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At Nova, we know your production processes should be precise and economical. The automatic slitting machines that we manufacture result from designing them in a way that they can meet the current industries’ needs in terms of flexibility and reliability.

Suitable for the paper processing industry, which deals with paper products, printing, and packaging companies, these machines can multitask, streamline production, and boost productivity. Trust Nova for the most innovative technology and customer care, which is unbeatable from the beginning to the end.

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Nova's automatic slitting machines

With automatic slitting machines, we maintain a broad scope of solutions to suit your requirements and preferences.

HFQA Series automatic slitting machine
HFQA Series automatic slitting machine

This automatic slitting machine is suitable for many kinds of rolls of paper, such as double glued paper, coated paper, film paper, white cardboard, etc. It is widely used in paper products processing industry, printing and packaging industry, etc.

Automatic surface winding slitting machine
Automatic surface winding slitting machine

This machine is suitable for many kinds of rolls of paper, different from other slitting machine, this machine finished product can be slit to fine specifications, it is the ideal equipment for slitting narrow materials.

Automatic single shaft slitting machine
Automatic single shaft slitting machine

This machine is widely used in the rewinding of aluminium foil, PVC and other rolled packaging materials. The rewinding is controlled by servo motor with high speed, high efficiency and stability, and it can slit 2-5 rolls at the same time.

Film slitting machine
Film slitting machine

This machine is professionally used for slitting and rewinding of BOPP, PET, PVC, CPP, PE, composite film, aluminised film, self-adhesive and other roll packaging materials. The unloading adopts automatic push-arm method, equipped with manual packing frame structure.

Paper roll slitting machine
Paper roll slitting machine

This machine is suitable for many kinds of super-large rolls of paper, such as double-glued paper, coated paper, film paper, white cardboard and so on. The main machine and rewinding are controlled by independent servo motors, high speed, high efficiency and stability.

What makes Nova's slitting machine stand out?

At the zenith of accuracy and time-saving, Nova’s fully automatic slitting machine is crafted by our engineers, aiming to upgrade your production processes. What brings us apart is our firm faith in customer satisfaction.

We aim to serve your requirements by putting your needs first and providing timely, quality products and prompt assistance.

Our customer service team will be available 24 hrs daily to help you solve any issues and handle all your queries. At the same time, our sales representatives are proficient enough to cater to any of your needs.

Don’t settle for less – experience the Nova difference today. Contact us now and discover why Nova stands out among automatic slitting machine suppliers.

Nova's slitting machine

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Revolutionizing production: The power of Nova’s automatic slitting machines

Automatic Slitting Machine

Figure 1: Automatic slitting machine

In the world of paper bag machines, there’s a superhero quietly transforming how things get done: the slitting machine running on automatic mode. It’s as if a wizard in your factory would happily chop big rolls of paper, adhesive paper, aluminum foil, etc., easily and joyfully. These devices are multifaceted and can make the lives of the packaging and processing industries easier.

Imagine this: no more tedious tasks like manual cutting, no more pain in your head. Automatic slitting machines are the ‘superheroes’ behind the industry becoming more proficient, allowing factories to perform tasks faster and smarter. 

It’s time to dig deeper into how these machines are changing manufacturing in companies and why they are increasingly regarded as the most critical business tools everywhere in the world.

How automatic slitting machines get the job done| The process

The role of slitting machines in production is mainly unnoticed, but for paper-based industries, slitting machines are superheroes in disguise. 

Slitting Machine Process

Figure 2: Automatic slitting machine process

These machines are lords of the craft, slicing large paper sheets into different thicknesses for various purposes such as printing, production of handles and ropes, and packaging. 

Not only that, they have strong cutting blades but also can work fast due to a vast roll of paper. On top of that, they are adapted for simplicity of use and have a special system for monitoring and control. Here’s How It Works:

Load up the web: 

To kick things off, load the big roll of the web onto the slitting machine. Depending on the end product, this web can vary in materials like paper, foil, or adhesive paper.

Set the width: 

Next, set the machine to cut the web into the specific widths required for your project. It’s like giving the machine instructions on how wide each piece of paper needs to be.

Time to cut: 

Once everything’s set, the machine swings into action. It begins slicing the web lengthwise into those desired widths you’ve programmed. It’s akin to slicing a loaf of bread into different-sized pieces.

Keep it smooth: 

While the machine works magic, it ensures the web remains taut using a unique control system. This prevents any wrinkles or tears from forming as the cutting happens.

Customize as needed: 

One of the perks of these machines is their flexibility. You can tweak them to cut the paper into various widths, catering to different requirements. So, this machine has got you covered, whether it’s making different-sized paper bags or handles.

Check for quality: 

Operators keep a close watch as the machine operates to ensure everything runs smoothly. If any issues arise, they quickly address them, providing the paper rolls turn out just right.

Ready to Roll: 

Once the cutting is complete, the machine spits out the finished paper rolls. Now, they’re all set to be utilized for printing, creating handles, ropes, or any other purpose they’re needed for.

Maximizing performance | Features of our automatic slitting machine

Our slitting machine is engineered with cutting-edge features to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Here’s a closer look at what sets our machine apart:

1. Precision Cutting with PLC System

The core of our machine exists in the PLC system that thoroughly monitors the cutting length. It will be monitored through autocounter and alarm functions, which will stop the cutting process, thus ensuring that every cut is precise and consistent. 

Any time you want the materials to be cut down with this level of precision, you can rely on the fact that they will come out exactly to your specifications.

2. Effortless Material Loading with Auto Unwinder

You no longer need to spend plenty of time looking for materials to load onto the system. The cutting machine is equipped with an auto-load system whereby, upon reaching the required cut length, the cutting line automatically starts moving to the next roll. 

Also, the web guiding system provides the feed and run of the tape correctly into the device without any break in the production process.

3. Stable Operation at High Speeds with Servo Motor

Speed is not an enemy of our machine since its reliability is incomparable. The servo-controlled motor is utilized for the rewinding part of the operation. 

As a result, it runs smoothly, even at high speeds. The thing that makes this machine so trustworthy is its capacity to output the same quality product, regardless if it is running at an easy speed or pulling overtime to meet tight deadlines.

4. Versatile Slitting Options with Trim Reject Fan

One of our slitting machine’s main features is its slitting configurations, which can be either a blade or a circular knife option. As a result, you can select the cutting method that will be best for you. 

Moreover, the trim rejects the fan of the slit edge of the web. Hence, any errors are immediately drifted, leaving everything neat and accurate each time.

5. Labor-Saving Design with Hydraulic Auto Unloading

Besides, our machine offers an ergonomic design with its automatic unloading system on the rewinder. This ingenious mechanism saves time by speeding up the unloading process while lessening the demand for muscle power. 

By freeing them from tedious tasks, our machine endows your staff with the ability to deal with the most critical operations at your enterprise, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

Wrap Up:

The slitting machines, which are equipped with automatic equipment, will be used to upgrade the productivity of the paper bag industry, ensure high-quality products, and develop the business. By downsizing operations, zero waste, and providing safer methods, these machines crucially allow us to reach an efficient and sustainable bag-making future. For more information, get in touch with us.

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