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Paper Bag Printing Machines

  • Our yearly growth increases from 5 to 10 percent on average and our paper bag printing machine making business has expanded in more than 35 countries. 
  • We prioritize the health code and follow all the mandatory regulations at our manufacturing site.
  • Your investments are safe with us because we provide internationally testified solutions at your door.
  • Our paper bag printer machines are equipped with the latest servo technology.
  • We elevate your business tension by providing the best project management services. Our staff is always available for providing you with sustainable solutions.

Buy One Paper Bag Printing Machine From Nova Machinery And Enjoy Printed Paper Bags Of Different Sizes

Our paper bag printer machine makes your business right because we provide you with what you pay for! You can make customizable paper bags with this machine.

Paper Bag making sections

Among these sections are a feeding unit, sizing unit, blowing unit, folding section, and cutting section.

Paper bag Collector

Our machine has a small collecting unit in the last section of the machine that has a capacity of collecting 50 bags at a time. This quantity is highly suitable and feasible to make a paper bag count. 

Photoelectric Control

Our paper bag making machine also provides flexo printing opportunities. To maintain the check and balance of the ink while printing, we use a photoelectric unit that monitors the distribution of the ink. In case of any fault, this automatic unit lets you know.

Optional Handle Making

Almost every industry wants to add variety to paper bags. To entertain this requirement, Nova machinery has introduced an optional flexo printing paper bag machine unit that makes plenty of diverse paper handles.

You Will Get Amazing Benefits By Purchasing Our All-in-one Paper Bag Printing Machine

To bring novelty to the designs and specifications of your paper bag printing machines, we have hired certified technicians to exhibit their skills.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

These paper bags are the building blocks of the food and retail industries. You can make paper bags of different features and printing designs with an optional printing unit.

Paper Bag Printing Machine With Sharp Bottom

We have designed this machine to make paper bags that have sharp or V bottoms. These are good in holding less-heavy items and are a great source of attraction when printed.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag printing Machine

This machine allows you to print in different colors as per your choice. You can make colored or label printed paper bags.

Handle Making Machine

By reducing labor costs, it is more efficient because it can produce a variety of handles in one machine.

Our Paper Bag Printing Machine Makes Flawless And Innovative Paper Bags

Nova’s flexo printing machine does not only make paper bags according to the built-in dimensions, rather, you can also adjust them to your preferences.

Maintaining The Printing Quality Is Our Priority

You might awe the well-constructed infrastructure of the manufacturing industries but what matters the most is what they sell! We do not portray our delusionary image rather our website, selling rate, and good customer response say it all. 

From buying to maintenance, we offer every possible facility and service you may long for. Nova Machinery has strong manufacturing business terms in China and other foreign countries. We provide high technology machines, genuine and imported spare parts, and operational videos and catalogues on-demand. Contact us as it will benefit you and your company. 

Why Does Your Business Need To Team Up With NOVA?

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Paper Bag Printing Machine FAQ


A new business set-up always gets you through a bumpy ride but if you have a good consultancy with a manufacturer like Nova Machinery, then your back is saved. The workforce at Nova is highly competent in providing business strategies and project planning. Not only this, but we also provide you with a huge variety of paper bag printing machines which are famous all across the globe.

Talking about the company specifications, we have our own manufacturing site expanded over several square meters. Our equipment is updated and we run a regulated mechanism to deal with the daily manufacturing deadlines.  We use the high-quality raw materials to manufacture our machines that give you guaranteed high production and low labor cost. 

Nova Machinery has enlisted a series of questions to provide complete knowledge about the paper bag printing machine.

1. What Is A Paper Bag Printing Machine?

Paper Bag Printing Machine

Figure 1: Paper Bag Printing Machine

To deal with the increasing aesthetic trends in the market, Nova Machinery has found a perfect solution for guaranteed growth in the business. This valuable solution is a paper bag printing machine. This machine prints and makes paper bags at the same time. You can print labels, company names, brand mottos, taglines, and several other things on your paper bags. It is a great step in increasing paper bag demand and the promotion of your company name in a larger audience. 

