Paper Bag Manufacturing Machines – A Selection Guide Outline

Paper bag making machine selection has always been much of a task. If executed wrongfully, it can lead to a business failure. It is high time to realize that it is very important to undergo a complete study before hopping on to the manufacturers. Keep in mind that you are investing a huge asset into one’s company and if you don’t get desired results by the end, then it is of no use. Some manufacturers offer fake machinery under the original tags and you wouldn’t be able to recognize it until you have previous knowledge.

Paper Bag making Machine

Figure 1: Selecting a suitable paper bag manufacturing machine

The Paper bag industry is rapidly increasing and so is the advancement in machinery. Nova machinery, for instance, introduces to you 5 – 7 different models and additional equipment solutions within a single category. They are all well-maintained and distinct in their features. We deal with plenty of machine dimensions that make different paper bags but with outstanding paper quality.

Our concern today is to make you self-sufficient in buying a paper bag manufacturing machine for your venture. This article is intended to unravel the easiest and the simplest guide to selecting a paper bag manufacturing machine.  


How to Choose a Suitable Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine 

A great number of varieties in the paper bag machines always appeals to the clients but when it comes to the selection, they all have vague choices. There is a certain criterion of how should you buy a paper bag manufacturing machine and what parameters should you consider while you set out looking for a machine. Not all manufacturers lay focus on this critical point because all they care about is the penny in their hands. Nova Machinery has always been honest and devoted to its customers and this is the reason we have taken this issue into the account. 

We admit that with a lot of features and specifications, it becomes difficult to choose a paper bag making machine. Especially when every machine holds a competitive place and demand in the market. To make it easier for you, we have categorized the machine models and paper bag designs for you with the help of our experts. There is no doubt that after reading this, you’ll be confidently able to buy a machine for your business. 

There are two ways to select a machine depending upon your inclinations towards the features and other specs. 

  • As per production requirement 

This section marks out the different levels of your paper bag production rate. We have listed our top three paper bag manufacturing machines concerning the production. Match your preferences and precisely choose one of the following. 

      1. Semi-automatic Paper bag Machine

You have just started your paper bag making business and you want to buy more equipment in your budget. Then this machine is the perfect choice for you. It is semi-automatic and reliable for low-level or small-level productions. We advise you to start your business from a smaller production level because the chances of uncertainty are always there. It might be possible that the location you are working at may not bring you more customers. Or, you run out of the budget to invest in marketing because you bought way too much machinery.
It is suggested to keep a balance between your paper bag making equipment and cost so that you could maintain a good backup. Our semi-automatic paper bag machine provides you with all the desirable functions at the initial stage. There is nothing our machine can not do. It is just that you’ll have to put some manual effort which is quite favorable with such a low price. Because the net production quality you get is the same as the automatic machine would give you. Nova machinery doesn’t create illusions for you. We try to make everything transparent so that you can ace your start-up business without any confusion.

Square bottom paper bag making machine and manual paper handle gluing machine
Nova Machinery’s paper bag making machine makes paper bags in all the desired sizes and formats. You can adjust the machine settings according to your preference and you can have the paper bags as you see in the market. By the time you get profit, you can also add the separate units that make paper handles and print your bags. In short, even in the semi-automatic machinery, we have got you fully covered!

      2. Automatic Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine

V bottom paper bag machine video

V Bottom Automatic Paper Bag Machine Video

If you have been successfully running your paper bag making enterprise with a semi-automatic machine, it is now time to promote the automatic machine. This will not only ease your burden but also remove your physical efforts and cost as well.
From a business point of you, bringing innovation is very necessary and Nova Machinery always keeps this pro-tip in mind. It is more like “the more you invest, the more you grow”. Keeping this as our motto, we bring forth the best technology in the form of automatic machines. Automatic paper bag manufacturing machine is capable of working at a high speed with low power consumption. This feature is quite an add-up to your benefits if the power level reduces in our area. Your machine will still be working and you’ll suffer no loss. 

If you are looking for features, our machine has three sections which work according to their functions designed. It weighs 8000 kg and works for 36 to 48 hours without any interruption. You have to feed the paper rollers into it and it’ll perform the rest of the functions. Its latest technology allows you to make distinct paper bag patterns. Not this, you can also make different types of bottom styles for your paper bags. It will serve you in making and handling medium-level productions. 

Moving onto our next and the most-in-demand category of the machines.

3. Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine

Figure 3: Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine

You are a manufacturer like us, with manufacturing houses spread in different countries then you definitely need this machine!
Nova machinery knows what type of machine you want and when it’ll serve you with the best. That’s why we have manufactured fully-automatic machine to divide the workload of the manufacturers who are dealing in the native and the countries abroad. We know how heck of a load it becomes when you don’t have the right machinery to put your ideas in the practical form.

