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The Perfect Creator For Brown Paper Bag Machine Production In China

  • Premium access, bespoke designs, and construction
  • Team is exceptionally competent and knowledgeable
  • The best customer service is ready to assist you with your project.
  • Understands the requirements of your project and give solution
  • Brown Paper bag Machine Parts are carefully packaged according to their guidelines.
  • If necessary, the factory will also give technical guidance for your production.

Many Machines Can Be Linked Together With A Single Brown Paper Bag Machine

The most cutting-edge technology and equipment are utilized to create high-quality goods in this state-of-the-art building.

brown paper bag flexo printing machine

Customize the logo on your bags with this flexo printing machine. This equipment prints beautiful images on your material of choice by using flexography. The flexo printing machine can be inline or offline.

Automatic Handle Machine

The automatic handle machine is designed to make handles with a comfortable grip. The handle-making device can be inline or offline and can aid in making flat or round handles, depending on your choice.

Rolling Machine

This machine is programmed to roll and cut at the same time. It’s beneficial for large-scale production in rolling sheets, which necessitates many rounds each time.

touch screen of V bottom bag machine

This is a touch-screen unit that allows you to adjust the bag size, width, design, and other requirements as per your need. 

Choose A Paper Bag Machine From The List Of Options To Your Company's Rations

Nova offers various Brown Paper Bag machines to produce almost every type of bag your business may want.

Square Bottom Brown Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine is used to make square bottom paper bags. It is automatic, the quick speed with high occupation rate. Suitable for packaging vegetables, fruit, candy, daily necessities etc. The production capacity is 30-120pcs/min.

Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine 1

We pair this machine with fully-automatic paper bag making equipment to produce 350 pcs/min paper bags at a fast speed. The allows the additional attachment of printing and handle-making unit.

Flat Bottom Brown Paper Bag Machine

V-shaped bottom paper bag making machine is a piece of ideal equipment for packing soup powder, tea, beverage, swimming pool chemical etc. The production capacity can be up to 30-200

Handle Making Machine

It can also produce a variety of handles in one machine, making it more efficient by reducing labor costs. It comes in two variants; an In-line handle making machine and an off-line handle making machine.

Make Your Customized Paper Bags With A Brown Paper Bag Machine

Brown paper bag making machine will aid your business with its ability to simplify the process.

Nova Machinery Is A Multinational Business That Produces High-quality Equipment

Nova Machinery offers equipment to make almost every type of bag your company may need.

It provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality machinery for making a wide range of different types of bags.

Nova Machinery supplies its equipment to many different commercial industries such as grocery chains, postal services and retail outlets worldwide.

We offer their clients individualized customer service to ensure that all of their specific needs are met.


Nova Machinery is a highly innovative organization, and it keeps itself updated with the latest technology available in the machinery industry. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that products are manufactured using high precision tools and machines, enhancing its productivity.

Quality Assurance:

Nova Machinery has a sound quality management system, ensuring that the products are manufactured to meet the client’s expectations and international industry standards.


Nova Machinery offers quick services to its clients across India. It manufactures a wide range of machinery for producing different types of bags, all with varying features and specifications.

Warranty and after-sales service:

Nova Machinery is known for its high standards of customer service. It offers a one-year warranty on all products and ensures that clients are satisfied with its services by providing after-sales support.

We Are The Most Advanced Manufacturers Of Brown Paper Bag Machines

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Brown Paper Bag Machine – FAQ

Nova Machinery is dedicated to providing top-notch services and goods. We have a staff of committed workers on board to ensure that you get the highest quality of what we have to offer. Nova Machinery is one of China’s major machine vendors. Our paper bag making equipment is highly coveted for its durability and smooth functionality.

What Is A Brown Paper Bag Machine?

Square Bottom Brown Paper Bag Machine

Figure 1: Square Bottom Brown Paper Bag Machine

A brown paper bag machine is a machine to produce robust and sturdier paper bags from paper pulp. It is also known as a paper sack making machine, packaging machine, sack making machine or pulp packaging machine. Brown paper bags are generally used for packaging food items like sugar, rice, flour etc.

Describe In Simple Terms How A Brown Paper Bag Machine Works?

The Brown paper bag making machine mainly consists of the following steps:


The material is unwound from the reel and transported to the edge gluing section.

Edge Gluing: 

The rollers glue the film edge to form the tube in the next step.

Tube Formation: 

The tube of the paper is formed into a square shape by the edge forming rollers. In this section, the width of the paper bags can also be adjusted by adjusting the size of the mould plate.

Cutting off: 

After tube formation, the bag is cut off by the cutting plates according to the required length.

Folding & Tube Forming: 

Then it’s glued again at this stage and the bottoms are folded to form the tube. The tube is formed by folding plates and folded to form a rectangular shape.


The finished bag is ejected from the machine.

What Are The Paper Bags Made Using A Brown Paper Bag Machine?

