Paper Bag Making Machine Price: A Detailed Overview

The one common thing we see about the products is their price. If that seems suitable, we consider buying them. If the case is another way around, we shift to the next shops. Similar is the scenario in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.  Paper bag making machine price is the prime concern of both the manufacturers and the clients. The manufacturers are reluctant to invest in the wrong and fraudulent suppliers and so do the clients.  This is because no one wants to waste the money with which he planned to set up a business empire. But don’t worry! Nova machinery has solved this problem for you.

Nova machinery has listed out the paper bag making machine costs available in our catalog. Furthermore, we have elaborated on which features or details enhance the paper bag manufacturing machine cost. There is also a detailed description of finding a cost-effective supplier and how and which machine should you buy according to your budget.  Let’s get started.

Paper Bag Making Machine – An Estimated Cost

Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper Bag Making Machine

A Paper bag making machine is a versatile unit to increase your business productivity. It is a strong and valuable addition to the history of paper bag production. Nova machinery has invested its time, effort, hard work, and other precious assets to bring forth such a liability for you.

When it comes to price, you might not see the cost written on the machine catalog, or the webpage. This is because some manufacturers like to discuss the price face-to-face. But nova machinery, on the other hand, thinks from a bigger perspective. We are concerned about our budget and by knowing the price, you can have better arrangements. To fuel this purpose, we have made a rough estimate of the paper bag making machine price.  This is because cost-estimation eases your budget tension and you can be aware of your financial status with more clarity.

Almost every paper bag making machine cost with basic functions is around 70000 to 100000 USD. It depends on which model or what details you want to add to your machines. We hope that with this estimation, you can perform good modifications to your coast evaluation process. This is a technical process and you may want to take some help. If so, Nova machinery is always there at your back. Ping us or reply to the instant quote. You’ll find our staff available for your services.

Cost According To The Paper Bag Machine Types

You might not be aware but the paper bag making machine price differs according to the type of machine you choose. There are a lot of different options and different models for making the same type of paper bags but with different dimensions and in different sizes.  Some make handles, some provide printing services, and these things leave a direct effect on your cost. We have covered almost every machine type available in our catalog so that you can have a better idea of the cost at a separate level. We have also highlighted the purpose of every machine so that you can easily pick on for your firm.

These paper bags are famous in the shopping and retail areas where people need a lot of carrying bags on daily basis. To aid the different storage needs of the customers, this machine makes paper bags with small, medium, and, large storage options. The dimensions are altered according to your preferred choice. Set the parameters on the digital control interface of the machines and let the machine perform its remaining task. This is a simple machine that just makes paper carry bags without any extra features and specifications. Your paper bag making machine price is 80000 US Dollars which is a very demanding price in the current business market. However, we also offer used machines which can cost you less. If you are a starter, you can start your paper bag making machine business at a less price.

The industrialists belonging to the different malls, retail stores, product stores, fancy gift shops, and, food items are in great need of this machine. This machine has a capacity of high paper bag production rate with handles. Your paper bags are not simple, but they have different designs of handles on them. These handles are meant for easy grip and your paper bag can lift heavy products. Moreover, these are easy to hold and easily portable.

As this machine performs the extra function of making paper bags with handles, its cost is a little higher than the previous one. This is because it offers more functions and in return boosts your business demand. The paper bag making machine’s price is around 200000 US dollars. If you see from a bigger angle, the price is not that high because you are getting tons of features, genuine parts, and a whole set of customized dimensions in it.

  • Paper Bag Machine With Plastic Window Units

Plastic window units are a game-changer in the baking and other food industries. This machine makes plastic window units that are transparent. Your paper bags give an outlet to the product placed inside which is quite intriguing for the customers. The buyers can see the products inside and choose whether they like/want them or not.

Owning to its great benefits, this paper bag making machine price lies between 20 to 250000 USD. You can take as many functions with this machine as you want just at this limited price. Other machine specifications are similar to the others, you get to control the machine through a digital system and it requires no labor.

  • Paper Bag Making Machine With Square And V Bottom

These two kinds of paper bags are the building blocks of the paper bag manufacturing industry. The reason behind this phenomenal recognition is the use and ease they provide to the industries. We provide premium raw materials, and high-technology machines that manufacture the high-end paper bags you deliver to the stores. In this way, you get satisfied with our services, and your clients get satisfied with yours. This is a chain of good work that goes on and on ultimately you are at the receiving end of the profit. The paper bag-making machine price for these two models; Square bottom paper bag machine and V-bottom Paper Bag machine, lies between 80 to 10,0000 US Dollars because they have a large cylinder type section to make paper bottoms, and a gusset to give a V-shape to your paper bottoms.

