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Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

  • We have improvised solutions to make your eco friendly paper bag making machines.
  • Our team is educated and competent enough to deal with your machine requirements
  • Nova machinery is an excellent place to buy your spare parts and operational guidance
  • All our business dealings are noted in the hard-copy as well to give you the monthly and weekly details
  • Our maintenance regarding the biodegradable paper bag making machine manufacturing is high and we provide fast delivery services so that your work doesn’t stop
  • High-technology equipment to keep up the pace with the advancements in the market

Your On-step Eco Friendly Paper Bag Machine Buying Location In China

Nova machinery is precise in maintaining the accuracy in the eco friendly paper bag making machine parameters

Film Unwinding

A rod-like section on which the plastic or any kind of preferred film material is mounted. This rotating shaft or rod moves to unveil or unwind the film. As the shaft rotates, the film goes to the required area with perfect web maintenance.

flexo printing machine

A high-in-demand machine that aids and eases the printing process. This machine helps to print your paper rolls or paper bags separately and with coordination with the machine as well. In other words, it works inline (equipped with the machine) and offline (works independently). Its printing capacity is high with hot ink placed in the container.

friendly operation panel

To make the machine controlling system feasible, we have introduced a friendly operation panel. It has sign language below the buttons that tell their functions and meters that tell the working of the machine. All the machine functions can be controlled through this unit.

paper bag cutting unit

These are long rods on which the cutters are equipped. These are sharp cutters with great accuracy and cut the paper bags according to the required shapes and dimensions.  

Nova Machinery Offers Novel Categories In The Eco Friendly Paper Bag Machines

We provide you with versatile machine properties according to your business!

Flat Bottom eco friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

Substantial for different food industries, this machine makes paper bags that are flat or have a flat bottom. They have been proved very convenient in taking away food items or storing grocery things in the stores. Due to their eco-friendly ability, they are manufactured in different sizes to cope with the market demand.

Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine 1

This feature is tremendous for the industrialists as it monitors the machine’s functioning without letting you know. It is very precise in handling the paper bag production and sticks to the encoded preferences.

Handle Making Machine

A massive help in holding the paper bags, this unit allows you to produce different types and forms of handles for your paper bags. choose the designs, either flat, twisted, or Die-cut, and let the machine perform its function.

Square Bottom eco friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine is to cope with your need for paper bags in retail, pharmaceutical, and other similar industries. Being the building blocks of every industry, our machine makes these paper bags in three different sizes with customizable dimensions.

Nova Machinery Is A Prominent Manufacturer Of Versatile Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machines

Manufacturing exceptional products and innovative drafts for your paper bag machines are all well carried out by Nova Machinery. We have the guts to deal with the pressure work and on-demand paper bag machine orders. Our manufacturing area follows the work-site regulations and all of your products are taken care of by our efficient staff.

We have built a huge audience of clients who trust our work and have become permanent buyers internationally. This happened because of our transparency and effective deals which benefit our clients. Nova machinery supports its clients whether they need business guidance, project handling, machine handling, operational services, or cost-effective deals. Moreover, you have a free hand to contact us at any time of the year. We’ll hear about your problems.

Why NOVA Is Your best Choice For Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine video


functional introduction


Bottom Of Paper Bag

Paper bag speed30-200pcs/min280pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-200pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-150 pcs/min
Paper bag length (C)220-430mm190-430mm270-530mm260-530mm260-530mm350-810mm
Paper bag length (L)180-380mm180-380mm225-470mm210-480mm210-480mm280-730mm
Paper bag width(W)80-190mm80-220mm120-280mm150-330mm150-450mm220-450mm
Paper bag bottom width(H)50-100mm50-120mm60-160mm60-180mm60-180mm90-250mm
Paper thickness45-120g/m245-150g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m280-160g/m2
Paper roll width290-610mm290-710mm380-950mm400-1050mm560-1300mm620-1450mm
Roll paper diameter1200mm1300mm1200mm1200mm1200mm1200mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm
Machine power11.5Kw9Kw12Kw15kw15 kw18Kw
Machine weight5000kg8000Kg7000kg8500kg10000kg12000Kg
Machine size9200x1600x180 0mm8600*2600*190 0 mm10500x3600x19 00mm10000x2100x21 00mm10000X3000X21 00mm11000X3200X25 00mm


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Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine FAQ

Nova Machinery has been struggling for quite a long time to provide its customers with premium solutions. We have become a successful manufacturing company after continuous efforts for the past 2 decades. Nova machinery is a distinguished and well-known brand in maintaining extraordinary machine manufacturing standards. We have updated software that adapts to the latest technological advancements in the market.

