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The Idyllic Seller For A Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

  • Premium Eminence, Unconventional Manufacturing Technology
  • Constant Innovation and Improvement
  • Convenient Transportation for Paper Bag Making Machine with Printing
  • Strict Quality Assurance System
  • Prompt Delivery, Precise Design, High Efficiency and Energy-Saving

Multiple Machines That Can Be Linked With A Single Paper Bag Machine With Printing

Numerous options may be linked together and utilized in the paper bag industry on a large scale.

Film Unwinding

This machine may be utilized to unwind the roll of the film into a continuous tape that may be used as a layer inside paper bag production.

Automatic Handle Machine

The automatic handle machine produces handles with a pleasant grip, and it may be inline or off-line. Depending on your preference, the handle making machine is flexible and customizable.

2 Color Flexo Printing Machine

The two-colour flexo printing machine can produce more than one color at a time, and it is easy to change the colors of the ink.

4 color Flexo Printing Machine

The four-colour flexo printing machine is made for more demanding applications. It can print up to four colors, which are applied in one go. This machine may be utilized on long production lines for effective results.

To Figure Out Which Paper Bag Machine To Choose, Pick The One That Best Meets Your Company's Needs

Paper bags are frequently cast-off for wrapping and stowing products. NOVA’s paper bag making machines come in a variety of styles, sizes, and grades to meet your company’s needs.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

This machine is conveniently attached to an extensive, automated assembly line that may produce more than 1,000 paper bags per hour. This machine produces square bottom paper bags with inline printing.

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

This paper bag making machine produces V bottom paper bag, custom printed bags perfectly flat on the bottom. The device is designed to accommodate 100% recycling waste inside the paper bag for environmental responsibility.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine can produce custom, printed bags on a large scale. This machine includes an online inkjet printer and handles making machines that have high-quality bags in one go.

Handle Making Machine

It can also produce a variety of handles in one machine, making it more efficient by reducing labor costs. It comes in two variants; an In-line handle making machine and an off-line handle making machine.

Make Your Personalized, Distinctive Patterns Paper Bags With A Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

A Paper bag making machine with printing layouts can be provided per different needs to complete your personalized paper bags.

Nova Machinery Is A Large Corporation That Produces High-quality Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

Nova Machinery sells its equipment to a wide range of commercial sectors, including grocery chains, postal services, and retail stores worldwide.

Nova Machinery is a paper bag machine manufacturer, and it specializes in the production of high-quality machines designed to help you produce your custom made bags.

With more than three decades of experience, Nova Machinery has become one of the best manufacturers out there.

The corporation specializes in providing state-of-the-art paper bag making machines with printing for various commercial sectors.

Why Should You Choose Nova Over The Competition?

paper bag making machine with printer video

Apply to paper bag made from 100% wooden fiber
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
X ≥60X ≥80X ≥100
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 10kg≈22lbsCan bear 14kg≈31lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch
Apply to paper bag made from recycled paper
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
60 ≤ X <10080 ≤ X <120X ≥120
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch

Bottom Of Paper Bag


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Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

Nova Machinery is one of the most professional paper bag making machines with printing manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a productive factory at your service. If you’re going to buy or wholesale bulk paper bag making machines with printing from professional manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to get a free quotation from our factory.

Nova Machinery has advanced equipment and technology and a high-qualified management team to ensure that we can give our customers the best products at a competitive price. We will try our best to reduce customer purchase costs, shorten the processing time and improve the product’s quality to achieve a win-win situation. Hope we have friendly and long term cooperation to mutual benefit.

1. What Is The Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing?


Paper bag making machine with printing

Figure 1: Paper bag making machine with printing

This machine is an automatic paper bag making machine that can automatically produce various kinds of PE-LD/PE-HD bags according to customers’ special requirements. The functions include feeding, printing, bottom folding and cutting etc. It adopts advanced techniques like PLC touch screen control system (optional), stepless speed regulation (optional), digital coding (optional), air suction (optional) etc. The completed bag can be sent out consecutively by one person, which is labor-saving.

The main parts are 

  • Feeding section: 

Feeding Section

Figure 2: Feeding Section

The materials are sent into the machine by conveyor belt to produce finished bags consecutively.