This is by far the leading industry in the world. The selling rate of the grocery items is greater and so is the demand for the grocery paper bags. Our grocery paper bag making machine is well designed to make these paper bags in diverse sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest, and from the narrow to the widest. The paper material is wrinkle-free and the machine has a proper alignment system that reduces the tension of the paper web to get finely structured paper bags. This machine is a single unit and the paper bag manufacturing machine cost starts from 80 thousand US dollars.

This machine takes kraft paper as a raw material to make your paper bag making machine. Other machine models take brown paper, cardboard paper, printed paper, and other materials to make your paper bags. It is also a simple machine and its price falls under 80 to 100 thousand US dollars.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Machine1

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Machine

A fully automatic machine makes paper bags on its own. It prints and makes handles for your paper bags and you don’t have to do any extra work. The servo system installed in the machine monitors each function and enhances the productivity of the machine. The paper bags are automatically collected at the collecting unit that has the capacity of storing 50 units of paper bags at a time. As its functions are improved, you get this machine at the fortunate price of 200000 to 250000 USD.

  • Packaging Bag Manufacturing Machines

Nova Machinery has also designed a packaging bag making machine that manufactures paper bags for your food storage. Usually, fine packaging is required for the food to keep it safe and fresh. This may or may not have a laminated sheet or a plastic window. If so, by your choice, then your paper bag making machine price will be more than 100000 USD. Otherwise, it will cost 800000 US dollars.

Up till now, you might have gotten the idea that a simple machine costs less than a machine that has some additional features. There are some extra features which you can add to your machines. These are discussed in the section next.

Additional Unit vs. Paper Bag Making Machine Price

The paper bag making machine price hikes with the addition of the extra units. These units serve the purpose of enhancing the machine’s capabilities and you get more to enjoy at a reasonable price. Nova machinery provides the following features that you can add to your paper bag making machine.

  • Unwinding Unit

This unit automatically shifts the paper rolls to the shaft from where the paper starts unrolling. It has hydraulic lifters that use pneumatic pressure to perform this function. Your machine equipped with this unit costs a little more than the 80000 USD-which is the initial paper bag making machine price.

  • Plastic Window Unit

This unit has plastic window pasting plates and rods that keep the alignment of the windows precise. Separately, it costs up to 13000 USD.

Flexo printing unit helps you to print your paper rolls into 2, 4, or 8 different colors. The printing choice is yours. Standing alone, that is offline unit costs 15000 USD. While an inline unit increases the paper bag making machine price.

Same as the printing unit, handle making unit makes different kinds of handles. If bought independently, it costs you 13000 USD. When attached with the machine, the paper bag making machine price increases to 200000 USD.

Handle Making Unit

Figure 2: Handle Making Unit

Factors Affecting The Paper Bag Machine Price

We have discussed above the units and features that increase the paper bag making machine price. However, these are some more factors that contribute to the paper bag making machines price. These are as follows.

  • Features and specifications: Such as different dimensions, extra or additional equipment, enhanced technology, etc.
  • Delivery options: We have normal and instant delivery options. The latter suggestively costs more than the former one.
  • Location: Within China, the paper bag making machine price remains constant. But delivering to the other countries, the paper bag making machine price may increase due to taxes or other formalities.
  • Manufacturer: The paper bag making machine price differs among different manufacturers. However, we provide discounts to provide further liabilities to minimize your net cost.
  • Machine order: If you are making a special order, which increases the paper bag making machine price. The bulk and small orders also contribute to the paper bag making machine price.

If you are tight on budget, you can minimize these factors to reduce the paper bag making machine prices.

Ways to Find a Supplier with a Minimum Machine Price

If you are concerned about reducing the paper bag making machine price, and still want to find a reliable supplier, then we suggest you the following tips.

  • First see the profile history and development for authenticity
  • Then see the products available and check the reviews
  • Repeat the same process with the top available manufacturers in your area or suggested by google.
  • Compare the product parameters, your preferences, and cost.
  • The manufacturer which fulfills these demands, you can shortlist that and visit.
  • After your satisfaction, you can proceed to work with them.

If you are from China, we suggest you take our services. We provide the first, and second-hand machines at valuable prices. Our services are also available for your guidance.

Select a machine according to your budget

The paper bag making machine price is a big concern for you if you have a tight budget. Nova machinery always recommends you to invest within your premises. This is because going higher than what you have can ruin the business in the first place. Make a list of the products or things you need to invest in, then gradually go for them. Jumping directly on a bigger machine would not be easy for you to handle.  Our simple paper bag making machines with no extra units can be a big start for your business. You can visit our manufacturing site and choose a machine for your new venture.