This machine is non-corrosive and manufactured under precise and required environmental conditions. All the health and machine-related principles are strictly followed throughout the process. It has a separate paper bag making unit and a printing section where you print your paper rolls before making your paper bags. We have installed an automatic system that ensures the proper working of the machine and thus eliminates the risks of explosion or injuries. In this way, you can give rest to your mind and invest that energy in more strategic business planning.

If you want to make amends in the machine design or want some features in your printing unit, you can always ping us at any time of the month. Tell us your problems and we will give you the best solutions!

2. Is A Simple Paper Bag Making Machine And Paper Bag Printing Machine The Same?

No, a simple paper bag making machine is not the same as a paper bag printing machine. Although the working mechanism might be the same at some levels, but both perform different functions. 

If you are just going to start a business and want a little lighter machine with lower investment, then a simple paper bag making machine is a good go for you. It is automatic and can take a lot of burden off your shoulders at a smaller level business. 

On the other hand, if it has been a while that you have started your paper bag making business, you can upgrade to this machine. It adds beautiful colors to your paper bags within the cost of one machine. 

Both machines are different in a way that a simple machine has just three sections; feeding, bag making, and collecting. While a printing machine has an additional optional printing unit and a set of ink tanks and other software and technology to monitor the printing process.

3. How Does Nova Machinery Make Printing Paper Bags?

The working environment at Nova machinery is very friendly and professional. Every worker knows his tasks and performs them uninterrupted. Similarly, our machines are precise and follow an error-free paper bag making process.  A general process is as follows.

  • Collecting raw material

The very first process in the manufacturing process is to get the necessary thing together. Get a suitable raw material for your paper bag printing machine. We at Nova Machinery use anti-toxic and tear resistant kraft paper for making paper bags. However, the machine is not limited to using kraft paper, you can take any material of your choice to operate the machine. We pre-check our machines to get a surety of an undisturbed working process. 

  • Feeding the Printing Unit 

After our complete satisfaction, we mount the paper rolls on the rod in the printing unit. We also have an automatic paper roll mounting system in the shape of hydraulic cylinders. Lifting becomes much easier and time-saving.

Automatic Feeding System

Figure 2: Automatic Feeding System

  • Printing process

Once the pre-requisites of the printing process are done, the printing process finally starts. The machine uses flexo printing plates on which the printing design is carved. The printing design could either be a company name or slogan, any brand identity, or any pharmaceutical code. The printing design choice is all yours.   

  • Printed paper tube making 

The printed paper web starts transferring to the paper tube forming unit. If the paper is printed before, it becomes easier to carry on the bag making process. our machine makes precise tubes of paper on the unit that works on both sides. The paper is cut into the desired length shape to make a fine and crease-free finishing. 

The paper tube width shows the room of the paper bag. In other words, the size of the paper bag depends upon the width of the paper tube. So, you can also modify it with the help of a hand gazette.

  • Gluing 

Without a high-quality gluing system, the idea of making strong paper bags is a complete failure. Nova Machinery uses premium hot glue so that it doesn’t damage the paper in any way. The temperature is also adjusted according to the paper tolerance. The tiny glue units in the tube making unit join together the sides of the paper bags. 

In the case you are wondering about the glue refilling, you don’t have to do that every now and then. we have attached the large glue tanks that contain sufficient glue to deal with the daily work.

  • Bottom making

It is a large cylindrical type gazette that makes the flawless bottoms of the paper bags. the bottom making unit offers you to make three different types of paper bags depending upon your choice.Like square bottom and V bottom.  Again, these bottoms are sealed with the help of using hot glue.

  • Assembling

Now is the time to see the final product. Your precisely made printed paper bags are now down the line. They are cut through the slitters and collected in the assembling unit. 

After the whole process, you are ready to sell the paper bags to your clients. But keep in mind to maintain good packaging because the environment plays an important role in keeping up the true shape and texture of the paper bags. 

4. Can A Paper Bag Printing Machine Make Paper Bags?

Yes, if you buy a one-set unit of the paper bag printing machine, you’ll be able to perform both functions. This is because a single flexo printing unit can only print your paper rolls but a complete set of paper bag machine flexo printers as an auxiliary unit would allow you to make the paper bags as well. 