  • Printing section: 

Printing Section

Figure 3: Printing Section

The images are printed on the surface of paper sheets in this section, which can be selected according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Bag forming section: 

Bag forming section

Figure 4: Bag forming section

In this section, the glue is applied at the sides of the paper and a paper tubes are formed. The machine further cut 4-8 layers’ mixed material at one time according to different bags’ height, which can improve efficiency significantly.

  • Bottom folding section:

Bottom forming section of V-Bottom Paper bag machine

Figure 5: Bottom forming section of V-Bottom Paper bag machine

The bag will automatically have a bottom gusset without external force after getting the bottom fold line.

  • Collection: 

Paper Bags collection unit

Figure 6: Paper Bags collection unit

The completed bags are ejected out of the machine at this section. For easy collection, the paper bags come in a set of 50 paper bags/set.


2. How Many Colors Can Be Printed By A Paper Bag Making Machine With An Inline Printing Unit?

We have developed the printing unit to suit customers’ requirements. This is because we use different machines in our company to meet various demands from overseas market.

Usually, there are 2- 4 and 6 colors, including red, yellow, blue and green, on such a machine which can add one more color if needed. Also, there is a full color available on the paper bag making machine with an inline printing unit.

3. How Often Should I Change The Ink Of The Printing Unit Of The Paper Bag Making Machine?

The ink used in these machines is water-based. There is no need to change the ink in the paper bag making machine with printing because the ink buckets are attached to the machine separately and only need the ink refilling again and again.

4. What Is The Difference Between Inline And Offline Flexo Printing Machines?

The offline flexo printing machine is more suitable for small and medium enterprises, which doesn’t have enough equipment to be installed. It adopts the previous G7 technology, with lower investment cost but high colour printing accuracy rate.

The inline flexo printing machine is more adapted for big companies, which needs only several kinds of products every year or month to meet different customers’ demands. The full-set inline flexo printing machine includes all kinds of auxiliary equipment. There are many types available in our company depending on additional requirements from customers.

The most significant difference is that the offline machine is a semi-automatic one that needs workers’ help to operate. However, the inline printing unit on a paper bag-making machine can rapidly print different colours. It requires no human force, so this printing function is called Inline Flexo Printing. This process can produce high quality printed bags and standard industrial ones. But compared with other industry-standard equipment, those industrial inline flexo printers are comparatively expensive due to their advanced technique and structure designs for heavy-duty use in an automatic production line.

5. Is Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine Capable Of Printing?

Yes, of course. Our company has developed the machine with an inline printing unit, which can print out high-quality bags according to customers’ requirements on different kinds of surface including 2-side and 4-side.

The most important thing is that there should be a printer to print on each side of the bag so that you can choose an inline printing unit or an offline one with full-color printing at will.

6. Describe The Working Of A Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

The paper bag making machine with printing has the following preceding steps:

  1. Firstly, input sheet material to the pre-feeder
  2. Secondly, the paper will be delivered to a separate cylinder for offset printing, which can print one color or full-color logo design on the bag directly. An inline flexo printing machine achieves this with an automatic loading system.
  3. Thirdly, after being printed, the paper strip will be cut into a specified length before delivery to the bottom folding unit through a guide rail. Then the glue is applied at the bottom of the paper and it will be folded as per the requirements. (bottom folding unit)
  4. Fourthly, before reaching the cutting device, two ends of each bag are trimmed off by a slitting device according to the customer’s requirements again according to pre-cut instructions from the computer before the package comes out at the delivery unit.
7. Give A Price Idea Of A Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing?

A fully automatic paper bag making machine with printing falls into two categories:

  • Inline printing Machine which costs you about 12000-25000 USD
  • The other option is a separate offline printing machine that ranges between 30000-50000 USD.
8. What Is The Input And Output Of A Paper Bag Making Machine With An Inline Printing Unit?

There are pre-feeder, main machines ( including the printing unit), bottom folding unit, slitting machine and delivery unit in an automatic line. The input of paper, printing ink, water for ink dilution, electricity etc., should be prepared by yourself. 