Brown Paper Bags

Figure 2: Brown Paper Bags

Brown Paper Bags are made using brown paper, which is stronger and more durable than regular white paper. Brown paper bags can be made from recycled materials or new raw materials. the following types of paper can be made with a paper bag making machine:

  • Recycled Paper Bags
  • Flat Bottom Paper Bags
  • Gusset Paper Bags
  • D cut Paper Bags
  • Paper Bags with handles
Give An Idea About Brown Paper Bag Machine Price At Nova Machinery?

Nova offers two types of brown paper bag making machines

  1. Brown paper bag machine without handle which costs 80000-100000 USD
  2. Fully Automatic Paper bag machine with handle costs around 200000-250000 USD.
What Are The Advantages Of A Brown Paper Bag Machine?

Some advantages of Brown Paper Bag Machine include the following:

Increased Production

Brown paper bags are more substantial than ordinary white paper bags. The brown paper bag machine produces sacks faster than individual packaging with hands. Thus, it reduces labour costs and increases productivity.

Savings in Operation Costs

While the brown paper bag machine is designed to produce many sacks simultaneously, it takes less electricity than individual packaging because of the speed at which it operates. A minute on average can be saved because of this feature.

Greater Durability

A Brown Paper Bag Machine will make flat bottom bags with gusset, rather than other types of storage bags. These bags are more potent, which means they can store heavy items. They are also water-resistant.

Enlist The Specifications Of The Brown Paper Bag Making Machine?

Some of the specifications of Brown Paper Bag Making Machine are as follows:

  1. The machine can produce a height bag from 25 mm to 80 mm.
  2. The width of the machine is 3 feet.
  3. It can be used for producing gusset bags.
  4. This heavy-duty Brown Paper Bag Machine can be customized as per customer requirements.
Can We Use The Inline Printer With Brown Paper Bag Machine?

Brown Paper Bag making machine with inline Printer

Figure 3: Brown Paper Bag making machine with inline Printer

Yes, you can use the inline printer with Brown Paper Bag Machines if required. The printers help automate the process of printing logos etc., on the bags, which saves a lot of time and increases productivity.

We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding Brown Paper Bag Machine or Nova Machinery in general. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

What Is The Raw Material Used To Produce Brown Paper Bag Making Machine?

The raw material used for making brown paper bags is brown kraft paper. Brown Kraft is a medium-weight machine-made paper with sufficient strength and thickness to make bags, sacks and envelopes. Kraft means “strength” in German, and true to its name, brown kraft has excellent stability when you need something durable.

What Are The Various Safety Measures To Be Kept In Mind While Using A Brown Paper Bag Machine?

Some safety measures to be kept in mind while using a Brown Paper Bag Machine are the following:

1)The machine should be kept in an open and dry place, and the surroundings should be clean and free from dust.

2)Before starting or putting on this machine, check whether all nuts and screws are correctly tightened.

3)It is better to use rubber gloves while using this machine because it can get hot due to friction while working.

4)The power cord and the motor should be kept away from water to avoid damage.

5)Never keep your hands in between the rollers of this machine while you are working because it might get injured.

Is The Brown Paper Bag Making Machine Fully Automatic Or Semi-automatic?

The brown paper bag making machine is fully automatic and does not require any human intervention during the working process.

Why Should One Choose Nova Paper Bag Machine Over Any Other Machine?

One should choose the Nova Paper Bag Machines over other machines for the following reasons:

1)Nova Machinery offers excellent support both pre and post-sale.

2)It is easy to use, install and maintain. It requires very little time to get started.

3)The paper bags produced by this machine can be used in different industries such as medical, engineering etc.

4)The brown paper bags made by it are environmentally friendly and recycling friendly.

5)It consumes low electricity and helps save money in the long run.

What Are Optional Machines That Pair Up With A Brown Bag Paper Making Machine?

The most common optional machines that pair up with the brown bag paper making machine are:

Enlist The Applications Of Brown Paper Bag Machine In Different Industries.

The brown paper bag making machine has applications in the following industries:

Food Industry:

This machine is used to make bakery, biscuit, confectionery, dairy & other food packaging bags.

It offers excellent protection against different types of contaminants.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

The brown paper bag making machine is used to make the packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry. The brown kraft paper is best suited for packaging medicines and pharmaceutical products as it offers an excellent barrier to moisture, oxygen and aromas.

Construction Industry:

The brown paper bag making machine is used to make the packaging material for building materials such as cement, gypsum board etc. The brown kraft paper bags are unbleached, so they do not alter the quality of the product inside.


What Warranty Period Of The Brown Paper Bag Making Machine Is Offered By Nova?

Nova gives one year warranty on all its brown paper bag making machines.

How Can I Place My Purchase Order?

Customers can place their order by calling on the number of Nova’s sales department, emailing them or by filling up the enquiry form given on the official website.

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