Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machines

At Nova, we understand that your operations require maximized efficiency and, hence, your production. The roll to sheet cutting machinery is completely automatic and can satisfy the needs of new-age industries with regard to flexibility and dependability.
Highly suitable to companies that work with paper and paper products, printing, and packaging, our machines are perfect for various functions, flexible, increase productivity, and optimize factory work. Don’t look elsewhere when you need innovative technology and exceptional support when you order our product.

Automatic Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine
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Nova's Automatic cutting machines

We offer a wide range of cutting machine solutions based on your different materials and needs to meet your requirements and preferences.

Automatic roll to sheet cutting machine with auto stacker
Automatic roll to sheet cutting machine with auto stacker

This is our flexible solution, which includes an automatic retracting and stacking option. It also slices the sheets into the preferable dimensions and systematically piles them to ease collation and subsequent management.

Roll to sheet cutting machine (with separated unwinder stand)
Roll to sheet cutting machine (with separated unwinder stand)

This machine includes an additional unwinder stand and, as a result, has more possibilities concerning the loading of the material and its further working. It is useful when there are several roll changes during a shift or if floor space does not permit the inclusion of a convenient unwinding unit.

Automatic roll to sheet convey cutting machine
Automatic roll to sheet convey cutting machine

This model’s features include an innovative conveyor belt that moves the cut sheets out of the cutting space itself. This can be good for industries operating in production lines and ensures a constant pace. It also comes with two or four reel capabilities at once, thus increasing production rates.

Roll to sheet cutting machine (with conjoined unwinding)
Roll to sheet cutting machine (with conjoined unwinding)

This model is designed to incorporate the unwinding unit into the main body of the machine. It provides a more petite frame and might be ideal for use in environments with limited space.

Roll to sheet cross cutting machine (special for a4:a3 paper)
Roll to sheet cross cutting machine (special for A4/A3 paper)

This is our specialized machine developed solely for cutting paper rolls into typical cross-cut A4 or A3 format. The printing and paper processing industries prefer this.

Automatic roll to sheet cutting machine (double rolls: four rolls, can be connected with packing machine)
Automatic roll to sheet cutting machine (double rolls/ four rolls, can be connected with packing machine)

This high-capacity machine is designed to unwind and process a double roll or four rolls at once, dramatically boosting production scale. Moreover, it can be combined with an automatic packing machine for an entirely automated procedure after cutting the fabric.

Advantages of Nova's automatic roll to sheet cutting machine

Nova offers the best production in the market with a fully automatic cutting machine developed by our team of engineers. We consider ourselves unique because our focus and priority have always been the customers.

We serve your interests. Your projects are completed on time, with top-notch quality and efficient customer care. Customer support is always available and can help with any problems. The sales specialists have all the answers to your questions and are always willing to fulfill your needs.

Make a switch and enjoy what sets Nova apart from the rest today. Call us today and find out why we are among the leading automatic cutting machine manufacturers.


Nova's slitting machine

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Automatic roll to sheet cutting machine guide

Manual measurements and wastage are some of the challenges experienced by many paper bag machine industries involving large rolls of paper, film, and fabric. The automatic roll to sheet cutting machine is a great innovation that unrolls, gauges, and trims various substrates, including paper, film, fabric, and adhesive stickers.

Precise Length Control with PLC and Automatic Counting

Do you Know?

According to research, the roll slitting machine market was USD 1.2 billion in 2023 & it can go beyond USD 2.5 billion by 2031.
Read on to learn more about this advanced method of cutting and its next steps of evolution!

What is an automatic roll to sheet cutting machine?

An automatic roll to sheet cutting machine is an industrial product that cuts large rolls of materials to sheets with specific dimensions. These machines can work with paper (laminated and printed), adhesive stickers, non-woven fabrics, and plastic films.

Our machines are designed for horizontal and longitudinal cutting styles and can be applied across numerous sectors within the paper processing, printing, and packaging industries.

Functions and Features of Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machines

Automatic roll to sheet cutting machines come in various forms and have different operational characteristics to simplify converting large rolls into sheets. These features enhance flexibility, reliability, and accuracy across multiple production environments.

applications of Automatic Roll-to-Sheet Cutting Machines

  • Precise Length Control with PLC and Automatic Counting

The machine employs a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for improved length control. This enables the operator to input the required sheet length and avoid measuring the sheet to achieve the required length directly.

Apart from the basic up and down controls, our machine has an additional counter that counts the number of sheets cut. It offers valuable information on the production process and helps track performance and potential problems.

Furthermore, the automatic counting function can be integrated with an alarm system to stop unwinding and cutting, preventing overproduction or material waste.

  • Multi-roll Unwinding and Crosswise/Longitudinal Cutting

This feature lets our machine wind simultaneously and process materials from several rolls. This can further enhance the production rate, notably for processes requiring many finished sheets.

It is versatile and particularly suitable for crosswise cutting, also known as offline cutting, which is perpendicular to the roll, and longitudinal cutting, which is also called inline cutting and is parallel to the roll. This flexibility means more sheets and shapes can be created from the same roll material.

  • A4/A3 Slitting with Minimal Waste

Cross-cutting can also be set on the machine; the cutter produces thin sheets in A4 or even A3 dimensions. This reduces extra cutting processes and allows for maintaining standardized sheet sizes for basic print and paper use.

This ensures that the machine reduces the waste produced during the longitudinal slitting process to the barest minimum. This is accomplished through enhancing blade placement and minimizing material usage to lower material usage and cost.

  • Optional A4/A3 Packing and Automatic Line Integration

For applications where A4 or A3 sheets must be packaged before use, some models can add an automatic packing machine to the cutting line. This helps to simplify the post-cutting process, which does not require hand packing.

Some models can be fitted for the final sheets’ automatic line packing and molding. This feature is especially beneficial for large-scale manufacturing and helps to achieve a uniform output of the finished product’s packaging.

  • High-Precision Cutting and Low Noise Operation

These cutting machines create many cuts on the copper plates with high efficiency and without causing rough edges. This is important in applications where the printed material’s shape, size, or dimensions matter, like in the printing and packaging industries.

Today’s markets offer automatic roll to sheet cutting machinery with little to no noise. This makes the equipment’s operating conditions more comfortable for operators and ensures that noise levels are within the required standards demanded by numerous industry legislations.

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Wrap up

Automatic roll to sheet cutting machines are among the latest inventions in the paper bag machine industry. From simple cutting capability to a fully automated production line, including packing, these machines promise a better way of converting your materials.

Nova Machinery is the pioneer of manufacturing automatic roll to sheet cutting machines in China. Are you eager to learn about its features? Contact us to discuss the specifics.

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