Meanwhile, finished bags with printed logos can be output when the capacity is big enough. As I have mentioned before, there is a full-color available on a printing unit capable of flexo printing. Still, it is not used for decoration only, so all bags produced by such machinery must be packed in corrugated boxes or placed at pallets after being packaged to safe transit during long-distance logistics. What’s more, you have to prepare suitable packing tools if you hire offline printing machines.

9. What Are The Printing Capabilities Of A Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing?

The printing speed of a flexo printing machine can reach 5-100M/min or even more with different sizes and structures of machines. In general, those paper bag making machines with printing can make a logo on a bag 2 up to 6 colors which depend on customers’ requirements besides the standard 1 color prints. The printing capability of the inline printing machine is 70M, whereas the offline printing machine has 100M/min.

10. Enlist The Applications Of Paper Bag Making Machines With Printing?

Applications of paper bag making machine with printing

Figure 7: Applications of paper bag making machine with printing

The applications of paper bag making machines with printing are nearly infinitely in different fields, for example:

  • They are often used in shopping malls to pack promotional gifts under the management of companies to save time and energy when there is a big event. It will help keep labor costs in the long run if you have to hire people for packaging work during mass production at your factory.
  • The printed bags made by this kind of machinery can be widely used as gift or packaging boxes for advertisements or promotional campaigns, or even giveaways at fairs and exhibitions.
  • Many company logos on their products, such as cosmetic companies that need to improve their business, will apply customized logo design(usually 2D/3D embossing )on the plastic bags printed by flexo printing machines in different colors. Such custom logo design on paper bags will add value to the look of your products and boost sales at a reasonable price with a long time frame in the market promotion aspect.
  • Those flexo printing machines are also widely used by companies when they have an application for customized paper bag making according to customers’ drawings or designs for packaging purposes. This is because it is cost-effective. What’s more, such innovative methods will get good feedback from the market if you choose suitable approaches and themes(e.g., environmental protection). At the same time, keep working steadily in that field to meet the demands of different groups of people accordingly.
  • This kind of machinery can be used as a significant investment for store owners since there is no need to hire people when you plan to launch your own business. Such printing machines are an investment in the long run because they can save costs on labor and gain more profits when you sell products at retail prices with good quality.
11. What Is Meant By The Flexo Printing Machine With 2/4 Colors?

The Flexo printing machine with 2 colors works with a double color system. In this case, each color’s impression is made in separate passes. Another example would be 4-color Flexo machines that work in the same way by making four different impressions one after another on the same sheet.

12. Does Nova Machinery Offer Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Abilities?

Nova machinery offers a paper bag making machine with printing, slitting and bottom folding capabilities at a competitive price. You can choose pre-feeder or continuous line as needed to meet production speed and capacity on the finished bags you need. All the finished bags will be packed in corrugated boxes or pallets after being packaged as needed during long-distance logistics. We also can prepare suitable packing tools for customers’ unique requirements.

What’s more, you have many choices on the printing units for production of paper bag making machines with printing based on your budget and needs, including flexo printing machine, offset printing machine, digital printing machine etc.

13. What Are The Advantages Of Using An Inline Printing Unit With A Paper Bag Machine?

Paper bag making machine with printing unit has the following advantages:

  1. Small printing dot is a chip of our company’s improvement on the offset printing machine equipped in paper bag making machine with printing, slitting and bottom folding capabilities, which helps highlight details of logos to meet different demands from customers.
  2. We have a pre-treatment section to make sure no ink smudges or other problems will happen as the finished products pass through the corrugated boxes after being packed as needed soon after leaving those precision machines.
  3. The inline printing unit also makes it easier for us to offer multi-colours flexo printings on paper bags according to customer requirements without too much trouble dealing with color registration issues etc.
  4. Slitting and bottom folding operations are added into the processing line as choices for our customers based on their specific situations to meet different needs.
  5. You can get a flexo printing machine with an inline pre-treat section because we make this kind of machinery, so it’s easier for you to buy all the related parts together in one package according to your needs.
  6. According to your requirement, we will help you find related staff who have good expertise in running paper bag making machine with printing units. They will offer valuable advice and instructions on how best to handle unexpected accidents during the working process. We will also share valuable market feedback after years of experience in the related business, which can help you operate your business smoothly.
  7. The warranty of the paper bag making machine with printing units is 1 year as usual, and it’s extendable upon specific requirements from customers.
14. Is It Necessary To Clean The Printing Machine After Finishing?

