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Block bottom bag machine

  • Offers valuable services to your business 
  • Provides experts to design your product
  • One place to buy a variety of block bottom bag machines 
  • Allows you to customize from a large range of sizes, dimensions, and features
  • Provides you the opportunity to visit the manufacturing site

Combination of accessories for block bottom bag machine

Block bottom paper bags are the ultimate source of increasing your business strength because of their versatility and enough space to hold things.


In case you need a printing block bottom paper bag, you can add a flexo printing section with your machine. The flexo printing section can be of 2 colour or 4 colour printing ability.

block bottom bag machine film-unwinding

This section provides you with a high level of precision that reduces the amount of film waste and allows you to print more images on your bags for a more professional look so that we can see the things from outside.

block bottom bag collection unit

The collection unit collects and counts the paper bags with the help of a digital EPC system. You can set the number of paper bags you want.

block bottom bag handle making machine

As per your requirements, you can install an inline/offline handle making section with your machines. The machines can make paper handles or rope handles.

Choose The Precise Block Bottom Bag Making Machine For Your Project

Tell us your preferences and have the best square bottom bag making machine

NWFD-220 High Speed Block Bottom Bag Machine

It is an automatic high-speed machine that makes 30-200 paper bags per minute. It is suitable for making small food paper bags.

NWFD-330 Block Bottom Bag Machine

Block bottom paper bags manufactured with this machine are employed in the field of medicine and retail.

NWFD-450 Block Bottom Bag Machine

This machine can make bags with a bottom width of 450mm and is specially designed to manufacture medium to large size paper bags. These large bags are mainly used to pack objects which has a bigger size and heavyweight.

NWFD-450B Block Bottom Bag Machine

This machine is the upgraded version of the NWFD-450 machine. It has the same width and can make the same size of bags, but it is faster and easier to use.

Unique Block Bottoms Bags With Eye-catching Styles

The block bottom paper bags don’t interfere with the properties of the object placed in them. They are highly durable and wear-resistant.

Nova Machinery Is A Global Supplier Of Premium Quality Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine

We started about 15 years ago and have managed to gain this success just by applying the right strategies at the right time. We employ the best techniques to product our paper bag machine, and almost all the customers across the world are satisfied with our services.

Engineers are Nova Machinery test and design your machinery as per your requirements. We devise proper business plans for your project and allow you to see the live manufacturing. Our customer service staff deals with your questions and provides you with the relevant solutions. 

Why Choose Nova For A Block Bottom Bag Machine?

Apply to paper bag made from 100% wooden fiber
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
X ≥60X ≥80X ≥100
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 10kg≈22lbsCan bear 14kg≈31lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch
Apply to paper bag made from recycled paper
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
60 ≤ X <10080 ≤ X <120X ≥120
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch

Bottom Of Paper Bag


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Block Bottom Bag Machine FAQ

Quality work is the essence of any manufacturing company , Nova machinery is a leading paper bag manufacturer. We believe in working on honest terms with our clients and providing the best we have. It is our utmost goal to satisfy our customers as per their requirements. 

Our team members are efficient and skilled. They monitor the entire manufacturing procedure and make sure that you receive the best! In the case of any query, just leave us a message or call us, our customer service staff will assist you thoroughly. Our prices are reasonable and our work is above the mark. Make your decision and get a chance to expand your business effectively. 

What Are Block Bottom Paper Bags?

Nova machinery makes versatile paper bag machines that make broad bottoms. We have been supplying them to different industries for years. These bags are called block bottom or square bottom paper bags. These bags are the building blocks of the paper bag industry and hold great worth in the market. They are well-known for their high storage and un-breakable quality.

What Is A Block Bottom Bag Machine?

Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Figure 1: Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine

A block bottom bag machine is a high-tech and precise machine that makes square bottom paper bags. It is designed specifically to work automatically and under high pressures. It works on 380V of electricity and makes at least 220 paper bags in a minute. 

It produces no noise and vibration due to the machine frame of 5mm thickness. It is a one-piece machine but also allows the installation of optional units such as handle making units and flexo printers. It is a fully automatic machine with affordable prices and makes no waste. Place your order at Nova Machinery for starting your business of paper bag machines. 

What Is The Bag Manufacturing Process Of Block Bottom Bag Machines?

The bag manufacturing process

The bag manufacturing process takes place in the following steps

  • Roll lifting: First we lift the paper rolls with hydraulic lifters
  • Unwinding: The paper roll unwinds and the width of the paper roll is kept according to your desired bag size.
  • Tube making: the un-winded paper is transformed into tube like shape. You can also control the width of these tubes with a manual wheel.
  • Gusset setting: If you want to make a gusset in your square bottom bags, then set the dimensions. Otherwise, ignore this option. 
  • Bottom pasting: If the bags are without handles, then the bottoms are pasted at this point.
  • Handle making/pasting: To make handles, you can attach an inline/offline handle making unit. 
  • Bag collecting: This is the final stage. The automatic counter tells the bag count and the paper bags are collected. For easy collection, the machine automatically makes the sets of 50 bags by slightly lifting the 50th bag at the collection point. 
Does Block Bottom Bag Machine At Nova Machinery Operate Automatically Or Manually?

With the help of unmatched knowledge of Nova’s expert engineers, you are free of the manual effort. All the machines at Nova are servo driven and equipped with digital EPC and PLC control systems. They have touch screens on which you can set the dimensions of your paper bags. However, the optional offline units may operate manually as they are designed for small productions.