Cost and other offers at Nova Machinery

For the new start-ups, we offer a big relief in the form of discounts. You’ll have to keep a check on the catalog of our monthly or yearly sale offers. You can also talk to our staff for knowing the estimation of the offer times. In this way, the paper bag making machine price wouldn’t be a burden on you. However, other offers include

  1. Maintenance
  2. Business guidance
  3. Fast delivery
  4. Certification
  5. Free catalog and operational videos
  6. Free prototypes
  7. Instant contact
  8. 24/7 customer staff availability

Nova Machinery – The Best Manufacturer In China

Nova Machinery is by performance and by reputation is the most-in-demand manufacturer around the globe. Clients are fond of our management, precision, professional behavior, and the quality products we provide them.  Our international market is very broad and well-standing. We have a network chain of machine manufacturing in more or less forty different countries and we are planning to expand more. This is all due to the non-ending and persistent devotion of our staff towards our company that we keep growing gradually.

For any kind of orders or any kind of guidance, you can reach out directly to us. Our order placing system is also easy to operate. Your payments are safe with us because we use an online banking system. Furthermore, you can read our FAQs or talk to us about the paper bag making price details through call or email.

Reasons To Collaborate With Us!

Due to the malfunctioning of the different firms, due to the bad working histories between the customers and the suppliers, clients now find reasons to collaborate with the manufacturing industries. Well, Nova machinery has sorted for that for you as well. We have enlisted the following reasons based on which you can trust our services.

  • Peer Friendly:

The first and foremost thing that a client notices while talking is staff-to-client behavior. This is also a moral obligation that companies must follow but most of them don’t. At an instant when a customer realizes ignorance or rigidity, he decides to back off.

Nova Machinery takes good peer behavior as a moral obligation and a part of ethics to maintain. Our behavior towards the clients is very assuring and satisfactory that builds he initial trust on our company. We have educated our staff to be well and disciplined enough so that no client complains about it.

  • Professional System:

Nova machinery is very picky about maintaining professionalism and so are the clients. A little lag in the professional etiquettes disturbs the clients and they may runoff. Our staff is trained professionally and keeps the decorum of the working environment so that the client feels respected and assured about his good project management.

Everything we do is kept in record, and you are updated with pdf-based progress files so that you can observe what is happening. Moreover, you’ll be more satisfied by seeing the weekly or monthly progress of your paper bag making machine.

  • Impeccable Management:

Talking about the management, there is no other rival than Nova Machinery in this aspect. This is due to the level of divisions we have done at our office and the respective group performing the respected function. You can have a years-old file on the spot because all the system is well-maintained both digitally and non-digitally.

  • Quality Products:

No matter the size of your paper bag making machine order, we provide you with the best available quality in the market. This is because our team works by collaborating and decides the best material for your machine manufacturing. In this way, every detail of your machine becomes under observation and you get the premium quality.

  • Tope-Rated Company:

If you belong to China or any other part of the world, you’ll find Nova Machinery amongst the top-rated suppliers. The essence behind this title is our years of struggle, reasonable paper bag making machine price, and honest work. We believe in providing our clients with genuine and first-hand material which is directly imported from the power suppliers in Japan or Germany. When clients get what they want then obviously they leave good feedback which happened in our case too. Our international and national clients are so satisfied and happy that they have become our permanent customers and we have been handling their long-term projects.

  • Client-Satisfactory Reviews:

The client reviews make or break the company’s face in front of the world. Nova machinery, by the grace of our hard work and genuine dealing, did not get any negative response for the past twenty years. This is because we make every little thing negotiable and our clients feel free to share their problems with us. They are happing in what they are getting from Nova machinery. For your better understanding of our working methods and product quality, you can read the customer reviews. That’ll help a lot in building your perspective.

  • Working Environment:

We enforce strict working rules at our production house.  This is because we deal with machines that contain sharp tools. If strong laws are not manifested, the chances of getting injured are increased. Moreover, your project is assigned a separate production line which you can visit any time.

  • On-Demand Ordering Facility:

This is a huge advancement in the schedule of Nova machinery because no manufacturer is ready to take the on-demand orders. But we have made this space in our calendar to deal with your instantly required orders. We know how hard it becomes when your business is at the edge and you don’t find any suitable supplier at a manageable cost. Nova Machinery spreads its hands in providing its services in the nick of the time.