Our working staff is exceptionally trained to give you the best services available in the area. You don’t need to go to any other supplier in China because we provide everything in our store. From spare parts to budget deals, and from excellent machine drafts to the execution process, everything is kept transparent. Let’s further dig into the FAQ guideline to know what these eco-friendly machines are, and how do they contribute to excelling your business.

What Is An Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

Fully Automatic Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

Figure 1: Fully Automatic Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

As the world is at the edge of pollution, every industry needs to make solutions that are not hazardous to the environment. In this respect, Nova Machinery has played its part in manufacturing the eco friendly paper bag making machine.

This machine is a great advancement in the environmental and industrial sectors. Our staff and competent engineers have designed this machine with such a formula that it makes chemical-free paper bags and does not leave any harsh residuals in the environment while manufacturing. It has a high capacity to make paper bags in a minute. Its production level is enhanced due to the digital and imported technology installed in it. you can change the dimensions of the machines through the user-friendly control panel.

What Is The Working Principle Of Eco Friendly Paper Bag Machine?

Working Principle of Eco friendly paper bag making machine

Figure 2: Working Principle of Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

The ultimate focus of the Nova machinery staff and engineers is on the working process.  We have formulated some working principles that our eco friendly paper bag making machines follow for every paper bag production process.

  • First and foremost, we take the raw material for the machine. We use high-quality paper rolls that are free of chemicals and are non-toxic to the environment. You can buy these paper rolls from our firm as well or use any other paper roll of your choice.
  • Then, we proceed onto the process of introducing the paper rolls to our machine’s unwinding unit. This process happens automatically through the pneumatic rollers or shifters.
  • Unwinding starts at this point and our eco friendly paper bag making machines use magnetic brakes to keep the tension level balanced. This is to maintain the web tension to get the crease-free paper bags.
  • Our second section of the machine makes paper tubes. This is an easy way to make multi-dimensional paper bags. For your ease, we have introduced a handwheel that works by manual effort. From here you can change or adjust the width of your eco-friendly paper bag.
  • Once the tubes are formed, our machine passes on these tubes to the bottom making section. This section contains the large rollers or cylinders that make the paper bottoms. You can choose the bottom designs from our catalogue. Then cutters sharpen the edges and cut the paper bottoms to the required parameters.
  • After this, our glueing units seal the paper bottoms and sides with the help of sufficient glue.
  • At this point, your paper bags are ready. Our machine sensors inform you if there occurs any uncertain issue. Overall, the machine is well monitored automatically.
  • For the collection of your paper bag units, we have adjusted a collection unit that holds fifty paper bags at a time which is a good count to remember the net number of your manufactured paper bags.

Your eco friendly paper bag making machine models follow the same procedure for the manufacturing process of different sizes of paper bags. However, if you add some additional equipment, there is an addition to some principles which are discussed in the next sections.

Are Biodegradable And Eco-friendly Machines The Same?

This question is mostly asked by our clients when they seek to buy paper bag making machines. While both terms look similar in the first place but there is a thin silver lining between them. Biodegradable paper bag making machine makes paper bags that are recyclable and are easily decomposed.

All the machines at Nova machinery make easily recyclable paper bags. The eco friendly paper bag making machines are the machines that leave no toxicants in the environment while working. They fulfill the environmental codes and the paper bags they manufacture are of great quality.

Both machines serve the same function of saving the environment but they are slightly different when used.  You should consult our specialists or catalog to be clear.

What Are The Parameters Of The Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

There are different parameters for each eco friendly paper bag making machine model at Nova Machinery. However, on an average basis, your eco friendly paper bag making machine

  • Weighs 8000 kgs
  • Has the paper bag manufacturing speed of 50 – 260 paper bags in a minute
  • Consumes 330 Volts of electricity
  • Uses servo-tech system for high productivity
  • Can make paper bags up to three sizes
  • Can let you print in 2 to 4 different colours
  • Offers you with adjustable lengths and widths of paper rolls
Can I Make Recycled Paper Bags With Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

Recyclable Paper Bags

Figure 3: Recyclable Paper Bags

Yes, the eco-friendly paper bag is all about making recycled paper bag making machines. Encode or let your machine know what type of paper bags you want and it’ll make them for you.

