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Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Company

  • We provide the latest technology with CE and ISO certification. 
  • Your requirements are our top concern and we put in our best effort to give you flawless solutions.
  • We provide fast manufacturing and delivery services.
  • Our tools and equipment are sharp and easy to operate.
  • Nova machinery’s efficient staff is skilled enough to provide you with what you pay for.
  • Your budget will be well-maintained because we provide a cost-effective deal for our grocery paper bag making machines.

Make Multi-dimensional And Easy-to-carry Grocery Paper Bags With One Machine

The grocery items demand diversity in the paper bags and this machine will help you deal with that.

Flexo Printing Unit

With the help of manifold colour printing, you’ll be able to stand in the market. Our optional flexo printing unit is designed to meet the marketing standards.

Film Unwinding

For making plastic or strip windows in grocery paper bags, the film unwinding unit is used. It is responsible for the easy and wrinkle-free unwinding of the film for fine and smooth finishing.

Automatic Glue

Nova’s innovative engineers have designed grocery paper bag making machines to operate automatically. The glue system is one of the automatic systems of the machine. It takes to required amount of glue from the glue tank and evenly distributes it on the paper to paste the handles, sides, or bottoms.

Paper Tube Making

Paper tubes are a very delicate process of making grocery paper bags because they add to the sleek design and fine finishing. This unit takes the unwinding paper web and makes paper tubes of different widths.  

You Can Order All Kinds Of Grocery Paper Bag Machines From Us

Our grocery paper bag making machine manifests the idea of innovation and allows you to adjust the specifications and features as per your choice.

Flat Bottom grocery Paper Bag Mach

As per the size of your grocery items, this machine makes paper bags in small, medium, and large sizes. These bags have v like sharp bottoms and are very suitable for stores.

Square Bottom grocery Paper Bag Machine

There are some heavy items in the food franchise or marts. They need to be kept in strong paper bags and a grocery paper bag making machine is a perfect choice. 

Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine 1

On a large scale, this machine can produce custom, printed bags. With this machine, you are able to create high-quality bags in one step with an online printer and handle making machines.

Handle Making Machine

Grocery paper bag making  machine has an optional unit that makes different varieties of handles for your paper bags. It helps you to make three different kinds of handles with this machine.

Paper Grocery Bags In A Variety Of Sizes

We assure you not only of high production and speed but of the distinction in design and features of the machine.

For Nova Machinery, Customer Satisfaction Is The Utmost Priority!

Many industries ignore the importance of customer satisfaction and disappoint them. At Nova machinery, our whole staff is well trained to behave well with our customers. We know your demands and manufacture the grocery paper bag making machines exactly similar to your preferences. We give you the liberty to provide us with your design draft and our experienced engineers will highlight the efficiency of the paper machine by adding innovation. 

You won’t get such competitive services and product deals at any other manufacturer in China. It is your time to invest in the outgrowing companies like us and expand yours as well. Do not hesitate and contact us directly on the number provided.

You Won’t Regret Choosing Nova Machinery As Your Business Partner

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Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine FAQ



With achieving a milestone in expanding our business worldwide, we are still growing every year due to the utmost dedication and hard work of our staff and workers. Whether you want to launch a new business or want to renew the old one, our services are available for you. We have 10 years of project handlers who will assist you with the right strategic techniques. 

Our manufacturing site is open for your visit. We use high-tech machinery and tools to manufacture our paper bage machines. We run a trial test on your machine before sending it to you so that you don’t have to suffer any flaws. In case of any query, our customer services are always a call away. Our skilled and concerned technicians also hand over a product catalogue and free operational videos.

Keeping in view the grocery paper bag making machine specifications and working, we have enlisted answers to the following questions that might enhance your existing knowledge.

What Is A Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine?

Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine

Figure 1: Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine

The technology and business trends keep on changing and it is wise to keep up the pace with the market. Otherwise, your company can face a major loss. Nova Machinery has always been at its best in maintaining the advanced equipment and the grocery paper bag machine is the vigilant proof. As the Grocery industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and it needs more resources to pack and sell food items. To surpass this huge demand, Nova machinery decided to make this machine and we have successfully sold a large number of pieces over the years.

