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Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

  • We have a competent and professional team for all production and assembly phases.
  • Our modern factory is outfitted with the most up-to-date machinery to support your demanding production requirements.
  • Nova Machinery can handle all your metal stampings, metal manufacturing, and plastic injection moulding needs.
  • We collaborate with our clients to create innovative answers tailored to their precise needs.
  • Contact us immediately if you have any questions regarding the best fully automatic paper carry bag making machine for your needs and budget.

A Single Paper Carry Bag Making Machine On Which You Can Add Multiple Sections

Paper courier bag making machines can help you create a variety of paper bags with different possibilities.

Paper handle making machine

The handle making machine is ideal for producing paper handles that fit the paper bags. This machine is perfect for making a pair of bags to use immediately.

Paper Bag flexo printing machine

The Flexo Printer is a type of flexographic printing machine that can print on paper carry bags with any design or logo. According to your demands, this machine may print in 2/4/6 colours simultaneously. This process may be performed both online and offline.

Film Unwinding Machine

More paper bags may be manufactured with film rollers, which allows you to unwind films quicker. You can keep your film rollers secure and organized with a distinctive storage rack.

D-cut bag making machine

The D cut bag machine is ideal for making single or double gusset paper bags. This machine also excels at folding and sealing envelopes.

Enviable For The Solutions That Are Ideal For Your Company

Nova offers a range of paper bag manufacturing equipment that may fabricate any type of bag your organization might want.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

The paper bag manufacturing machine produces small to enormous paper bags with a die-cut design. It’s instrumental in retail, food service, and other industries where precision and speed are essential. It’s an excellent finishing touch for any packing line.

Fully Automatic Paper twisted Rope Carry Bag Making Machine

The fully automatic paper twisted Rope carry bag making machine is amalgamated with the warped rope handle to style paper baggage with twisted handles. This is a large production machine that does all the jobs of printing and cutting and folding and gluing much more.

flat handle paper bag machine 1

The Flat Handle Paper Bag Machine can produce flat rope carry handles. It can be combined with a square bottom paper bag machine to produce flat rope tote bags for you.

Paper Rope making machine 1

Paper bag handles are made using a servo motor with 750W of power. This machine can produce 30-40 pieces per minute.

Each Paper Carry Bag Has Its Distinct Style Of Advent That Varies

This package allows you to define your paper carry bag’s appearance to differentiate yourself from others.

Nova Machinery Provides Paper Carry Machines Worldwide

Nova Machinery is a top China manufacturer and supplier of paper carry bag making machines. Our products are widely used in the paper industry, printing, logistics, etc. Nova Machinery is always committed to providing high-quality machines and excellent service for our customers. Our machines have high performance, efficiency and durability.

The service life of our machines is 2-3 times longer than that of similar products from other brands. In addition to the delivery time being short, it is easy to install. We can provide professional consulting services to you before or after-sales.

Why Should You Choose Nova As Your Business Partner?

It also provides bonded labelling machines. Nova is a professional manufacturer and supplier of computerised paper bag making machines.

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Bottom Of Paper Bag


Top-Notch Team of engineers:

Nova’s technical team is well trained and has a wealth of experience in producing paper bag making machines. The machines’ research and development is handled by an experienced engineering team at Nova.

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Service before & after sales:

All Nova machines come with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support, showing that we trust our products and believe that we can provide a good solution for any problem you may encounter.

Paper Carry Bag Making Machine FAQs

Nova Machinery is a leading manufacturer of Paper Carry Bag Making Machine, we have been in this line for more than a decade. We have a team of professionals that design and develop these machines, keeping in mind the specific needs of our customers. In order to make sure you choose the right machine for your bakery or grocery store, we present below some frequently asked questions from our clients:

What Is A Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

Square bottom paper bag making machine and Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

Figure 1: Square bottom paper carry bag making machine

Paper carry bag making machine is the type of paper bag making machine which makes kraft paper bags, there are lots of models in this machine with different specifications. These paper carry bags manufacturing machines make many types and sizes of paper carry bags. Depending on your requirements, some primary standard sizes of these carrying bags are small, medium, large, and x-large.

In the following blog we offer three options for the liberation of paper carry bag making machines. You can choose from different options depending on your budget.

Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

Describe The Beneficial Features Of A Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

There are several features in this type of machine that may benefit you. Some of the significant Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Advantages are:

According to our experience, the production speed of a machine is a significant factor for clients because it decides the profitability of a project. In this case, these paper bag-making machines produce a very high speed.

In addition, it is beneficial for you to know that this type of paper carry bag making machine has the advantage of the perfect seam. It means that these machines make a solid and durable kraft paper carrying bag compared to any other type of machine available in the local market.

This type of machine is very flexible for several purposes. You can easily make different sizes of paper carry bags with this machine without changing the machine’s parts or structure, just by setting the figures on the machine’s screen.

Another essential feature of this machine is that it makes a paper carry bag with a very stable bottom. This machine ensures the stability and firmness of paper carry bags by using high-level technology, which cannot be imagined in a local machine.