Our machine is a complete single set with three different sections. The very front section contains the automatic feeding system. You have to buy the rolls just and all the related functions are performed by this technically advanced set.
The next section contains the tube formation unit which is actually the core of the machine. It automatically takes the paper web transmitted from the paper roll shaft. 

The plus point for you is that you can adjust the machine dimensions for once and the machine continues its work. The servo motors and other digital monitoring meters keep a digital aye on the working of the machine and you barely have to do anything.

The third section of the machine makes the bottoms and you get a fully prepared paper bag on the collecting unit.  To cut the long short, managing the high production is not easy unless you have a well-equipped machine of proficiency level. Nova’s machine lets you run the manufacturing business as well as spares you time for outdoor business meetings. 

These were the three simple categories concerning the function and production level. We have more exciting and organized categories by which you can buy machines.


  • As per Paper Bag Types:

A lot of different designs are prevailing in the market and it is important to keep up with them. we do not suggest you stick to the cliché designs and the same old patterns. We urge you to make aspiring innovations in your business so that the world can recognize you by your efforts. 

Nova machinery’s workforce is not only diverse but also filled with competent and master brains. We have managed to offer you the top-selling manufacturing machine that produces the most used bags in different industries. Let’s dive into the machine selection process by the type of paper bags. 

  1. Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Paper Bag making Machine

Figure 4: Square Bottom Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

The most renowned and the most flexible type of paper bag is the square bottom paper bag one. You can always count on the durability and weight-carrying nature of these paper bags. Our experts have designed four different types of models to accommodate the different sizes and produce the modern type paper bags. These four models include NWFD 220, NWFD 330, NWFD450, and NWFD 450B

No matter what your industry is, you can get benefits with these square bottom paper bags. They serve their great uses in the cement industry, food industry, grocery, retail, and other popular industries with which we deal on a daily basis. Whether small, large, or medium sizes, different dimensions, a whole lot of features, in short, this machine is a valuable asset to your firm.

On average, the specifications of this machine include 270mm to 530mm paper roll cutting length (as the dimensions differ with different models). The width ranges from 120 to 450mm while the bottom width is 60 to 180mm. It works with a speed of 30 to 220 pcs/minute. However, the weight of the machine falls within 8500 to 9000 kg. Furthermore, if you need printing and handle making services, you would not have to spend extra money. This machine is capable of attaching extra units (flexo printers and handle manufacturing units).

2. Flat Bottom Paper Bag Machine

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Figure 5: V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Sharp like a V, these paper bags are highly dominant in the bakery and food sectors. If you are linked to any of these industries, then you are advised to buy this machine. The delicate design of these paper bags enhances the customer’s attention and the food items look appealing. Moreover, from the business point of view, customer attention is directly proportional to the selling rate. This means that buying this machine would be a profit itself. 

Similar to the square bottom paper bag making machine, the sharp bottom paper bag machine can make sharp paper bags with a bag cutting from 165 to 715mm and the total length of the bag becomes 710mm. For making sharp or V-shaped lowers, we have equipped this machine with an automatic gusset which gives your paper the desired bottom shape. It is recommended to use rollers of 160 to 960mm width paper rollers concerning the machine dimensions (which can also be customized). It takes 32.1 KW of power which becomes 330V. It is 6500 kg in weight which may vary when you choose a different model. 

3.Printed Paper Bag making machine

square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with printing

Figure 6: Paper Bag Machine with inline printer

One of the phenomenal techniques of getting the eyes on the people on your firm’s name is printing. Nova machinery suggests you buy a machine that makes and prints your paper bags. However, it is not obligatory for you to just buy an automatic and high-production flexo printing unit. We also consider the pressure on newbies and make low-production semi-automatic or manually operating printing units.
The specialty of our flexo printers is that they allow paper coloring in different colors. You can print in two to eight colors. The flexo printing units we manufacture have an electric photographic unit that sees the functioning of the printing. We use hot ink and for long-term use, we place the ink in the containers from where it is used automatically. For printing, you can use any type of material such as kraft paper, cardboard, brown paper, and slicked paper for making paper bags. These printers are attached to the square bottom and sharp bottom paper bag machines.

        4. Twisted handle Paper Bag Making Machine

Nova Machinery’s handle making paper bag machine plays an important role in handle making. People belonging to the retail and grocery areas know the real worth of having handles with the machines. If your business belongs to these two sectors, then you should opt for a handle making unit

Similar to flexo printers, handle making units are inline and offline. This means that it is also design for low and high production respectively. If you are shorter on budget, buy an offline unit that will benefit you more because it works alone (not attached to the machine) and has a high production speed. The dimensions of the handles are synchronized with the paper bag so that they look presentable.