Yes, it is necessary to clean the printing machine after finishing. 

First of all, you need to use compressed air to blow away minor paper chips and bits on the surface of the printer to make sure no dust or dirt will cause an accident when you resume work, such as leaving a scratch on rollers since they may have been worn out after long time operation causing slippage later. 

Secondly, please use warm soapy water with a neutral detergent solution to rub all parts that come into contact with ink while cleaning your flexo printer, then rinse them under running water before drying because some unique materials can absorb ink easily, so we should take care of this issue before our next job. 

Thirdly, if any metal parts are being exposed on the surface of your printing machine, please remember to wipe them with lubricating oil to reduce friction and abrasion. 

Fourthly, please do not let any water into your printer’s inside if possible because water may cause some unexpected accidents during operation like short circuits, etc.

15. How Many Distinct Paper Bags Can Be Produced With A Paper Bag Machine With A Printing Unit?

It depends on the specifications of the paper bag making machine with printing units. Generally speaking, we can offer 2-4 colors of flexo printing.

Besides, customers can provide us with different flexo printings and digital prints etc., to meet their own needs. If you want to get more information about this kind of machinery, please contact us online or by email. We will try our best to solve all your questions and problems at once and offer a reasonably competitive price for your reference upon receipt of your inquiry.

16. Why Should Businesses Choose Nova Machinery As Their Ideal Selections?
  1. Nova machinery has a wealth of experience in this industry and has been supplying paper bag making machines for ten years. We can offer professional advice regarding design, raw materials, price etc.
  2. Our engineers are familiar with different paper bag making machines from other manufacturers. We can help you choose the most suitable one according to your situation and budget without any problem at all.
  3. Quality control: we use quality components like Japanese Citizen PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), inverter and servo motor made by ABB, Germany. Besides, we also test every piece of equipment before shipment to ensure that our products work perfectly during operation. Moreover, CE certification is available upon request.
  4. Nova machinery has a considerable amount of stock for paper bag making machines with printing units, which allows us to provide quick delivery service.
  5. All our products are exported to Asia, America, Africa and European countries without any problem. We have received good feedback from clients worldwide, most satisfied with our professional services and products.
17. What Are The Delivery Options Available At Nova Machinery?

We can offer a quick delivery service for all our products. For instance, the lead time of making a paper bag machine is about 7 days after finishing designing because we have a considerable amount of devices in stock, and flowline production has significantly been promoted to help us produce more paper bag machines at one time. Besides, we can provide installation and training for our customers if necessary. 

The delivery options are as follows:

By Road for Local Customers 

We will deliver the paper bag making machine by road with a small truck to your factory or warehouse if it is nearby. Usually, there is no problem with this delivery model.

By Air 

We can help you transport the goods by air if your order is more than 500 sets of paper bag making machines or big machines like display stand up banner printing machines etc. Besides, you are supposed to pay the transportation fee on top of the purchase price at first if necessary.

By Sea:

If you require quantities that are too much for us to handle, we can also transport them via sea which may take longer time but save more money for you. Generally speaking, it takes about 20 days to ship goods from our factory. Most of our shipments are by the sea.

18. How Can I Buy A Paper Bag Machine With An Inline Printing Unit From Nova Machinery?
  1. First of all, you can send us an inquiry online or by email with the information of your paper bag making machine, including quantity, raw materials and area of usage etc.
  2. We will offer a reasonable price in a short time upon receipt of your inquiry. Besides, we will provide samples if necessary to help you check the quality before purchase.
  3. According to different payment terms, you can pay for the order via T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), PayPal, Western Union, etc. 
  4. If you have any questions about your paper bag making machine after receiving it, our engineers are available to serve you round-the-clock online or by phone call. Nova machinery is willing to create a bright future together with you!
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