You can also get printed carry bags by attaching the flexo printing machine, which is available in offline or inline options at NOVA.

How Long Does Paper Carry Bag Making Machines Last?

The working life of a paper carry bag-making machine depends on usage and maintenance. If you take proper care of these machines, they will be operational for many years. We at NOVA advise our clients to use their carrying bags ideally to get durable products.

Is It Possible To Produce Custom Paper Carry Bags?

Yes, you can quickly produce custom-sized paper carry bags with this machine because it is a fully automatic paper carry bag making machine. There are no restrictions on the shapes and sizes of carrying bags. Nava Machines enables small-scale industries to produce all required industrial products at a low cost, quickly.

Explain In Detail The Working Process Of The Paper Carry Bag Manufacturing Machine.

Paper carry bag manufacturing process

Figure 2: Paper carry bag manufacturing process

The working process is not much different from traditional paper making technology. In this type of machine, the kraft paper is used as a raw material which is put into the compound of this machine with the help of feeding rollers.

The next step is the edge gluing process, in which the top and side edges of a kraft paper are glued with an adhesive by using rollers. After this, a tube forming process is carried out in which a paper tube shape is formed.

The cutting and creasing process is then carried out to cut the paper tube into the required size. The bottom of the bag is then glued and folded to make the bottom of a bag.

The final Stage is the ejection of carrying bags carried out by air pressure. And the final bag is coming out from the machine.

Describe The Types Of Paper Carry Bag Machines Available At Nova Machinery.

Nova offers the following types of Paper Carry Bag Making Machine:

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

In this type of paper carry bag machine, the bottom is square. It comes with a heating system and an adjustable pressure system.

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine: 

The bottom is V-shaped in shape in this type of paper carry bag making machine. The size of the bag can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Paper Bag Making Machine with Inline Flexo Printing Machine: 

In this machine, flexo printing is attached to make printed bags with it. This machine comes with an inline flexo printing system that prints any design on a kraft paper bag to make it more attractive.

Paper Carry Bag Making Machine with Offline Printing machine: 

Flexo printing is applied offline in this type of machine, which means the printing machine is attached separately.

Paper Carry Bag Machine with Handle Making machine: 

The handle is made in this type of machine. This machine comes with two options, one is inline, and the other is offline. The handle-making machine comes with a conveyor system that can be adjusted according to the length of the carry bag. You can make the twisted or flat handles; both variants are different from each other.

Why Is Nova Machinery The Best Option For Your Business?

Nova Machines is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Auto Paper Carry Bag Making Machine across the globe. We know our client’s needs, which is why we help them grow. The company has a well-equipped team of experts who understand clients’ requirements and then accordingly work on them.

We provide both online and offline printing options for carrying bags. Our Paper Carry Bag Making Machines not only help in creating carry bags but also helps you to make other products like mailing bags, D cut bags or anything else you desire to produce.

What Factors Help Nova Machines In Creating Premium Quality Products?

Nova has a team of experts who work together to keep the deadlines and manage the production process efficiently by following some steps:

The company first projects what type of product is required by the clients.

Then, the experts make a basic layout for that product.

After that, the company starts to work on it and makes necessary changes in design if required.

Once everything is fine, then only the production process starts. After the final product review by experts, it gets dispatched to you via our logistics partner, and we provide you with a tracking number for it.

What Kinds Of Bags Do We Make With A Paper Courier Bag Making Machine?

Paper Carry Bags

Figure 3: Paper Carry Bags

The following are some types that one can produce with paper courier bag making machine.

Kraft paper bags: 

These carry bags are made from kraft paper and can store and carry various daily use items like bread, clothes, fruits etc. It is also used as a gift bag.

D cut bags: 

D-cut bags are types of mailing bags. These carry bags are made using corrugated paper, used as the outer covering of a box or carton.

Flat bottom bags:

Flat bottom kraft paper bags come with flat bottoms and are perfect for carrying heavy items like books, clothes etc. They can also be used to carry electronic appliances and large items.

Twisted handle bags:

The twisted paper carry bag comes with a twisted handle, making it easy for the customer to hold it comfortably while shopping. 

Flat Handle bags:

A flat carry bag comes with a sturdy flat handle, allowing the customer to hold it during shopping comfortably. These kinds of bags are also known as hand-tied carrying bags.

Open window carry bags:

An open window carry bag has a transparent plastic portion placed on its front side and made using high-quality kraft paper.

Printed Carry Bags:

Nova Machines not only helps you to create carry bags but also supports printing any design on them. You can also print your design or company’s logo according to your need.

Gusset Carry bags:

These paper carry bags are rectangular, opening up when you keep something inside them. It is mainly used at shopping to keep the products in it.

Enlist Some Differential Points Of Semi-automatic Or Fully Automatic Paper Shopping Bag Machines.

Nova Machines provides both semi-automatic and fully automatic paper shopping bag making machines; we help you choose the best one that suits your needs. Some of the features that differentiate our two variants are:

The semi-automatic paper carry bag making machine is easy to operate and maintain and requires labor. Also, it can be easily carried from one place to another with little effort.

