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Nova has always been business-oriented and used the correct strategies at the right time. This strategic approach helped shape the company’s background and ultimately resulted in the business expansion of Nova machinery in 40 nearby countries. Nova always wanted to be loyal, transparent, and honest with its customers.

Nova mainly focuses on educating its customers on every possible area related to paper bag manufacturing such as paper bag material. We have designed this blog to reveal the most information about the paper material used in manufacturing paper bags, considering the importance of raw materials.

Paper bag material – Selection

Choosing the Right Paper Bag Material

Kraft paper


If you are just about to start the paper bag manufacturing business, it is essential to know about the paper bag material. It is the input for the paper bags, and the quality of the information directly corresponds with the quality of the fully prepared paper bags. In short, if you want to get a high-quality and well-manufactured paper bag, you need to get your input right.

The right choice of paper bag material determines the end quality of your paper bags. There are plenty of different paper bag materials, which we will discuss in detail in the following sections. But for now, keep in mind that a wrinkle-free paper bag results from an excellent paper bag material.

Let’s get to know how companies manufacture their paper bag material.

Paper bag material manufacturing

To make eco-friendly paper bags, you should use natural renewable resources to make your paper material, such as wood. The wood is transferred into softwood pulp and hardwood pulp by adding soft or bleached sulfate into the wood pulp. It is because wood alone will give a rough texture to your paper bags.

Another essential element in making paper bag material is water. You need to use the right amount of water to make the perfect paper material. After the wood pulp and water are mixed, they go into the paper machine—this paper machine covers the paper pulp into perfect-grade paper for every industry. The excess water drains through the machine and converts the pulp into fibers.

The machine rollers extract the remaining water in the fiber, and the sheets are now converted into the drying section. Here, the paper is dried and passed through the smoothing rollers to give a subtle paper texture to your recycle paper. After that, costing is applied on the paper web provided the shape of the giant paper rolls.

The whole process must be carefully watched so that you get the best results! You can also refer to the videos of the manufacturing process for a better understanding.

Paper bag varieties and raw material

Figure 1 paper bag materialFigure 1: paper bag material

The raw material selection dramatically depends on the varieties of paper bags. For instance, you can use kraft paper for your shopping bags if you belong to the retail industry. You can have it printed in any color with the help of a printing machine to give an appealing look to the eyes. Brown kraft paper is also the best choice for fast-food restaurants to keep the food hygienic. Furthermore, we also have introduced multiwall paper bags on your carrier bags to keep the food warm and lift more weight.

Choosing the best paper bag material

Although several paper bag raw materials are running in the market, such as corrugated paper, printed paper, brown paper, kraft paper, and cardboard paper. But Nova always recommends kraft paper to its customers. It is because of the thickness and durability of the kraft paper. It doesn’t absorb the printing color; instead, it settles that down on the surface. It is very effective in making paper bags for its non-retaining properties and chemical-free nature.

Shortlisting the paper bag material supplier in China

With the increasing demand for paper bags, there are now a number of suppliers and manufacturers competing for customers in the market. When choosing a paper bag raw material supplier, it is important to consider factors such as quality, price, and delivery time. Based on these criteria, we believe that the best paper bag material supplier in China can be found on most online platforms.

Nova Machinery – A reliable business partner

Figure 2 Services at Nova

Figure 2: Services at Nova

Are you looking for a reliable business partner? Because who doesn’t? Nova machinery is here to have your problems sorted! Here are a few points that’ll get you convinced of our credibility.

Details oriented: We believe that more information puts elegance to the product, and that is why we have 20-plus sets of Germany-imported CNC machines on our production line. We take care of the machine maintenance and provide you with machines suitable for maximum types of paper bag materials so that you can manufacture a variety of paper bags.

Manufacturing Site Layout Assistance: Starting with manufacturing site layout assistance, our team examines your manufacturing site to fit in the production lines, their location, and size. In this way, you can have a well-adjusted production area.

Great project handler: We make proper schedules and arrange a meeting to discuss the product details.

Save and secure transactions: To ensure your investments’ safety, we guarantee an online transaction system to avoid any complexities.

Experienced business analysts: Our on-field professional analysts form business-boosting strategies for you.

Customized solutions: You can bring novelty to your designs through customized options.

Warranty: Nova provides three years warranty on its products and is certified with ISO9001 and CE certificates.

Moreover, you get a free consultation, budget deals, and a lot of perks!


After going through the blog post, one should have proper knowledge about the selection and manufacturing of paper bag materials. We found that the processed kraft paper is stronger than other papers so it’s highly recommended to use for most of the projects as per research done by different people in the field. You should choose the paper bag material depending on your project requirements like weight, capacity, durability, and price. Choose biodegradable paper bags to save our environment. Kraft paper bags are also available in different colors so you can choose as per your project requirements. Thanks for reading!

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