How Can I Add Printing Machinery With My Eco-friendly Paper Bag Machine?

Eco Friendly Paper Bags Printing Unit

Figure 4: Eco Friendly Paper Bags Printing Unit

If you are using a simple one-piece eco-friendly paper bag making and want to upgrade to the printing services, then you definitely need to consult with Nova Machinery. We offer you two types of printing units.

  1. One works without the aid of paper bag making machines. It prints your paper rolls in the desired 2 or 4 colors and then you can make paper bags with it.
  2. We attach the other printing machinery with the machine so that it also becomes a part of the one-piece eco friendly paper bag making machine.

The first one can be of massive use, that is, it can deal with the higher production orders. However, the second one works only for the paper bags being manufactured in the machine. A separate or inline printing unit can cost you 13 to 15 thousand US dollars.

What Raw Material Does Eco-friendly Machine Use?

Nova Machinery has designed your machine to take different paper materials as a raw material. For instance,

  • Brown paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Cardboard paper
  • Paper rolls
  • Paper sheets
  • Plastic and film materials for windows and lamination

You can let us know your preferred material and we’ll take you that machine. This will make it easier for you to understand the specifications and other related features.

What Are The Important Parts Of Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

Nova has equipped your eco friendly paper bag making machine with valuable parts. The list of the machine parts goes as below.

  • Automatic paper bag collector
  • Automatic paper roll lifter
  • Photographic plates to monitor printing
  • Machine walls with 5cm thickness that reduce vibration and noise
  • High-precision bearings and gears
  • Glue and ink tanks with spray system
  • Web alignment unit
  • Electra control system and servo power supplying batteries
  • Touch screen control panels

All the machine parts contribute to the effective working of the eco friendly paper bag making machine. To know the detailed information about each unit, you can talk to our customer services, or watch our operational videos with a detailed description.

Is An Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine Fully Automatic?

Yes, your eco friendly paper bag making machine is fully automatic and lends an easy hand in reducing your manual efforts. You don’t get fatigued in doing labour, rather, you can utilise your time in more productive activities.

How Should I Maintain My Eco-friendly Bag Making Machine?

Maintenance of the eco friendly paper bag making machine is not as easy as it seems. Machine maintenance experts at Nova Machinery advise you to have a regular check-up on your machines. This is to ensure that no dust gathers around the screws or narrow parts. Lubricate the machine parts and don’t use harsh brushes or tools to clean your machine. Also, consider replacing your machine parts if you observe any damage.

Which Industries Benefit From Eco-friendly Paper Bag Machines?

Pertaining to the immense benefits and properties of the eco friendly paper bag making machine, it is widely used in different industries such as

  • Bread and bakery
  • Food and takeaways
  • Grocery and retail
  • Cement and manufacturing
  • Shopping and gift purposes
Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machines In China?

As Nova machinery is one of the first launchers of the eco friendly paper bag making machine, we better know the requirements and manufacturing specialties of this machine. So, technically, Nova machinery is by far the most competent and the best manufacturer of eco friendly paper bag making machines. You can visit our gallery to see the varieties and models available.

What Is The Order Placing Choices Offered By Nova Machinery?

Nova machinery offers three different types of order placing choices.

  1. Minimum Quantity order

This is for the newbies in the business community. Nova machinery has devised strict rules to support the fellow manufacturers because once we were also at this stage and a lending hand proved very beneficial. According to this, you can start with 1 eco friendly paper bag making machine.

  1. Maximum Quantity Order

This offer is helpful for the well-developed companies whose schedule is jam-packed and they need massive orders to keep up with their customer demand.

  1. Special or On-demand Order

We have added this offer to deal with emergency situations. For instance, your manufacturer isn’t available at the moment or gets frauded. Nova machinery is always a hopeful opportunity to cash in such situations.

How Should I Place My Order At Nova Machinery?

You can directly come to our store or office for placing your order. In this way, you can have a face-to-face conversation and business talk as well. otherwise, you can always place your orders through the online portal. Open our website and click the “contact us” button. Fill out the instant quote and here you have your order placed!

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