Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan

Mr. Imad Wasim now owns a paper bag making machine in Pakistan, and he is delighted with his business. But the scenario was not like this a few years earlier. He had a paper bag factory in Pakistan.

In that factory, workers operated paper bag machines manually, and 20 workers made around 20,000 bags in a day. That means the production capacity of one person was 1000 pieces per day. 

Imad Wasim became disappointed after seeing their efficiency. Besides, their high labor cost and high worker density were unsuitable based on his demands. Then, he came to our factory and chose our automatic paper bag making machine. 

He was satisfied with the low labor cost and high production quality of a paper bag making machine in Pakistan. He noticed that automatic machines collected and processed paper materials smoothly. 

Plastic materials require a considerable amount of time to be biodegradable. They create severe damage to the ecology. Paper bags are preferable to consumers due to their nature-friendly features. These outstanding features made him supportive of an automatic paper bag making machine in Pakistan. 

The Way NOVA Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine Change The Working Process  

Imad Wasim deliberately searched for a reliable paper bag making machine in Pakistan. In the end, he chose our machines due to their impressive functionality. 

Let’s look at the operating principle of a paper shopping bag making machine in Pakistan.

  • First, this machine rolls the film and shifts it to the feeding chamber. 
  • Then, the film gets cooled in the chiller unit after completing the sealing. 
  • Next, a cutter cuts the paper based on the shape of paper bags. The cutting length is 270-530mm without handle and 130-320mm with handle. 
  • Remote control handles these steps from around 10m. It reduces the labor cost to a large extent. 
  • The gluing part of this machine applies glue to the edges of paper bags in longitudinal and transversal paths. 
  • Next, a roller is used for performing the final folding. It applies adequate pressure to keep the bags intact. 
  • Then, the paper bag machine includes pasting on the bag surface. It makes the paper bag more flexible and durable.  
  • Properly manufactured bags are transferred to the stacker. 
  • In the end, these bags are passed through a conveyor, and you can receive them quickly. the flow chart

So, How Did A Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan Change The Life Of Imad Wasim? 

A paper bag making machine in Pakistan offers numerous advantages. Its significant benefits include-

High Production Rate

This machine produces paper bags at a high rate. Its high production rate makes it compatible with large-scale productions.   

Impressive Cost Performance

It reduces the production cost to a great extent. Usually, the price of kraft paper bag making machines in Pakistan is considerably low. Paper bag machines can perform multiple times better work than the manual process. That means it decreases the labor cost. 

Besides, this machine improves the working capacity of workers. Thus, the entire manufacturing cost gets low because of using a paper bag making machine in Pakistan.  

Supreme Quality

An automatic paper bag making machine in Pakistan contains the certification of CE, RoHS, etc organizations. It is capable of producing high-quality paper bags of versatile dimensions.   

Flexible Operation

This paper bag machine incorporates electric cabinets that run through alternating currents. Its operating principle is not very complicated. Besides, it shows supreme durability against high power loads. Its flexible operation is the main reason behind its high competence. 

Balanced Weight

Automatic paper bag machines have balanced weight that improves their functionality. Besides, their handling and quality control become more accessible due to this feature. 

Long Lifespan

Usually, paper bag making machines offer an average lifespan that is effective for both small and large-scale productions of paper bags. Besides, repairing and replacing a paper bag machine is not so complicated. 

High Paper Roll Width

Paper roll width is crucial for maintaining the desired quality of paper bags. An automatic paper bag making machine ensures high paper roll width because of its 

Since Imad Wasim was a pure businessman of Pakistan, he always wanted to boost his business. An automated paper bag making in Pakistan promoted the design quality of versatile paper bags. 

Kraft paper bag making price in Pakistan was also suitable concerning his budget. That’s why he made a considerable profit within a short period. His entire life had changed due to the automatic paper bag making machine in Pakistan.    

Paper Bag Making Machine detail

Why Imad Wasim Moved To Automatic Production From Manual Machine?   

An automatic paper bag making machine in Pakistan renders better performance than a manually handled machine from many aspects. Imad Wasim was aware of the specific issues between these machines. 

That’s why he shifted to an automatic production system from the manual for optimizing his paper bag production. The following issues were his main concerns. 

Production Capacity

Automatic paper bag making machines offer a high production capacity. Usually, the average production rate of this machine is above 400 ppm. But, the V-bottom paper bag making machine’s capacity rises to 700 ppm.  

But, manual paper bag machines cannot deliver a large amount of paper bags within a limited time. Their production capacity is around 100-150 ppm.  

Large-scale Manufacturing

Due to the high rate of paper bag production, an automatic machine is compatible with large-scale manufacturing. This machine enables the manufacturer to deliver high-volume productions within due time. 

