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Food Paper Bag Making Machines

  • Our food paper bag making machine production solutions are reliable and of optimum precision 
  • You can get bespoke food bag machine features with a facility of MOQ orders 
  • Nova Machinery provides ODM services that allow you to get an instant quote on an urgent basis
  • We have a refined set of workers who work on your projects
  • Your effective business growth strategies are led by Nova Machinery’s expert business analysts

Your All-In-One Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Firm

Nova Machinery fulfills your dream of getting one-piece food bag making machines with assorted proportions

Automatic Handle Machine

This section of our machine has brought great diversity in the outlook of your bags. It is an automatic unit that makes handles in a variety of different shapes such as flat and twisted. It has two production lines that transfer the prepared handles towards the machine. No manual aid is required in the whole process.

bottom floding of sharp bottom

Your bags are incomplete without a proper folding of the bottoms. This section is a large cylinder-like in shape that has a gusset and folds the bottoms. The gusset first gives the sharp shape to your bags from below and the rest of the function is performed by the folding unit.

D-cut bag making machine

In the food sector (or any other) where no heavy items are sold and you don’t feel the need to make rope handles, then you can make D-cut handles with this unit. It is a cavity created in the bags which looks Like a “D” and proves a big sport in holding light stuff.

flexo printing machine

Lastly, we have this unit which gets you the most profit. Whether printing in bulk or low quantity, its inline and offline features serve you accordingly. It uses photographic ink which is fade-proof and allows you to print in multi-colors (2,4,8) without any smudging fear.

Offers Sturdy Choices In The Food Paper Bag Making Machines

Nova Machinery offers broad-spectrum features in our machines that let you choose the most relevant for your business!

Flat Bottom food Paper Bag Making Machine

Great for lighter items, this machine makes different sizes of flat bottoms with utmost precision. Set the required dimensions through the PLC control unit and have your food bags ready in no time. It is noiseless and an ultimate source of benefit for baking and small food packing industries.

Automatic Flat Handle Machine

Similar to flat bottoms, flat handles are another source of adding an exotic look to your bags. for this purpose, we have two (optional) sets of handle production units that work independently and inline with the machine. Their dimensions and production quantities are adjustable.

Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine 1

Our optional handle maker uses a rope roller that unwinds to the paper cutting and pasting unit. These ropes are twisted together and pasted on the paper. With the machine (inline), the process is automatic while an offline unit demands some human effort.

Square Bottom food Paper Bag Making Machine

Nova Machinery manufactures this machine due to its huge demand in this area. It is available in both fully automatic and semi-automatic solutions. It is a one-piece machine in which the feeding unit uses paper rolls and makes up to 300+ paper bags in a minute (the bag number is model specific).

Nova Machinery Is One Store To Buy Miscellaneous Food Paper Bag Machines

Maintaining the high-quality and quantity simultaneously is in Nova machinery’s roots. Our business strategies have been so righteous throughout our business journey. It wouldn’t have been possible without our team which is highly educated, skilled, and has on-field experience for years.  We focus on developing and improving the design formats for our machines so that we can stand a decent place in the manufacturing market. 

For our clients, we have special services for them which make them stay for longer projects. Nova Machinery provides market competitive prices for their food paper bag making machines and free videos for operational and understanding concerns. Moreover, our customer services are always open to dealing with your queries.

Why Should You Choose Nova As Your Business Partner?

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Food Paper Bag Making Machine FAQ

Nova Machinery has been in the manufacturing business for more than 20 successful years and is continuously improving and developing its working methodologies. This is to keep its current position alive because just like the machines, the companies get rusted too if not embrace the modern strategies.

We make the best-selling food paper bag making machines and import them to the 40 other countries from China. Our machinery is genuine and tested by our technicians to avoid faults that may lead to bad company-to-customer relationships. We also guide our customers about the working and functions through videos. The following FAQ guide is also designed in this respect. Give it a read and reach us for further clarification.