Your grocery paper bag making machine is capable of handling high pressure and environmental conditions. The most important benefit of this machine is that it is customizable to your needs. It gives a fast production rate by working automatically and reduces the cost and time.

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Grocery Paper Bags?

Grocery Bag manufacturing process

Figure 2: Grocery Bag manufacturing process

It is very crucial to understand the manufacturing process of the machine you are planning to buy. Our grocery paper bag making machine is well-equipped and has quality features yet it works on 5 simple and understandable steps. 

  • We start with feeding the machine with kraft paper or any other paper material of your choice. 
  • Nova machinery has added an automatic roll lifting system because paper rolls are heavy to carry manually. After the paper roll is placed in the required position, it starts to unwind. 
  • The next section of the machine makes paper tubes. It is an elegant way of giving a good shape to your paper bags. The paper bag cutting can be adjusted for different widths to suit the size and form of the paper bags.
  • For pasting the paper bag bottoms, you don’t need to arrange a manual glue system. This whole machine works automatically and the glueing also takes place automatically. The machine takes a subtle amount of glue which is sufficient to attach the paper sides and paper bottoms.
  • At this stage, your paper bags are ready, they are collected at the collecting unit that can hold 50 paper bags easily. 

Although the manufacturing process is easy to digest, we still recommend the assistance of a qualified engineer to avoid any future risks. You can also borrow our technicians for they have years of on-field experience.

What Are The Specifications Of The Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine?

Your grocery paper bag making machine manufactured at Nova Machinery has the following specifications. 

  • It consumes less electricity that is from 220 to 330 volts
  • It has a capacity of making 220 plus paper bags. The paper bag making count can differ depending upon the type of model you choose.
  • The paper roll width and paper dimensions can be personalised 
  • One side control unit to control all the machine functions 
  • 5 cm thick machine frame that lessens the vibration and noise 
  • Makes less heat while working and is adaptable to high temperatures 
  • It is less costly and works for 4 to 3 days straight 

Moreover, you can add, remove, or alter the already existing features. Nova machinery always keeps the customer demand at priority.

Can I Print My Grocery Carry Bag With A Grocery Paper Bag Machine?

You might be thinking about how a grocery paper bag making machine can perform printing? Nova Machinery is always ahead of time and has introduced an optional printing system. You can print and make paper bags both at a single time. This does not only reduce the cost per printing but also takes less space. These flexo printing units are capable of printing in 4 to 8 different colours thus giving versatility to your paper bags.

How Many Types Of Handles Can I Attach With My Grocery Paper Bag Machine?

Grocery Paper Bags with Handles

Figure 3: Grocery Paper Bags with Handles

With Nova’s grocery paper bag machine, you can not only make paper bags and print them but you can also attach paper bag handles with them. It is a great opportunity to collaborate with us for such diverse features in a single set of a machine. Your grocery paper bag machine can make 

Die-cut handles: no extra ropes attached; they are D-like cavities within the paper bags.

Twisted Handles: The handle making ropes are twisted together and pasted on the paper web

Flat Handles: These are simply flat and slightly wide handles attached to the paper bags.

How Is A Grocery Paper Bag Machine Manufactured At Nova Machinery?

At Nova Machinery, your grocery paper bag packaging machine is manufactured in the following precise steps.

  • We call for on-field experienced engineers to make a draft for our machines 
  • That draft is analysed and tested for execution 
  • Once the draft is passed, our technicians, efficient workers, and knowledgeable engineers join hands to put their efforts into the making of the machine
  • The temperatures and pressures are kept normal and all the tools are sterilised and testified
  • After the manufacturing process, we check the machine through the latest software to ensure flawless working before it reaches your end.
Which Industry Uses Grocery Paper Bags?

As the name suggests, the grocery paper bags are used in the grocery stores to fulfil the need of taking eatables from one place to another. Our grocery paper bag making machine makes small to large grocery bags with dimensions of your choice. Its fast servo system, high efficacy, and speed of making paper bags per minute have made it popular among industrialists.