Handle Making Section

Figure 4: Handle Making Section

         5. D-cut paper bag manufacturing machine

These paper bags do not have handle ropes, instead, a D -shaped cavity is formed with the help of cutters in the paper bags. These cavities serve as a handle for the paper bags. It is cost-effective and does not need separate roped for making long handles. Thus, they consume less time in manufacturing and are reliable for holding fewer heavier items.

If you belong to the retail or pharmaceutical area, you must go for a D-cut paper bag machine. As it’ll make the paper bags that are less in cost but more in profit.

        6. Printed paper bag making machine with inline handle making unit

If you are at that stage of your business where you have served and satisfied a lot of customers, then it is time to take an innovative step and use a printed shopping bag with handles making machine. Our single-set machine will be able to handle these functions alone. You can either print your paper before the tube formation or after the paper bags are ready. It is up to your choice.
On one side the paper rolls are being printed and on the other, the handles are being made. Both processes take place simultaneously and when the paper roll gets printed, the handles are passed on to be attached to the paper tubes. It is here when the paper gets into the desired shape.
Always keep in mind that if you keep serving your audience with only one solution, they’ll get bored and run away and vice versa. 

Nova machinery stays online for 24 hours just to be at your service. Give us a call or leave a message and we will further guide you in the machine selection. After all, we don’t want your money to be doomed!


The Market value of machines

Anything you make can become a trend if it follows the true codes of quality, authenticity, and genuine equipment. This is exactly how Nova machinery made its space in the market when there were only a few paper bag manufacturing firms. Considering the rapid production and speedy advancement in the technology and trends, the market value of these paper bag machines has increased a lot which is evident from our 15 percent monthly profit. So, without any further due, give your plans a practical implementation and have your name on the top of the best-serving manufacturers.


Issues faced in the machine selection

Within our two decades of a long career, we have seen people rushing towards buying a machine that doesn’t match their industry. It happens due to the lack of understanding of the working concept of the machine or they are offered considerable prices. 

  • Lack of business orientation: One of the most common issues among the clients is the lack of business orientation. This is abundant in start-up businesses. Just like Nova machinery, many other manufacturers provide project strategies and business guidance which you must consider taking. 
  • Not paying closer study to the details: Another issue is the lack of studying habit. Without reading the product catalog and details about the companies, people tend to invest and then remain empty-handed. 
  • Not finding a suitable manufacturer: The third one is that it is hard to find a suitable and trustworthy manufacturer. 

Roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine (doule roll paper)

Roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine (doule roll paper)

Finding a suitable Paper Bag machine manufacturer:

Well, this one is sorted for you because Nova machinery is a well-known name in the manufacturing industry in China. We have displayed our contact number in the catalog and on the website. We arrange holidays for your complete visit so that you can be satisfied with our work. We show you behind the scenes so that you might not think of us as scammers. Our certification is not national but international which gives a permit to expand our business across the globe. Tell us your range and other details and we will deliver the machine in 15 days.  


Machines offered by Nova Machinery

Nova Machinery offers a wide range of machines that make paper bags with different bottoms and dimensions. These machines include 

  • Square bottom: NWFD330/190/450/220
  • V-Bottom (or flat bottom): NWJD 250V/ NWJD 350V
  • Fully automatic machine 
  • Flexo printing machines
  • Handle making units 
  • Spare parts 

If we talk about the technical terms, all of our machines which makes these paper bags

  • Are fully-automatic 
  • Have the capacity of working for three consecutive days
  • they do not need any human monitoring as all the functions are automatic
  • The imported motors do not only provide energy to the machines but also enhance the machine’s efficacy.
  • Can make 330+ paper bags or as per the set quantity. The bag making number varies from model to model
  • A huge cylindrical bottom maker
  • Automatic glue tank for pasting 
  • No waste is produced while manufacturing 
  • Noiseless with no vibration due to the 5cm machine frame 
  • PLC and CPC control system with high-definition touch control screens
  • Automatic raw material loading/unloading and winding/unwinding process
  • Auto web-guiding or tension control system to get wrinkle-free paper bags.


Why should you buy from Nova Machinery?

We understand that you need to ask such questions because you are to invest your money and it is your right to get proper authentication of our services. Here are a few reasons why you should buy from us. 

  • We have the most advanced technology
  • Our machines are genuine, equipped with the latest and the imported solutions 
  • Digital control system 
  • Maintenance and after-sale services 
  • Impeccable innovation in design and types 
  • Expert and experienced team to respond to customer services and performs monitoring services.
  • Certified business enterprise and certified machinery 
  • Bespoke orders to value your perspective 
  • Expert business guidance


Final words

Selection for a paper bag making machine, in a nutshell, is not as easy as it may seem. You have to put an extra effort to find yourself a suitable manufacturer and a suitable machine. However, we ensure that by following the selection guide by Nova Machinery, many things must have gotten clear and you’ll be able to choose between many. You can also get in touch with Nova and our experts will help you in choosing the right paper bag machine for your business. 

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