In the case of a fully automatic paper bag making machine, all its operations are automated, and it requires less labor cost for its maintenance. However, these machines take up a lot of space and cannot be easily carried from one place to another. Machines with inline printing and handle making machines are referred to as fully automatic paper bags making machines.

What Kind Of Raw Material (paper) Is Used For Making Paper Carry Bags?

It doesn’t matter which type of paper you use, be it recycled or virgin. We can process almost all types of papers ranging from 30gsm to 120gsm. According to the EU rules, recycled paper is considered better for recycling.

What Is The Price Range Of Paper Carry Bag Making Machines?

You can buy a good quality paper carry bag-making machine at prices starting from 3000 USD. We have paper carry bag making machines suitable for both small-scale industries and large-scale companies. The price depends on your production capacity, raw material compatibility and more.

Can We Get Customized Paper Carry Bag Making Machines?

No, but we can provide you with many options in our existing product range. You can choose from various paper carry bag making machines depending on your requirement and get the best quality at affordable prices.

Explain Some Maintenance Tips After Buying Paper Carry Bag Making Machines?

Nova Machines provide you with complete onsite installation and post-installation services. These services are provided free of cost for all our buyers across the globe. Since your machine is sensitive, it requires proper care and attention to function well without interruptions or problems. You can schedule your machine maintenance at regular intervals to ensure its efficiency.

But for regular maintenance, we advise the following things:

Keep your machine clean and dry. Dust accumulation can reduce its efficiency and generate a wrong impression of the product on the consumer’s mind. We recommend you vacuum clean your bag making machine at regular intervals.

The rubber rollers inside the bag making machine should be lubricated with good quality oil to smooth running and avoid friction.

Check the oil levels of your machine regularly to avoid any problem in fewer oil conditions.

Shut down the machine if you are going for an extended leave or vacation so that no one can misuse it. Sometimes, you must be careful with your employees as they may not know how to handle heavy machines and tend to drop at places.

Don’t put heavy loads on your bag making machine as it is not designed to bear weight.

Keep your machine away from any direct heat source as it can burn the motor and other parts if maintained at a higher temperature for a prolonged time.

Can We Order A Packaging Machine Along With A Paper Carry Bag Machine?

Yes, Nova Machines offers complete packaging solutions to help your business. We have several options for both stand-alone packaging machines and paper carry bag making machines, and inline ones. In China manufacturers, Nova is the company you can trust for the best quality machines and services.

How Much Is Working Space Required To Run Your Paper Carry Bag Machine?

At least 4 square meters (45 square feet) of free space is required on the floor and at least 3 meters (90 inches) above the machine to efficiently accommodate the rollers and move parts of these machines.

What Are The Critical Parameters To Consider While Purchasing A Good Quality Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

When you decide to buy a paper carry bag making machine, you must keep in mind all the technical features of the machine, such as its production capacity, raw material compatibility, price and more.

These are some of the parameters that we consider while buying any paper bag making machine:

Production Capacity: 

It is measured in BPH, i.e., the number of bags per hour. To evaluate the working efficiency or productivity, this parameter is considered very important. A higher production rate provides better output with less labor cost for operation and maintenance.

Machine Type: 

Choose an inline paper carry bag making machine or a stand-alone one depending on your requirements. Inline machines have printing capability, whereas stand-alone machines don’t have a printing unit.

Raw Material Compatibility: 

Nova Machines deals in many types of paper ranging from 30gsm to 120gsm. And, you can use any paper for your carry bag making machine. However, 100% recycled papers are considered better because they reduce the final product’s cost and are environment-friendly.

Power Requirement: 

Check whether the machine is energy efficient or not before buying it. Low power consumption prolongs the life of your machine and reduces operational costs over some time.

Cost Of The Machine: 

Undoubtedly, a high price ensures more profits, but a low price provides a good quality output on less investment, supporting small-scale industries to grow faster.

What Is The Warranty Period Offered To Paper Carry Bag Making Machines?

Nova Machines offers a 1-year warranty on our paper carry bag making machines long enough to cover your needs. You can also avail of an extended warranty of 2-3 years at affordable prices to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Can We Get A Trial Of Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

Yes, Nova Machines offers you free trial services of our paper carry bag making machines for a specific period so that you can check the performance and efficiency of your purchased product. We provide these services all across the globe using, which you can buy without any hesitation.

Is It Feasible To Visit Nova Machinery To Check The Working Of The Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our factories in China. Our local team will help you with everything you need to know about the functionality and efficiency of the machines. We also offer installation services for free so that you can start producing at your place smoothly. It is advised to inform us in advance to assist you better.

How To Get Nova Machines' Contact Details?

You can reach Nova Machines through phone, email or by filling out the contact form on our website. You can also visit our factory to discuss your need with our experts in person, located in Wenzhou City, China. We are providing on-ground and online services for you so that you can choose what suits you the best.

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