  • Expert Staff:

Furthermore, you don’t have to get worried about the staff. We hire highly-educated as well as freshers. We train them according to our temperament who then work under the supervision of the seniors.  Their expertise in the skills is shown explicitly in the products you receive.

  • Certification

We don’t do any work unless it is certified and that’s why we have gained a legal business from our government. As a result, all of our products are certified under the copyrights of Nova machinery. This certification is both at the national and international levels. We have the CE and ISO certificates for your paper bag making machines which you can see on our company profile.

These reasons which we have mentioned above are the core reasons to have gained your trust. Moreover, you get a free catalog and operational videos for your related product. In short, you get the rewards of your investments.


Your Paper Bag Making Machine Project Handling at Nova

A lot of the customers are worried about their project handling because that ultimately affects the paper bag making machine price. Some companies are not professional in their work and just snub your money. not only does your project gets ruined but you don’t get the quality you paid for. Nova machinery is very concerned in this matter and supports you from the beginning till the end of your project. Irrespective of the location and client, we invest all the skills and efforts we have got in our manufacturing house.

For ease and clarification on the ends of the clients and manufacturers, we have divided our project handling system into the following sections. It enhances productivity and every working school gets assigned its functions. This division takes less time and gives better results.

Your project is handled in the following way.

  • A General Meeting:

The moment you place an order or fill out the instant quote form, our staff gets your project to the higher serving sectors. Our meeting staff consists of engineers, project analysts, business advisors, and finally the designers.

Your project details are reviewed thoroughly at our office and every aspect is kept under consideration. We conduct a brief meeting about the project handling system in which you are also called. You can take part online through skype, or if feasible, can come to our office. We prefer adding the clients in the meetings because we believe that it is the right of the clients to know how their project is being handled. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority.  After the meeting is done, we provide you with a file containing all the management details and contact information of your project handler.

  • Schedule Making:

This step includes the gathering of all the available information of the project in one place. we also examine the time and limit of the running projects so that the new project does not overlap with the previous ones. After matching all the records, we put together the data and make a schedule. It contains the days of manufacturing and expected delivery time. If you have a long-term project, we keep on updating you every week or at least twice a month.

  • Project Specifications:

Next, we analyze the specifications of your project; the details of the machines you want to buy, their parameters, features, and other concerning data.

  • Designing:

The specifications written above are then transferred to the department of design. Here, our professional draft makers show their skills and make innovative and practically approved designs. Your preferences are kept at the top just to keep you satisfied. Two or three drafts are drawn maintaining your instructions.  You are also allowed to give us your draft as a referral. We can amend that or make the exact one for you.

  • Analyzing:

The drafts are then further passed on to the analysis section. We have experienced and well-proven draft analysts who, with the help of our top-rated engineers, study the drafts in depth. They check every angle from a technical and practical perspective. After their approval, your product draft moves onto the next section.

  • Manufacturing:

Once the background and the most crucial work being done, the manufacturing of your paper bag making machine starts. The reason we focus on the preparations is that if any fault occurs in them during the manufacturing system, the whole process, hard work, time, and money get affected. That’s why we focus on working with proper planning so that your machine cost does not increase.

For initiating the manufacturing process, we make sure we have all the required material by our side. This is to avoid any risks of getting troubled in the middle. We make a list first, then check according to the enlisted materials. Only after that, we start the manufacturing system.

  • Delivery:

This is the most asked and unresolved matter in almost every manufacturing firm in the world. Companies will manufacture their products in time but wouldn’t be able to deliver them according to the given time. This upsets the customers and they run away dealing with the experience. Because in this advanced world, every second of the business is important and delays mean losing your market value.

Nova machinery is very adamant in sticking to the clock and provides the manufacturing and delivery services according to the schedule. You don’t have to wait for the product you’ve ordered. Rather, you’ll find that at your door before time. Just make sure which type of delivery mode you want, and you’ll have that settled for you.

  • After services:

Your project handling does not end at the delivery. We provide our services for a lifetime. After receiving your work according to the schedule, you are more likely to trust our services and that’s why we don’t want to disappoint you. Contact our customer services if any need arises. We will help you by all our means.


So, what does this mean for you? It means that if you are in the market for a paper bag making machine, Nova Machinery is the best place to go. We have machines of all different sizes and capabilities, each with its own unique paper bag making machine price. And we don’t just stop there- we also offer competitive prices on parts and servicing so that your machine is always up and running at optimum performance. Contact our sales team today to get the best market competitive quote for the perfect machine to fit your business needs. Thanks for reading!

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