What Are The Pre-requisites For Buying A Block Bottom Bag Making Machine?

The pre-requisites of buying a block bottom machine are cliché but worth it. Nova’s professionals advise you to 

  • Look before you leap, means that be careful of the scam companies 
  • Check for the authenticity of the seller 
  • Visit the manufacturing site physically and observe the quality by hand 
  • Make sure that they use the latest technology in your machine 
  • Look for the spare parts if they are genuine or not 
  • Read product and services reviews on their website
  • Talk to their employees to see their behavioral response 
  • Negotiate the price and you are good to go for buying your machine.
Can I Print With My Block Bottom Bag Machine?

Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine with 2 colour printing

Figure 2: Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine with 2 colour printing unit

Nova Machinery always works for your ease and this time it provides you with the facility of printing. Your block bottom paper bag machine can accommodate additional optional units such as flexo printers. These printers can be installed online and offline. The online flexo printer deals with massive production while the offline printer is used for small orders. 

There is a built-in photoelectric unit in the machine that monitors the ink of the flexo printers. It automatically pauses the machine when the ink is less. You either print your rolls before and after the paper tube formation.

Are Block Bottom And Square Bottom Bag Making Machines Same?

Block bottom is another name for square bottom paper bag machines. Both machines are the same and work on the same phenomena. You can place your order either by writing square bottom or block bottom bag machines, You’ll get your required product at your door.

Which Industries Use Block Bottom Paper Bag Machines?

Block Bottom Paper Bags

Figure 3: Block Bottom Paper Bags

Owning the exceptional advantages of the block bottom paper bag machines, many industries use them in their business. These industries are 

  • Food and beverages: For bakery items and eatables
  • Pharmaceutical: For drugs and medicines
  • Retail: For Clothes, garments, and other related stuff
  • Construction: for cement and related materials


What Raw Material Does The Block Bottom Bag Machine Use?

Nova machinery makes sure to use premium quality raw material for the fine production of paper bags. Our block bottom bag machine uses kraft paper as a raw material. This kraft paper can either be white or in primary colors depending upon the customer’s choice. We use large kraft paper rolls to feed our machines. Other than kraft paper, we use cardboard and copper as raw materials for heavy-duty paper bags and packaging of the products.

What Are The Applications Of Block Bottom Bags?

Depending upon the versatility that Nova Machinery brings in its machines, the paper bags manufactured out of them have a wide range of applications. 

  • They are used as 
  • Shopping bags 
  • Patch bags for food items
  • Cement bags
  • Retail bags 
  • Garment bags
  • Gift bags 
  • Food bags 
  • Heavy-duty or multi-layer paper bags
  • Medicine bags 

We provide all the block bottom bag machine models which make the above-stated paper bags. Contact us for further details and we’ll guide you about the machine. 

Discuss Some Technical Features Of Block Bottom Paper Bag Machines?

The technical features of the block bottom bag machine are specific to the type of machine you chose. For example, the features of an NWFD-220 block bottom bag machine will differ from an NWFD-330 square bottom paper bag machine. However, on the average scale;

  • A block bottom bag machine makes 30 to 200 paper bags per minute. 
  • The paper bags have a width of 150 to 330mm and a length between 210 to 480mm.
  • It has a paper bottom width of 60mm to 180mm. 
  • It is suitable for small to medium-sized block bottom bags.
  • The machine uses 15KW of power and weighs about 8500kg.
How Much Does A Block Bottom Bag Making Machine Cost?

Nova machinery uses authentic technology and genuine parts for its machines and yet manages to keep the prices under your pockets. The cost of your fully automatic block bottom paper bag making machine with optional units falls around 200000 USD to 2500000 USD. It also depends upon the location and seller. It is recommended that you cross-check the prices of the products you want to buy. Moreover, if you want to buy just optional units such as handle making unit, it costs around 20000 USD. We also provide discount prices so keep checking according to your suitable time and budget. 

How Do I Make A Purchase At Nova Machinery?

Due to Nova Machinery’s efficient and digitalized system, making a purchase has become easier. You don’t need to come physically to our company, rather you can order online. For placing an order online, you have to perform some simple steps. First, open our website and you’ll see the contact option. This contact option will directly get you to talk to our customer service staff. 

We have also kept the option of email and WhatsApp so that you can reach us through any means possible. 

Can I Customize My Order?

No matter how recognized a manufacturing company is, if you can’t order according to your preferences then it is not worth it. We have been in the paper bag making machine market for quite a long time and we know what our customers want. Keeping in view the possible requirements of our clients, we offer customizable sources so that you can order as per your desires. 

From sizes to the styles of paper bags, you can choose diverse features for your block bottom bag machine. Change the size of your paper bags, change dimensions, and handle styles, it is totally up to you. 

Do I Get After-sale Services?

Providing our clients with after-sale services is our priority. Nova machinery offers the assistance of highly-skilled technicians who offer their services to our clients. If you face any difficulty in running the block bottom bag machine or you run out of any spare part, you can let us know. We can provide on-site as well as at-door services. It is suggested that if you do not have any knowledge about the operation, or possible error in the machine, then avoid interfering with that. These precautions are necessary to keep you away from injuries. Our technicians will examine and rectify your problems at one call. 

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