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Bread Paper Bag Making Machine

  • We have a qualified and experienced staff for every production and assembly stage.
  • Nova has a quality control system to ensure product quality.
  • Our state-of-the-art factory is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to meet your high manufacturing demands.
  • Nova’s bread paper bag making machine offers a distinct advantage over others.
  • The unique design makes it a space saver and enhances the performance and production of bread paper bag-making machines.
  • The warranty for the main components is one year, and for miscellaneous is six months.
  • Your satisfaction is our goal! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

You May Add Many Selections To A Single Bread Paper Bag Making Machine

A bread bag maker may help you make various paper bags with various options.

Bread Paper Bag flexo printing machine

The Flexo Printer is a flexographic printing machine that may print logos on food paper bags. This device may print in 2/4/6 colors simultaneously, based on your demands. This procedure can be done both online and offline.

Film Unwinding Machine

You may create more paper bags with film rollers, allowing you to unroll films quickly. A distinct storage rack will keep your film rollers organized and secure.

D-cut bag making machine

The D-cut bag machine is perfect for producing single or double gusset paper bags. Envelopes are also adept at this equipment.

paper handle making Machine

The handle making machine is ideal for producing paper handles that fit the bags. This machine is ideal for making shopping bags with twisted or flat handles, depending on your choice.

Enviable For The Food Paper Bag That Is Ideal For Your Company

Nova machinery makes a variety of Bread Paper Bag Making Machines that may make any sort of bag your company may require.

Square Bottom Bread Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine makes tiny to huge paper bags with a square bottom design. It’s essential in retail, food service, and other sectors where accuracy and speed are required.

Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine 1

This extensive equipment can handle all of the printing, cutting, folding, and gluing required by many more projects. All the process takes place in line. No need to attach machines separately.

V Bottom Bread Paper Bag Making Machine

Different sizes, styles (flat or gusseted), and bottom shaping lines are produced with a V-bottom bag making machine. The v bottom machine may produce bags that are appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Bread Paper Bag Making Machine with printing machine

Bread bags made of paper are the building blocks of the food and retail industries.With an optional printing unit, you can create paper bags with different features and designs.

Leading manufacturer of baguette paper bag making machines

Nova Machinery is a global bread paper bag making machine leader manufacturer based in China. We supply a wide range of sectors, including paper manufacturing, logistics, and more.

Nova Machinery is dedicated to providing high-quality equipment and exceptional service for our clients through all stages of the buying process – from pre-sale consultation and feasibility assessment to the final installation and after-service. This is why we’re trusted by countless businesses throughout dozens of countries worldwide for all their bread paper bag making machines and bakery paper packaging equipment needs. We supply machines directly from our factory with full supervision and ensure that the installation and commissioning are done correctly.

So, contact us today to get started, and our professional service team will provide your business with the customized equipment package that works best for you!

Why Does Your Business Need To Team Up With NOVA?

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Bread Paper Bag Making Machine FAQs

Nova Machinery has been in the Paper and Packaging industry for over 10 years. We have helped our customers build their businesses by offering quality, precision-engineered Bag Making Machines Die Cutting Machines and other material handling equipment at competitive prices. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Nova’s Bread Paper Bag Making Machine:

1. What Is A Bread Paper Bag Making Machine?

Square Bottom Bread Paper Bag Machine with Inline Printer

Figure 1: Square Bottom Bread Paper Bag making Machine with Inline Printer

A Bread Paper Bag Making Machine is specifically designed to produce bags commonly used in bakeries. These paper bags can be filled with bread and other baked goods products. The Nova Bread Paper Bag Making Machine has multiple stations, allowing various operations to coincide, speeding up the production time while ensuring high-quality products.

2. Why Do Businesses Invest In Bread Paper Bag Making Machines?

Bakery products, such as bread, pastries, and baguette bags, require sturdy packaging and are not prone to tearing. Traditional bags and wrappings can be insufficient and do not provide the protection needed to maintain bakery products’ freshness and handle them easily. The following features of a bread paper bag making machine provide an ideal solution:

Increase in Production: 

Since a bag making machine allows multiple operations to happen simultaneously, you can increase your overall production, which means more revenue.

Increased Packaging Flexibility:

 A bread paper bag making machine can package products based on different sizes and bag styles.  

Saves Labor Costs: 

These machines are built from top-quality materials to provide exceptional durability. They also feature innovative features that automate operations, so you will not need to rely on so many workers to operate the machine. This reduces labor costs.