5. How Many Colours Can I Use For Printing With A Paper Bag Printing Machine?

Concerning the huge demand for colours in the food, cosmetic, and retail sectors, Nova Machinery’s flexo printers allow you to make a choice between four to eight different colours. The primary colours such as red, blue, and green are most commonly used in different industries. However, black is the universal colour used for printing purposes from bar codes to the labels and logos.

With a wide range of colours, your requirement for high-quality ink is also fulfilled at Nova Machinery. This is because we use high-end water-based and UV inks that flawlessly stick on the paper for a long time and do not fade away. You can also print your papers in one colour as per your aesthetic needs. 

6. Can I Also Attach A Handle Making Unit With This Paper Bag Printing Machine?

It is a high time of taking and bringing advantages from every possible thing. Experts at Nova have introduced a feature of adding optional desired equipment to your machines and this facility is a business saver. Imagine working with a machine that gives you three different benefits at once within less space and budget. 

The answer to the question is obviously yes because we are concerned about your business needs. Despite the printing section (optional), our staff helps you to attach an optional handle making unit as well. It is the biggest advancement in paper bag manufacturing history. 

Similar to the printing section, the handle making section works both automatically and semi-automatically. The automatic handle making unit is attached to the bag making machine and works in alignment with it. This unit offers you to make plenty of different designs. However, an automatic unit is accountable for dealing with high production, and semi-automatic deal with low-level production.

Handle Pasting Unit

Figure 3: Handle Pasting Unit

7. What Is Offset And Onset Printing?

This part creates the most confusion among the buyers. Let us elaborate step by step. 

Onset Printing: It refers to the inline printing of the paper rolls which means that the printing unit is in direct synchronization with the paper bag making machine. There is a digital monitor from which tells you the printing length and time taken. Normally, an onset printing speed is around 70 meters per minute. 

Offset Printing: As the name suggests, this unit is not attached to the paper bag making machine set. It is a separate unit designed for separate printing. In this case, you have to print the paper rolls first and then take those rolls to the paper bag machines for further process. you can also print your paper bags after they are formed with the help of this unit. Its printing capacity is 100 Meters per minute. 

Difference:  The difference lies in the fact that although, both machines serve the same purpose of printing, their ways and modes is very different. 

One allows you to print in alignment with the paper bag machine and the other prints independently. Similarly, their printing lengths and speeds also differ. An offset printing machine clearly prints double length as compared to the onset printing unit. 

For further guidance, Nova machinery also provides you the link to the free operational videos form where you can add to your understanding of the printing process.

8. Is Paper Bag Printing Machine Business Profitable?

Yes, a printing paper bag manufacturing machine business is highly trendy and profitable these days. If you plan to do a new start-up business, we’d recommend you to start with this project because the odds of failure are equal to zero especially when you have our assistance. 

You go out daily and you barely see plain paper bags because people are greatly fascinated by fancy and stylish paper bags. adding printed designs or writeups enhance the style of your bags and their demand increases. 

Many manufacturing industries are stopping their old businesses and are moving towards this because there is more profit. Nova Machinery has a great insight of seeing through the matters and by our consistent help, your business will grow within months.

9. Does A Printing Paper Bag Machine Use Sheets Or Paper Rolls?

The paper bag printing machine manufactured at Nova machinery uses paper kraft rolls of all sizes. However, it is not the only end. It is up to your choice if you are compatible with the rolls or sheets because both are used in the market. There are pros and cons of using sheets as it may hinder our working progress due to the manual labour of adding sheets to the paper. While, in the case of the roll feeding system, once you put the roll on the rods, there is no need to worry for a couple of hours, plus the lifting system is also automatic. If you use paper sheets with an offset printing unit, it might benefit you because its only function is to print.

10. How Should I Maintain My Paper Bag Printing Machine?

As you are aware what proficiency level and effort is required to design and manufacture the machine. The more delicacy it requires in the maintenance because if you don’t, your investment will be of no use. 

