Top 10 Slitting Machine Manufacturers in 2024

top 10 slitting machine manufacturers in 2024

Figure 1: Top 10 Slitting Machine Manufacturers in 2024

The demand for slitting machines has increased due to increased manufacturing activities in different industries. Nowadays, firms are trying to the maximum to simplify their operations so that they can cut their expenses and improve product quality.

The slitting machines are the key factor in the fulfillment of these goals through the improvement of the material handling and processing efficiency.

According to research, the paper-slitting machine market in 2019 around the world was worth USD 417. 4 million. The projections reveal that it will be worth USD 548 in the future. The number of internet users will be 6 million by 2027, which is the growth indicator, and the CAGR will be 3%. 5% yearly during the forecast period.

The slitting machines are the ones that can increase the productivity and the flexibility of the manufacturing processes. The selection of the manufacturer of slitting machines that is the correct one is the main reason for the best performance and reliability that can be attained.

What you’ll learn in this blog:

In this blog post, you’ll learn the most prominent 10 slitting machine producers in 2024.

Top 10 Slitting Machine Manufacturers In 2024:

In the realm of paper-slitting machines, precision and performance are paramount. As the demand for streamlined paper processing surges across industries, the market for these specialized machines witnesses a dynamic interplay of innovation and reliability.

From intricate paper patterns to bulk production requirements, the versatility of paper-slitting machines is unmatched. Let’s delve into the top 10 slitting machine manufacturers shaping the industry in 2024.

Nova Machinery:

Nova Machinery Slitting Machine

Figure 2: Nova Slitting Machine

Nova Machinery stands as a pioneer in the realm of precision and time-saving automatic slitting machines. Our fully automated systems, meticulously crafted by adept engineers, aim to revolutionize production processes.

Our automatic slitting machines cater to a diverse range of paper rolls, including double-glued paper, coated paper, film paper, and white cardboard. Widely utilized across the paper products processing, printing, and packaging industries, Nova’s machines boast versatility and reliability.

In addition to our automatic surface winding slitting machine, which excels in providing finely specified finished products, Nova also offers an automatic single shaft slitting machine. This machine is indispensable in rewinding materials such as aluminum foil and PVC, boasting high-speed, high-efficiency rewinding controlled by servo motors. With the ability to slit multiple rolls simultaneously, it stands as the epitome of efficiency and stability in material processing, making us the leading manufacturer of slitting machines.

Rosenthal MFG United States:

Rosenthal MFG, established in 1947 in Northbrook, Illinois, USA, produces high-tech slitters, stackers, and rewinders for converting equipment. The company provides a wide range of products, such as precise slitting machines, flexible rewinders, roll stands, and converting optimal and customized equipment.

These products are the ones that give sturdy precision, efficiency, and stability in the converting process, which in turn enables the industries to produce precise product quality and increase productivity.

The slitters and rewinders are used in various industries like paper, film, packaging, and textiles since manufacturers want to have precise and efficient material processing, thus offering solutions necessary to increase productivity and accuracy in production.

JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc.:

JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of tools, dies, and automation machinery, an ISO-certified company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, established in 1962. The company has a wide range of services, such as the provision of precision molds and custom-built tools, high-speed CNC milling, and turning services, and it also has the option of in-house design, consulting, and engineering services.

They are experts in the production of automation equipment and custom tools for plastic closure manufacturing, catering, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceutical, electronic, and energy industries, to name a few.


RIBAMATIC, founded in 1920 and based in Barcelona, Spain, is a producer of roll slitters and roll cutters. The firm is renowned for producing various items, such as paper and film roll handling systems, customized slitting and rewinding equipment, and automatic packaging equipment.

These products are designed to provide advanced automation, precise manufacturing, and stability, thus helping manufacturers simplify their processes, reduce manual labor, and achieve consistent quality. These solutions are used in many industries, such as packaging, printing, converting, and paper processing.


AZCO Corp. is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of units and modules capable of cutting, feeding, and placing flexible products like foils, paper, rubber, and composites.
The company was founded in 1983, and its headquarters are situated in Fairfield, New Jersey. It is the manufacturer of pouch dispensers, guillotine knife assemblies, tube cutters, and slitter modules that are applied in the fields of packaging, medical devices, process automation, and machine building.

The company offers various value-added services, like custom module design and engineering, online and partner parts ordering, and quality assurance. AZCO is the service provider of multinational corporations such as Kimberly-Clark, 3M, and Johnson & Johnson.

Kampf USA Germany:

Kampf USA, established in 1920 and situated in Windsor, Connecticut, USA, manufactures a wide range of products for the converting industry. The company provides the latest slitting and winding solutions, such as high-precision slitters, rewinders, roll handling, and sophisticated converting equipment.

These products guarantee high accuracy, speed, and adaptability in manufacturing different materials, allowing industries to attain the best quality, the least amount of time, and the least amount of waste. The solutions are used in packaging, film, paper, and textiles, which are the needs of the manufacturers looking for the optimal and the most advanced solutions to drive productivity and quality in production.

UMD Automated Systems:

Since 1996, UMD Automated Systems has been a manufacturer of material handling and processing systems, and it is located in Fredericktown, Ohio. The company engineers and creates material handling systems and machinery that boost the operations and productivity of many manufacturing companies.

Examples are tire manufacturers who need machines like cutters and slitters, cooling and conveyor systems, tire trimmers, and other equipment, which UMD supplies. Also, the Automotive industry uses dock loading systems, lifts, sorters, conveyors, turn tables, etc., which UMD provides for a seamless assembly process of new automotive products.

IMC (Independent Machine Co.):

IMC (Independent Machine Co.) is an American conversion and web-processing machinery manufacturer founded in 1968. The company, based in Fairfield, New Jersey, provides different types of traverse winders, laminators, slitter rewinders, and other auxiliary equipment, such as heat sealers or splicers.

These are the primary users of these processes: the medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and clients in the aerospace, energy, and packaging sectors. IMC also creates the design and consultation for custom spooling or winding equipment, blade sharpening, and conversion services.

Pinnacle Converting Equipment and Services, LLC:

Founded in 1995, Pinnacle Converting Equipment and Services, LLC, is a converting equipment manufacturer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The company provides a wide variety of products for specific jobs, including slitter rewinders, which are used for cutting and rewinding materials, sheeting and stacking equipment for processing and stacking sheets, core cutting machines for precise trimming of cylindrical cores, and unwind equipment for smooth material unwinding.

Besides, Pinnacle Converting Equipment and Services, LLC offers custom equipment solutions and refurbishes the converting equipment used for the new production lines. Their machines are used in different industries, such as packaging, printing, plastics, and the textile industry.

Jennerjahn Machine, Inc.:

The Jennerjahn Machine, Inc. is an American ISO 9001-certified industrial packaging equipment manufacturer founded in 1979.

Based in Matthews, Indiana, the company is known for manufacturing standard and coreless surface slitter rewinders, non-woven fabric slitting machines, center slitter rewinders, and automated packaging machinery.

These are mainly utilized by the client manufacturers of paper, foil, film, and nonwoven products, and they are used across six continents. Jennerjahn Machine offers customers custom engineering solutions and after-sales services, including training, installation, and product servicing.

Wrap Up:

In conclusion, the landscape of slitting machine manufacturers in 2024 reflects a dynamic blend of innovation, precision, and reliability, catering to the burgeoning demand for streamlined material processing across diverse industries. Nova Machinery stands out as a beacon of excellence among the top players shaping this sector.

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With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and a portfolio boasting cutting-edge automatic slitting machines, Nova Machinery continues to revolutionize production processes. For more information, contact us.

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