags, bread bags, food bags and so on.

To get an instant quote for buying any of the above-mentioned machines, you can directly call us or email us at any time.

Which Industries Use Kraft Paper Bag Making Machines?

Kraft paper bags for different industries

Figure 2: Kraft paper bags for different industries

The market value of kraft papers is reaching sky-high due to their tremendous features. Kraft papers are less costly but their advantages are worth it. Because of their environment-friendly nature, many industries have begun to use kraft paper bag making machines to enhance their business value in the market. 

However, some major industries use kraft paper bag making machines.

  • Medical industry 

The medical and pharmaceutical industries owe greatly to the kraft paper bag machine. We have been providing our services to these industries for a long time and they are our permanent partners.

Medicines and drugs need to be stored in a toxic-free environment and kraft paper bags are a great source to do that. The paper bags manufactured by Nova’s kraft paper bag machine do not interfere with the properties of what is placed in them. That’s why medical industries rely greatly on kraft paper bag machines.

  • Food and beverages 

Food and kraft paper bags go hand in hand for a long time and this is because of the chemical-free nature of the paper bags that our kraft paper bag machine provides. These paper bags are useful in 

  • Take away 
  • Food delivery 
  • Bakery items 
  • Freshly made eatables 
  • Cold drinks 

Many food franchises such as KFC and McDonald’s are opting towards kraft paper bags for a set of advantages they provide to their business. 

  • Retail industries 

Kraft paper machines are a milestone in enhancing the business of retailers. Our printed paper bags manufactured by kraft paper bag machine are helpful in the marketing of their company name. when people see the same name again and again printed on their paper bags, they are more likely to visit the stores. 

  • Construction industries 

The construction industry uses kraft paper bag making machine to store different construction materials such as cement in kraft paper bags. This is because of the high strength and wear resistance of the paper bags that they can lift heavy weights. 

How Does A Kraft Paper Bag Machine Work?

Working of Kraft paper bag machine

Although the machine is manufactured at the tough principles, the working of the kraft paper bag machine is smooth and easy to grasp. The kraft paper bag machine is a one-piece machine and the working starts from the first unit and stops at the last unit, thus, gives us the premium kraft paper bags we want. The standard operating system of the machine takes place as follows. 

  • Feeding 

Just like any other machine, our kraft paper bag machine works by feeding a paper roll of required thickness and length in it. The special feature lies in that we use hydraulic lifters to feed the kraft paper rolls.

  • Unwinding 

The kraft paper roll on the shaft unwinds the kraft paper towards the tube formation unit at a normal pace. There are small rollers in a round shape which keep the paper from getting any wrinkles.

  • Tube making 

The tube making unit has a two-way mechanism; that is, it folds the paper from both sides to make a tube-like shape. Here you can change the width of the paper tube with a manual wheel handle. 

  • Gluing 

Next to the tubing is the gluing unit which glues both sides of the paper tube. 

  • Bottom pasting

The bottom making unit is a round cylindrical shape unit that makes the bottoms of the paper bags. Glue is also attached there to seal the bottom of the kraft paper bag.

  • Collecting 

After the kraft paper bags are formed, they are collected in the small collection unit that can hold 50 paper bags at a time. 

For your better understanding, we also provide you with the Nova Machine catalogue and operational videos.

Who Is The Best Supplier Of Kraft Paper Bag Machine In China?

There are a lot of manufacturing brands in China , but no supplier can match the class and quality of Nova Machinery in making a kraft paper bag machine. This is because we provide every little thing at our company and you don’t need to wander around the stores to buy little equipment. From spare parts to the full-fledged proficient kraft paper bag making machine, we provide you with everything with a guarantee.

Can I Print On My Paper Bags With Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine?

Yes, you can! Printing does wonder if used wisely. Looking upon the benefits of printing, we have equipped our kraft paper bag making machines with a printing facility. You can add labels to your paper bags, write your company name, print your logo, or any other suitable design according to your requirement. Nova’s kraft paper bag making machine allows you to print in 4 to 6 different colours so that you can add versatility to your paper bags with ease. 

What Are The Features Of Paper Bags Made With Kraft Paper Bag Machine?

Features of kraft paper bags

Figure 4: Features of kraft paper bags

The substantial features of your paper bags manufactured by kraft paper bag making machine are as below.

  • They are bio-degradable
  • Recyclable
  • Use loess energy 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Fulfil the health codes
  • Helpful in grasping audience for your company 
  • Can lift heavy-weight
  • Cost Efficient
  • Low CO2 Production

Based on these features the kraft paper bags are spreading fast around the globe. 

Can I Add Optional Units To My Kraft Paper Bag Machine?