  • First of all, be gentle with all the machine parts because they are sharp.
  • Avoid exposing your machine to rough cleaning objects as friction may cause scratches on the outer surface of the machine. 
  • Take a soft cloth and take off all the dust particles, a soft brush would be more of a help for cleaning narrow areas.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals as they may rip off the machine’s surface. 
  • Use warm water to clean the glue tanks and ink tanks so that no fungal activity takes place.
  • Keep your paper bag printing machines in the required temperatures and pressures to ensure the long working time. 
  • Lubricate your machines where needed. Study our maintenance catalogue with utmost attention because there lies the key to your successful machine management. 
  • If any part of the machine gets scratches or causes any problem, consult with our engineers as soon as possible. 
  • Remember, unnecessary maintenance delays are the root cause of paper bag printing machines malfunctioning. 
11. How Does A Printing Paper Bag Machine Help In Promoting My Brand?

Marketing nowadays has become very easy because of the digital facilities. Printing is the greatest milestone in achieving high marketing goals. All the top-notch brands focus on the good designs for their company names and find presentable ways to bring their products to the public. Similarly, a good bag gathers the attention of many of the customers and they consciously and subconsciously remember your brand name (only if you have printed it on your paper bag). Resultantly, your brand will be searched and would lead them to the other products under your name. 

12. What Are The Benefits Of A Paper Bag Printing Machine?

The benefits of your paper bag printing machine are undeniable at any cost. it is a great booster of your company’s yearly growth.  Let’s have a look into the advantages.

  • It offers fade-proof and smudge-proof inking capabilities.
  • The printing length is amazingly higher than any other printing system
  • The net cost of the machine is low and can be adjusted within the budget 
  • It manages the high loads quite effectively
  • It elevates you off the physical labor 
  • Your brand name grows 
  • Easy maintenance and easy operation 
  • No need of refiling the ink
  • Photoelectric system to monitor the ink functioning 
  • When combined with a paper bag making machine, it makes highly appreciable printed paper bags 
13. Can I Start A New Business Of Printing Paper Bag Machines?

It is always not too late to start your own paper bag printing machine business and when it is about printing, you’ll flourish in no time. When you make a decision to finally give a go to your own business, consider following the steps down below.

  • Be certain of the business and product category you want to choose. 
  • Talk to the other business holders or friends of yours to have a discussion about the specs and details.
  • Go to the manufacturers and observe their ways and means to run a business. Visit business profiles online to get a know-how of the business terms and regulations to maintain a healthy repute. 
  • Never indulge in fraud or similar activities. 
  • Consult a project planner. If you are based in China then Nova Machinery is all there to help you. If you are from overseas wanting to get our consultancy, we can reach out to you through the online process.

After you get all the help, information, and a quality manufacturer like Nova Machinery, you are good to go with your business.

14. What Type Of Inks Does This Printing Paper Bag Machine Use?

Nova Machinery uses water-based flexographic printing ink. This is easy to carry by the printing plates and is water-proof. It does not smudge on the paper and doesn’t lose its colour. Furthermore, we have attached the inking tanks with our machine that lifts the burden of filling the ink again and again. 

There is an automatic servo system in the machine that examines every process of printing. We ensure your satisfaction with the final product. 

Automatic Ink Pumping

Figure 4: Automatic Ink Pumping

15. How Much Does A Paper Bag Printing Machine Cost?

Paper bag printing making machine collectively costs between 20 to 2500000 US Dollars. 

It is a market competitive price and very suitable for your project. If you want to buy only a flexo printing set, then it costs $8000 and $ 12000 for inline and offline printing units. 

We also provide you with the budget deals once or thrice a year. You can contact us always for getting the information.

16. How Can I Make Purchase For Paper Bag Printing Machine At Nova Machinery?

After you decide for buying a paper bag printing machine from Nova Machinery, you just have to go down to our page and fill in the information on the order quote. There is also a contact button on the top right corner of our website from where you can talk to our customer services. If you want to solve your queries, you can whatsapp us and we’ll sort this for you. 

Order payment is carried out through an online banking system for your ease. Once you place an order, it will be manufactured and delivered in the time span of a month.

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