What Is The Market Demand For The Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine?

The market demand for these paper bags is sufficiently high. Industrialists seek new designs and ways to add beauty to their paper bags and the high-quality paper bag making machines are a solution to that. Nova machinery has been providing its services to these industries for decades and customers are quite satisfied with our performance. They continue to place orders for the most efficient machines at Nova Machinery.

Is Grocery Paper Bag Making Machines Profitable?

Of all the questions, this is mostly asked because everyone is on the thinking verge of starting a new grocery paper bag making machine business and avoiding the risks. Well, the answer is yes. The grocery paper bag machine is the most profitable machine around the world for its huge industrial demand. The grocery paper bags manufactured by our machine are non-toxic, that’s why their demand is high.

If you launch your grocery paper bag making machine business today under our project planning and wise suggestions, there is no chance of your business falling. As time passes, your company will be among the greatest profitable manufacturers.

Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of Grocery Paper Bag Machines In China?

When we talk about the best manufacturers in China, Nova Machinery is the top brand that comes not only in the mind, but google rankings as well. We did not earn this place by doing fraud or sitting idle, our firm belief is in working hard, and then the time pays off your efforts. We started with a little kraft paper packaging project but today we are successfully running our manufacturing business across 40 countries. 

You can get the best manufacturing services at Nova Machinery. We offer 

  • Customer and after-sale services
  • Quick Delivery
  • Machine warranty 
  • Maintenance 

And other sets of on-demand services for your compatibility with our firm, staff, and the machine.

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Grocery Paper Bag Machine?

The risks of getting scammed are higher when you do not undergo a company profile study before proceeding with your terms with it. You must examine their ways and modes of dealing with their customers because this is the basic value by which you can evaluate their customer services. If their office is near your location, it is better to personally visit it.  Talk to the previous buyer about their experience. Check the products if they really suit your preferences. After checking all these points, if you feel satisfied then you should enhance your business dealings. You can also call Nova Machinery for your better assistance in finding a good manufacturer for grocery paper bag making machines.

What Is The Cost Of A Grocery Paper Bag Machine?

Let it be noted that by increasing the quantity of the features, the price will increase. For example, a simple grocery paper bag making machine unit costs 80 to 10 thousand US dollars. If you add an optional unit, the price will increase to 250K US dollars. However, Nova Machinery also provides budget-friendly deals that can suit your yearly budget.

Can Grocery Paper Bag Machines Make Paper Bags With Different Bottoms?

Different types of grocery paper bags

Figure 4: Different types of grocery paper bags

Creativity and modernity are the prime factors for a company’s growth. If a company fails to bring novelty in its products, then there are more risks of business death due to the similarity of the content. Nova Machinery’s competent staff, on the other hand, is full of ideas and keeps on bringing renovation to the existing designs. 

Owing to the staff’s skills, our grocery paper bag making machine can make paper bags with three to 4 different bottoms. It has a large cylindrical-shaped unit that makes fine and wrinkle-free bottoms. 

  • The best-selling paper bags are with square bottoms due to their huge demand. It is because they have more space and have more strength. 
  • Next are flat and satchel bottoms. They give delicate design and outlook to the paper bags that are feasible for holding small items.
  • Last but not least are the v bottom grocery carry bags. You can laminate them from inside to store liquid or oily products.


Is Nova A Certified Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer?

One of the most important things to consider while buying a grocery paper bag making machine is certification. Never buy from a manufacturer who does not have any certificates for its business and products. Nova Machinery successfully enjoys the legality of business certificates and CE certificates for its machines. Clients from other foreign countries consider us as their best choice because of the quality services we have provided. We assist our clients even when they are done buying from us.

How Can I Place An Order For A Grocery Paper Bag Machine At Nova Machinery?

Nova Machinery has created ease for you in the purchasing process. You can place your grocery paper bag making machine order at Nova Machinery just by sitting in your homes or offices. All you have to do is to open our official web store. You’ll see a “get a quote” pop-up and by filling in the details your order will be placed. Once your order is placed, it reaches your destination within a month. We precheck for all the faults and run monitoring software for the complete surety.

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