What Is A Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

Food paper bag making unit

Figure 1: Food Paper Bag Making Unit

If you are new in the food apper bag making machine business then you might be wondering that can’t a single machine be used for making all kinds of paper bags? well, it is not the case. For instance, if you belong to the food industry and you buy a machine that makes paper bags for packing cement or any other heavy product, that might not suit your need. So, concerning that, Nova machinery has manufactured several different models of food paper bag making machine to compensate your requirements.

Your food paper bag making machine’s outer surface is made of stainless steel (also customizable) that has premium qualities of retaliating against extreme weather conditions. The food paper bag making machine is automatic and a complete package on its own. Your business will surely grow by signing your food paper bag making machine contract with Nova Machinery.

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Food Paper Bag Machine?

Every client wants its food paper bag making machine to be of utmost accuracy and authenticity. Nova Machinery strongly agrees with the views of its customers and tries hard to stay close to their manufacturing demands. Our proficient engineers follow the pre-requisites for making a food paper bag making machine as down below.

Discussion between the senior technicians: Before moving onto the manufacturing process, a committee of the technicians and engineers sits to discuss the client demands. The discussion points to bringing novelty and precision to the food paper bag making machines which will help increase their lifetime.

Making and analyzing the blueprints:  Blueprints are the drafts or sketches to make a rough design of the food paper bag making machine. It is a very crucial step as directly hopping onto the manufacturing process can fail. Once our engineers make these sketches, our expert technicians then analyze their accuracy and practicality. When they get confirmed, we start manufacturing the machines.

Material Assembling: Nova Machinery likes to be a perfectionist and so do its customers (in choosing a perfect food paper bag making machine). For this purpose, we gather all the material at one side so that no time gets wasted, and no failure comes our way.

Execution: After we are sure about the perfection of everything, we start constructing the machine under balanced environmental conditions. All of your instructions are kept under consideration. After that, your food paper bag making machines are final-tested to be sure the quality is working and delivered to you maintaining all the requirements of the safe packaging.

Describe The Features And Specifications Of The Food Bag Making Machine

Nova Machinery adds the following features and specifications in the food paper bag making machines.

  • Novel designs: Our food paper bag making machine makes plenty of different designs that are not only trendy but are highly feasible to pack your food items.
  • Printing: With our (optional) printing services, you can enhance your company promotion and add labels, taglines, or quotes to your paper bags in 4 different colors by using flexo-printers.
  • Diverse sizes: You get multi-sized food paper bag bottoms and different lengths of paper bags ranging from lowest (190mm) to the highest (810mm). However, these are not fixed. You can adjust them according to your preferred length and width.
  • Premium quality: Nova Machinery uses premium quality food paper bag materials such as kraft paper, brown paper, printed paper, label paper, and cardboard paper to make your wrinkle-free paper bags.
  • High-speed: Our food paper bag making machine works at a high speed and makes more than 330 paper bag pieces in one minute.
  • Power Consumption: To your surprise, our food paper bag making machine consumes lesser energy than you might have imagined. This is to enhance working even in unfavorable power conditions.

There are countless other features which you can see in our catalog. We make sure you see every beneficial aspect of your investment with Nova Machinery.

What Are The Important Parts And Equipment Used In The Food Paper Bag Machine?

Control Sections of a food paper bag machine

Figure 2: Control Sections Of A Food Paper Bag Machine

Nova machinery uses diversified equipment to stand out in terms of the functioning of the food paper bag making machine. There are some important parts which you need to get a full understanding of.

  • Paper roll rack or lifter to feed the machine with paper rolls.
  • Sharp cutters (in the round disc shape as well) to cut the paper
  • Gears with high precision for the stable working
  • Wall frame of the food paper bag making machine with 5cm of measurement to ensure a no-noise working environment.
  • Japan imported machine bearings that increase machine life
  • Glue tanks work on high pressure, automatic, and no need to refill them frequently. Similarly, the printing section has an automatically working ink tank. No item is wasted with the use of both types of equipment.
  • Spray glue is installed in the food paper bag making section that automatically takes the glue from the tank and sprays on the paper in the required amount.
  • Automatic paper precision rollers that work with ultrasonic waves ensure the break-free alignment of the paper.
  • A combination of German and Japanese set of imported control systems. These have a touch-screen layout and are perfect for the automatic working of the machine.
  • The servo drivers at the back of the machine help to attain high speed.