Saves Time: 

Bread paper bag making machines require minimal maintenance and can easily be adapted to produce different styles of bags which saves time with resets and retooling.

3. Describe The Simple Process Of A Full Automatic Bread Paper Bag Machine.

Bread Paper Bag Making Process

Figure 2: Bread Paper Bag Making Process

Bag making machines are highly automated and capable of producing high volumes. A typical bag making machine will make bags in the following sequence:

The first station is the load/unload area, where the operator loads kraft paper material into the machine. This is the starting point and where all bag making machines begin.

The second station is the conveyor tracking area. The multi-track belting allows for easy movement of paper through the machine.

Next, the material moves along to the measuring section, determining how much material will be used in each bag. This ensures that consistent-sized bags are produced.

The embossing section adds texture to the paper, depending on the needs of your bakery products.

Then it moves along to the printing section, where designs can be put directly onto the bag. This can be done by using hot stamping techniques, offset printing methods, screen printing and much more.

The slitting section typically cuts the material to size at a 45-degree angle.

The fourth section is the gluing area where glue is applied to the edges of your bag for extra reinforcement and longer-lasting bags. The glue can also act as a deterrent for certain products like baguettes, which may not mesh well with other flavors.

After that, the material moves to the sealing section, where a cut and fold device can be used to add extra features, such as pockets or may be called a tube.

The next station is the cutting section that trims your bags down to size based on your parameters. For example, if you only want bags that measure 4″ X 6″, then your machine will cut the material accordingly. The bottom of the paper bag is then glued and folded.

The final station is the winding area which collects all of your finished products that can now be sent off for distribution to your following location. It’s fast and straightforward, making it an ideal solution for any bakery looking to improve its packaging processes.

4. Discuss The Applications Of Food Bag Making Machines.

Applications of Bread Paper Bag Making Machines

Figure 3: Applications of Bread Paper Bag Making Machines

Bag making machines can be used to make various bags for various products. They are primarily used to produce packaging for food, so they are also known as bread bag making machines. There are different styles and sizes of bread paper bags available to choose from once you have a bag making machine at your bakery. You don’t need to purchase a machine that makes just one type of bag, and these machines can produce many types and styles, which makes them so versatile.

Bread Bags:

The most popular style. These bags are used for packaging bread and come in several different sizes.

Baguette paper bag:

Baguette paper bags are generally used for long sticks. These bags are window table and printable.

Pita Bread Bags: 

These bags are smaller compared to the bread style. They are slightly triangular and typically used for pita bread products.

Loaf Style Bags:

Loaf style bags are longer than the traditional bread bag, which is why they can hold more product inside each sack. These bags typically hold about 2 lbs of the product inside. Loaf-style bags are commonly used for meat, cheese and fruit.

Gusseted Bags:

This bag is larger than the typical loaf style bag. It provides more room at the top, making it ideal for many bakery products like donuts or muffins.


5. How To Control Settings On Bread Paper Bag Machine?

Control Sections of a Bread Paper Bag Making Machine

Figure 4: Control Sections of a Bread Paper Bag Making Machine

The controls on bread paper bag making machines are typically located at the front of the machine. The controls consist of 2-6 touch buttons and 1 or more LCDs, depending on the model. The buttons will allow you to control the machine’s features and functions such as speed, timing or settings. Each brand and model of bag making machine may be different in how it is operated, but they all have similar controls.

The primary function button must be pressed first before choosing other functions on your bag making machine. The display section shows information about the settings that are currently activated. The stop button will be used to shut off the machine if needed temporarily. You can set the width and length of the bag when creating custom settings.

6. Can We Make A Square Bottom Or V Bottom Paper Bag With A Bread Paper Bag Machine?

Yes, you can make a square bottom or V Bottom paper bag with a bread paper bag machine. It depends upon the design/ model of your machine. If you want to produce square bottom paper bags, you will need to purchase a block bottom paper bag making machine.

7. Is It Possible To Make Different Thicknesses And Color Paper Bags With A Bread Paper Bag Machine?

Yes, It is possible to make different thicknesses and color paper bags with a bread paper bag making machine. You can add optional machines to your machine according to your requirements after selecting the model of your machine.

8. How To Maintain A Bread Paper Bag Making Machine?

Maintenance is an integral part of ensuring your bread paper bag machine operates appropriately and provides you with quality bags.

You should clean the inside and outside of your machine at least once a week, including all belts and conveyors. Cleaning will also help you inspect the machine for any defects or problems affecting its performance.