To enhance the productivity of your paper bag machine, engineers at Nova machinery have designed the machines in a way that allow you to add the optional units as per your choice. You can add 

  • Inline and offline Flexo Printing Unit 

With the help of an inline flexo printing service, you can automatically print your papers during the paper bag making process. It suits massive production environments. On the other hand, the offline flexo printing unit is manual and you need to print the kraft paper prior to the paper bag formation process. This process suits low-volume production.

  • Handle Making and Pasting unit

The offline handle making unit has the same function as that of a flexo printing unit. In an inline unit, it makes handles of different types and designs that best suit your choice. Two mechanisms go side by side here, one side carries the rope for making handles and the other unwinds the paper roll. 

Both of these are joined together and then cut in half. This saves time and we get two handles at a time rather than one. 

These handles move to the paper bag machine with the help of an inline path. The handles are pasted before making tubes to give a fine subtle look to the paper bags. 

Can Kraft Paper Machine Handle Heavy Production?

Yes, your kraft paper machine is designed to handle heavy production. Its special feature is that it can run for 48 hours without any disturbance which is a key factor in maintaining massive orders. The Japanese load-bearing system in the machine ensures easy and high-speed working. The machine does not have to stop for manual feeding because all the system is automatic and well installed. 

What Are The Main Parts Of The Kraft Paper Bag Machine?

The main parts of the kraft paper bag making machine include 

  • Servo Motor 
  • PLC touch screen control system 
  • Hydraulic Lifters 
  • Computer interface-convenient for packaging
  • Cutters 
  • CPU for controlling the motion
  • Photo-tracking
  • Magnetic power breaks 
  • Glue Tank
How Much Does A Kraft Paper Bag Machine price?

The kraft paper bag machine price differs with and without optional units. The Kraft paper bag machine without handle making unit costs around 80000-100000 USD whereas, with handle making unit it costs 200000 to 2500000 USD. The price greatly depends upon the features you add to your machine. 

What Are The Specifications Of The Kraft Paper Bag Machine?

The specifications of the kraft paper bag making machine are certain of the type of machine you choose for making a kraft paper bag. However, at an average scale

  • It produces no waste 
  • Less-noisy
  • Weights about 60-8000 kg 
  • Paper bag length is 190-370mm
  • Paper thickness is 50-130g/㎡
  • Machine Speed is about 30-260pcs/min
  • Paper bag speed is 30-200pcs/mincut
  • Paper roll width is 280-640mm
  • Paper bag width is 80-200mm
  • Paper bag bottom width is 50-105mm
Is The Craft Paper Bag Machine Business Profitable?

If we look at the increasing demand for a kraft paper in the industries, there is no doubt that your kraft paper machine making business will be profitable. Start from a low scale to avoid the risks and then gradually expand your business. You can also take advice from the experts at Nova and your business will flourish in no time. 


Does A Kraft Paper Bag Machine Consume Less Energy?

Depending upon the high-tech equipment and advanced features of the machine, it consumes less energy as compared to the machines manufactured by other manufacturers around you. This is because it uses imported low-voltage electrical equipment that not only adds to the life of the machine but also lessens the energy intake. 

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Kraft Paper Bag Machine At Nova Machinery?

Nova Machinery has a knowledgeable workforce and highly-skilled technicians and designers who manufacture your kraft paper bag making machine in the following way.

Machine design: First of all, the structure of the machine is given a shape on paper keeping into consideration all the technical requirements.

Design analysis: In the next part, the design is analysed by experienced staff to look for any technical deformity.

Executing the design:  After designing, the design is executed by using imported components and advanced technology.

Software installation: Latest software is installed to the machine to make it completely digital. The software settings depends upon the region in which the machine is being shipped and the model number.

Testing: To ensure the proper working of the machine, we test all the components of the machine on 220-380V of power supply, before delivery. 

Is Nova A Certified Company To Collaborate?

Yes, Nova is a certified brand to collaborate for your business growth. You can easily rely upon the services provided by Nova machinery because it is internationally tested and proven for its manufacturing businesses. We have CE and ISO certificates and we ensure the quality of our products with your 100% satisfaction. 

What Services Does Nova Provide To Its Customers?

Nova Machinery provides 

  • Maintenance 
  • After-sale 
  • Instant assistance 
  • Customer services 
  • Budget-friendly deals 
  • Spare parts 
  • Fast delivery
  • Premium packaging 
  • Project planning and Machine manufacturing services 
How Can I Make Purchase Of Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine At Nova?

Go to our company website and you’ll see an instant quote pop-up on the right side. If not, you can call us on the number provided or email us at any time. We will respond to you in 24 hours and your order for a kraft paper bag machine can be placed without any delay.

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