All the parts are magnificently managed and monitored by the efficient team of Nova Machinery. Upon request, we can show you the working of each food paper bag making machine part.

Does Nova Machinery Fulfill The Quality And Health Requirements At The Manufacturing Site?

Yes, Nova machinery strictly takes care of the implementation of the health-related codes at the workplace. We are well aware of the hazards that may follow during the manufacturing system but everything is well managed and is under the control of our supervisors.

Is the Food Paper Bag Machine Fully Automatic?

The 21st century is not the time to keep the manually working machines. It’s a total loss of both time and money. Our food paper bag making machine is fully automatic which means that from feeding to cutting, tube making, bottom folding, gluing, and collecting, thus, all the functions are carried out on their own.

How Is A Semi-Automatic Machine Different From A Fully Automatic Machine?

The difference is pretty much clear through the names.

  • A semi-automatic machine has some of its features manually working while a fully automatic machine doesn’t.
  • Their production time differs as the fully-automatic machine works efficiently and takes less time.
  • There is not a huge difference between the prices and buying a semi-automatic may give you less output than you invested in.
  • Their technology and installed equipment also differ.

Above all, Nova Machinery’s fully automatic food paper bag making machine gives you more benefits than the semi-automatic machine. However, for new start-ups, a semi-automatic machine can be valuable.

Can I Get A Used Food Paper Bag Machine In China?

If you are serious about starting your food paper bag making machine business then we will recommend you to begin from a basic level. Buying a used food paper bag making machine will not only save you an extra budget but you’ll also be able to gain profit gradually. In China, you can get used machines at Nova Machinery’s warehouse.

Is The Food Paper Bag Machine Sheet-Fed Or Roll-Fed?

Feeding sheets is a manual process and takes more time. So, Nova machinery, being ahead of time, uses an automatic roll-feeding system that not only saves time but also money and gives more food paper bag production.

How Much Electricity Does The Food Paper Bag Machine Consume?

Nova Machinery’s food paper bag making machine consumes 330V of energy. You can also operate them in the lower-energy supplying areas.

Does Food Paper Bag Machine Provide Printing And Handle-Making Services?

twisted Handle forming unit

Figure 3: Twisted Handle Forming Unit

Yes, our food paper bag making machine can be attached with optional printing machinery and handle-making units. You can get the maximum output of these units because they can work alone and in assistance with the machine. Depending upon your orders, you can deal with them in high and low orders. Their inline and offline capability is a huge plus for your firm.

Can I Make Customization In The Design Of The Food Paper Bag Machine?

Nova Machinery provides you with the full liberty of making changes in your food paper bag making machine designs. We believe that free customer-to-company dealing and customization is just a step towards getting error-free machinery and maintaining integrity. We not only make food paper bags but also food paper bag handle making machines and kraft food paper bags machines. Visit our website to explore more about the products.

How Many Types Of Paper Bag Bottoms Does It Get Out Of The Food Paper Bag Machine?

Almost 6-7 types of paper bags you will get from the food paper bag making machine. Some of the bags types are as below:

Where Are The Food Paper Bags Frequently Used?

Due to the recent strike against plastic, food paper bags are almost used in every food store, franchise, bakery store, takeaways, home deliveries, regular storage, grocery shopping, and other food related purposes. This is because the paper we use does not affect the food inside it, and it is very hygienic to use. We also make biodegradable food paper bag making machines that are environmentally friendly.

What Is The Cost Of A Food Paper Bag Machine?

Without the optional units, our food paper bag making machine costs 250k US Dollars to onwards. If you buy extra units, it’ll cost you 25k $ per unit. However, the location and features play a key role in increasing or decreasing the machine cost. Nova machinery also offers lower-cost deals which can ease your pockets.

Can I Order The Food Paper Bag Making Machine On-Demand At Nova Machinery?

You’ll find our customer service staff always ready to take your on-demand orders. You just need to contact us and tell us the details; we’ll tackle the rest.

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