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Flexo Printing Machine

  • Precise printing with less power consumption 
  • Our flexo printing machines provide onset and offset services for your printing firm 
  • With our reliable printing solutions, you can print into 2 – 4 different colors
  • The manufacturing process is well-executed in Nova’s production area
  • Delicate printing equipment with long-lasting abilities boots your production 
  • Our fast delivery system is the biggest flex for our printing partners

Marketing trends have recently changed, and printing has become the hallmark of advertisement for every industry. With such advancement comes the name of Nova machinery. With the insight of our business analysts, we have designed and manufactured two variants of flexo printing successfully. Our clients are happy with our services and leave positive feedback always. 

To make sure your printing industry grows, we also have induced customized services in our catalog. You can visit our firm and get free operational videos and guidance. We have discussed the details below to have a better grip on the functioning.

paper bag making machine with printer video

Flexo printing machine – All you need to know

Starting with the basic details, a flexo printing machine is an optimum solution for printing requirements. It is a modern and better addition that provides printing facilities at a reasonable cost. Compared to the traditional printing method, this method is reliable and consumes less time and energy. 

Talking about its structure and parts, it is a relatively small unit that has 

  1. Printing plates
  2. Anilox rollers
  3. Auto web alignment
  4. Automatic paper roll lifting
  5. Digital fault detector 
  6. HMI Control system 
  7. Inking pump
  8. Inking tank 
  9. Cutters 

Instead of traditional rubber plates, the plates used in this machine are photopolymer printing plates that promise quality printing. Furthermore, the machine frame is non-vibrating and promotes easy working without noise. We have ensured the latest technology equipment thus making it highly admirable in the market. Furthermore, your flexo printing machine is automatic. Its automatic features save the manual effort, thus saving labor costs.


Printing ink types

For a better printing quality, Nova machinery uses water-based hot ink. It is non-smudgy and lasts longer than the usual inks. To avoid the re-filling hurry, we have installed an ink tank that lets the printing process run without disruption.

Methods of printing

There are two methods for printing. Here is the printing guide for using Nova’s flexo printing machine. 

Printing before making paper bags: In this process, you’ll have to mount the paper roll in the unwinding unit. The paper roll will start to unwind, and the automatic alignment unit will keep it aligned. The printing section prints your paper web and converts it into a printed paper roll. 

Printing after making paper bags: Once your paper bags are formed, you can turn them into the printing section, thus getting printed paper bags in no time. 

If the system observes any undesired function in the machine, the magnetic breaks halt the printing process automatically.

Stack type

The stack type is the feature that lets you switch between different colors. You can either print in one color, or you can choose between different colors between 2 to 4. This way, you can make your paper bags appealing and eye-catching for your audience. 

2 color and 4 color flexo printing

The color variety helps you with printing materials such as labels, plastic films, metallic film, cardboard material, shopping bags, gift bags, and kraft papers. As the name suggests, a 2 color printing lets your print in 2 different colors, and a 4 color flexo printing machine in 4 different colors. You can go from choosing single or multi colors to printing your paper rolls.

Caters small and large production

Yes, a flexo printing machine can fairly handle small and large-scale printing production. It is designed to work at high speed to accommodate small production so that both industries get the equal benefit.

Standing out features

The list of features in your paper bag printing machine is as follows. 

  • High productivity 
  • Digital servo control 
  • 100m – 150m per minute printing length 
  • Magnetic breaks
  • 3 years warranty 
  • More than 30 years of lifespan 
Inline and offline printing – the difference

There is a thin line between inline and offline printing. If you want to attach the printing unit with your paper bag printing unit, then it is an inline printing process because it works in coordination with the paper bag making machine. On the contrary, it is called offline printing if you independently want to use a printing machine. At the same time, the printing process remains the same.

Flexo printing machine suppliers

Many manufacturers in China sell paper bag printing machines, and Nova is one of them. Our solutions are dynamic. We follow the machine manufacturing standard. We take care of every step from manufacturing to packaging and delivery. To ensure safe product delivery, we use corrugated cartons. You can always call for our assistance in any matter! 

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