If there is a jam in your machine, shut it down and find out what caused the problem. After cleaning up, you can use an adjustable wrench to remove the jammed material from where it’s stuck. You should also lubricate all moving parts of your bag making machine regularly. The location of all these items will be shown in the user manual of your bag making machine.

9. What Is The Cost Of A Bread Paper Bag Making Machine?

The cost of a bread paper bag making machine depends upon the model and quality. You can find high-quality bread paper bag making machines for $10,000 – $30,000. So it’s not very affordable to purchase one bread paper bag machine only for your bakery business.

10. Does Nova Have A Multifunctional Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine?

Yes, Nova has a multifunctional kraft paper bag making machine, which can make different sizes and styles of paper bags like bread style bags, loaf style bags and gusseted bags. You can attach the optional machine discussion below;

Printing Machine:

If you want to do printing on your bags, Printing Machine can help.

Bottom Border Laminating Machine: 

If you need to make glossy & matte laminated bags with the bottom border, the Bottom Border Laminating Machine is what you are looking for.

Handle making machine

The handle making machine can help you to get different size and material handle for your bags. This comes in two different options, inline or offline.

Paper Bag Cutting machine: 

A Paper Bag Cutting machine can help you do that easily to cut your paper bag into different styles and sizes.

Bag Slitting Machine: 

If you want to add a larger gusset in the bottom of your bags for more capacity, Bag Slitting Machine is what you need.

Paper bag Pasting machine: 

This is optional. If you would like to paste your paper bag with a kraft paper sack, the glue machine can help you do that easily.

11. When Buying A Bread Paper Bag Making Machine, What Features Should We Consider?

Features to consider when buying paper bag machines are available in different varieties. Some features are simple, but others are more advanced and affect your productivity.

Motor power

Motor power is crucial when processing large quantities of bags on your machine. Generally speaking, the more powerful your motor, the higher quality of bags you can produce.

Production Speed

This means how many bags you can produce per hour. Generally, the larger your machine model is, the more bags you can produce.

Conveyor Belt Size

If your machine model has a giant conveyor belt, it will process more complex requirements on your bag making machine. For example, if you want to make a small bag, you can add a conveyor belt of different sizes to your machine.

Types of feeders

All types of material should be handled efficiently, and this is why feeders are so important. Today paper bag making machines often come with dual feeder systems. The first one is for continuous feeding and the second one for double-speed feeding when you need to print on your bags.

Installed software

The good news is almost all top brands like Nova offer integrated computer systems in their machines to add convenience and efficiency. That means the machine will operate automatically, and you can start printing or cutting your bags immediately after switching them on.

Automation Level

Modern bag making machines often come with fully automatic features to offer convenience and efficiency. However, you should also know that some machine models require manual labor, which is sometimes more efficient. To maximize the help of your bag making machine, we suggest using a conveyor belt and an automatic feeder for better output and lower labor costs if possible.

12. How Can We Find The Best Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturers In China?

If you plan to buy a paper bag machine, Nova is the leading paper bag machine for sale in China. Nova has been in this business for over 15 years and provides high quality machines at reasonable prices. Their engineering team works hard to add innovative features to their machines, such as advanced sensors that help monitor bags during the production process. The great thing about this is you can get a bag making machine that is highly automated and provides the best quality for your money.

Nova has extensive experience in designing bag making machines and can meet any requirement through its understanding of customers’ needs and markets. From small to large scale, Nova can provide you with different bag making machines such as pocket bags, bottom boarder lamination, handle slitting, side gusset lamination, and bottom boarder embossing to help you grow your business.

Besides their top-quality machines, another reason to work with Nova is that they offer a one-year warranty for all of their products. This means if any problem occurs within the first year, you can contact Nova, and they will be happy to help.

13. How To Order A Food Bag Making Machine At Nova?

To get a quote on Nova paper bag machines, please send the following details to us:

1) Materials you want to make (Material Shape and size and output capacity per hour).

2) What type of material do you want to use? (Kraft paper, recycled paper, aluminum foil etc.)

3) How many colors do you want to print on the bags? (1 color / 2 colors)

4) Do you need an automatic or manual feeding system?

5) What is the size of your paper bag making machine (L × W × H)? And what kind of material do you use most?

6) Any special requirements for designing the platform and other accessories?

Once we receive your inquiry, our engineers will send you a quote with different models and prices within 24 hours. After that, we will set up a meeting with Nova to discuss your requirements and choose the best design for you.


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