On the contrary, manually operated machines are not suitable for massive productions. These machines are used mainly in low-volume paper bag manufacturing in Pakistan.  


Automatic paper bag making machines are supremely durable in vulnerable atmospheres. You can find some differences between the materials used in automated and manual machines. 

That’s why manually-handled paper bag machines can’t deliver durability of the optimum level while manufacturing paper bags.  

Cost Minimization

A fully manual paper bag machine price is lower than an automatic machine. But, automated machines are integrated with numerous equipment that develops the production quality to a large extent. 

So, it costs comparatively higher than a manual kraft paper bag machine price in Pakistan. But, its impressive production quality, along with its high production rate, makes it a cost-effective solution for manufacturing paper bags.  

Quality Control

Quality control in an automatic machine is more manageable than manual machines. You can conduct inspections here to find the defects smoothly. But, automatic machines regularly perform high-level maintenance to perform correctly. Manual machines don’t need regular inspection. 

Perfection Of Design

It is convenient for the manufacturer to maintain design perfections while dealing with an automatic paper bag machine. This machine supports automated optical inspections that check the design parameters of paper bags. 

A manually-operated paper bag machine in Pakistan can’t deliver such accuracy in paper bag designs.  

Automated machines are preferable to the manufacturer than manual paper bag machines. So, Imad Wasim made an excellent decision for his business at that time. 

Factors That Mr. Imad Wasim Considered Before Buying His Second Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan

Mr. Imad Wasim got outstanding output by using automated machines in his paper bag productions. But, he missed some factors while buying the first machine. So, he was highly conscious about those issues when he intended to buy the second one. He mainly considered the factors mentioned below- 

  • Production capacity
  • Highest operating temperature
  • Lifespan
  • Certification of RoHS and CE. 
  • Production rate
  • Supportive equipment
  • Installation process
  • Weight
  • Dimensional stability


He avoided storing a paper bag machine in humid conditions. Besides, he conducted reliable testing to verify the functionality of a paper bag making machine in Pakistan. 

Paper Bag Making Machine 1

Did Paper Bag Machine Really Bring Profit For Mr. Imad Wasim?

The paper bag making business brought massive profit for Imad Wasim while using automatic machines. A manually-operated paper bag making machine in Pakistan requires a lot of labor. It increases the production cost. 

Fully automatic paper bag making machines reduce the labor cost and increase the production rate. These features ultimately lead to profit in the paper bag making business. 

That was the story of Imad Wasim, a regular client of ours. Nova is a leading manufacturer of paper bag making machines in Pakistan. We manufacture different machines which are compatible with the paper bag industry. 

This FAQ guide has tried to cover the vital points of a paper bag-making machine in Pakistan. Contact us immediately to boost up your business.     

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Specifications Of A Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan?

  • High-speed rolling of paper materials
  • RoHS and CE-certified
  • It deals with high current loads. 
  • High thermal conduction of construction materials
  • Moisture resistant
  • The average production rate is 450-500 pieces per minute. 
  • The degree of precision is around 0.1mm during the production of paper bags. 
  • Convenient to the consumers in terms of processing. 
  • It is appropriately manufactured with dimensional stability. 
  • Worthwhile weight
  • Association of AC electric cabinet
  • The highest paper roll width is around 1m.  
  • Compatible with various shapes and sizes of paper bags.

2. What are The Significant Applications Of The Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan?

  • Food paper bags
  • Drug-carrying paper bags
  • Shopping paper bags
  • Clothing bags
  • Fruit-packaging paper bags   

3. What Are The Most Used Types Of Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan?

The most used paper bag making machine in Pakistan includes-

4. What Are The Support Equipment For Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan?

Paper Bag Double Stitching Machine

This equipment improves the feeding mechanism of a paper bag making machine in Pakistan.   

High-Speed Paper Bag Gluer

It takes care of glueing part of the paper bag making process.   

Lifting Equipment

Pneumatic lifting equipment ensures the required film tension in the unwind section.  

Paper Bag Head Folding Machine

This type of equipment acts for developing automatic folding, indentation, and hot glue injection systems. 

Paper Bag  Handle Machine

It is used in the production of the handle square bottom paper bag. 

Flexo Printing Machine

A printing machine, a crucial part of paper-making machinery, is used in printing desired stamps on paper bags.  

Besides, paper rope making machines, slitting machines, rope rewinding machines are vital equipment for this business. 

5. How To Choose A Reliable Manufacturer Of Paper Bag Making Machine In Pakistan?

  • High production quality 
  • Smooth technical and sales support
  • OEM and ODM service 
  • Testing facility 
  • Skilled and professional engineers 
  • Ability to provide custom solutions
  • Smart customer service
  • Long manufacturing history 
  • Certification of reliable organizations
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