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Tin tie paper bag machine for sale

  • Smart production and factory management system that boosts the productive environment in the workplace 
  • Well-trained working staff that monitors and runs quality control checks on your tin tie paper bag machine 
  • Strong and adequate equipment that ensures the high-end tin tie sealing of the tin tie paper bags
  • Automatic and imported machine parts to increase the lifetime of the machine along with improved efficacy 
  • Budget deals to suit your pocket and full transparency in the payment and other business dealings. 
  • Customization and free consultancy services for customer satisfaction and business development

A trustworthy tin tie paper bag machine seller in china

You get different sets of paper bag making machines with additional units and features

D-cut bag making machine

To ensure that our customers get innovative paper bags, we provide them with the latest technology machines. A D-cut bag-making machine makes admiring D-shaped handles through the cutters. This is an easy process of making handles that don’t require ropes. You can easily carry these paper bags for holding your go-to stuff.

Film Unwinding

Film unwinding is the most important part of the machine that gives the most output in less time. It also reduces labor as it unwinds the paper or film rolls at adjustable speeds. We have used magnetic brakes to control the paper unwinding tension. In this way, you get straight to paper with no wrinkles. 

flexo printing machine

With inline and offline working options, this machine has proved a pillar in enhancing the paper bag business. You print the logo, tagline, or any suitable motto as per your company. The printing length and speed are customizable and you get 2 to 4 different colors to print on your paper bags.

paper bag cutting unit

For the precise outlook of the paper bags, the sharpness of the paper bag cutting units matters a lot. At Nova, we have the perfect cutting units that are sharp and well-aligned with the machine. Small cutters are equipped on the different areas of the machine for the different cutting areas of the paper bags. 

Nova– a striking firm for automatic tin tie sealing machines

Get different tin tie bag machine categories at just one selling point!

Flat Bottom tin tie Paper Bag Making Machine

Once your paper bag machine makes a flat bottomed paper bag, they go to the tin tie paper bag sealing section. The tin tie bag machine collects the paper bags and seals them one by one.

Fully Automatic tin tie Paper Bag Making Machine

In a fully automatic tin tie paper bag-making machine, the machine performs all the functions by itself. The prepared paper bags enter the sealing section automatically and are assembled in the collecting unit.

Handle Making Machine

Giving you the options of independent working and inline working with the paper bag machine, this machine offers you a different variety of paper handles. You can modify the design, change the dimensions, and adjust the paper handle-making speed from the control panel in the machine.

Square Bottom tin tie Paper Bag Making Machine

A square bottom tin tie paper bag machine is a one-piece machine with a tin tie sealing unit. The machine makes the paper bags at the speed of 120-220 paper bags per minute on average. The sealing unit takes these paper bags and seals them separately.

Custom tin tie bags

Grow your business with our free consultation and transparent manufacturing services!

Nova machinery – a competent manufacturing factory with premium services

With our long-term manufacturing experience at the international level, we have been able to serve many clients. All of them are satisfied with our services and their positive feedback always boosts our confidence in our work. Nova is an experienced and well-reputed paper bag machine selling company that considers the customer’s suggestions and adds them to the machine designs as per their demand. We strongly believe in customer – satisfaction supremacy because we are because of them.

Our tin tie paper bag machines are a big achievement in the industrial sector. People are loving its flexibility and working abilities. Contact us for instant quotes or for booking an appointment. You’ll find us by your side!

Why should you choose nova as your business partner?

butter paper bag making machine video


Apply to paper bag made from 100% wooden fiber
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
X ≥60X ≥80X ≥100
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 10kg≈22lbsCan bear 14kg≈31lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch
Apply to paper bag made from recycled paper
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
60 ≤ X <10080 ≤ X <120X ≥120
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch

Bottom Of Paper Bag

Paper bag speed30-200pcs/min280pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-200pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-150 pcs/min
Paper bag length (C)220-430mm190-430mm270-530mm260-530mm260-530mm350-810mm
Paper bag length (L)180-380mm180-380mm225-470mm210-480mm210-480mm280-730mm
Paper bag width(W)80-190mm80-220mm120-280mm150-330mm150-450mm220-450mm
Paper bag bottom width(H)50-100mm50-120mm60-160mm60-180mm60-180mm90-250mm
Paper thickness45-120g/m245-150g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m280-160g/m2
Paper roll width290-610mm290-710mm380-950mm400-1050mm560-1300mm620-1450mm
Roll paper diameter1200mm1300mm1200mm1200mm1200mm1200mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm
Machine power11.5Kw9Kw12Kw15kw15 kw18Kw
Machine weight5000kg8000Kg7000kg8500kg10000kg12000Kg
Machine size9200x1600x180 0mm8600*2600*190 0 mm10500x3600x19 00mm10000x2100x21 00mm10000X3000X21 00mm11000X3200X25 00mm


Top-Notch Team of engineers:

Nova’s technical team is well trained and has a wealth of experience in producing paper bag making machines. At Nova, a team of experienced engineers handles the research and development of the machines.

Partner brands

Tin tie paper bag machine

Nova Machinery is one of the oldest and a well-known manufacturing brands that is famous for its originality and honest services. Our tin tie paper bag machine is a new launch in the market that is designed for the industrial sector. The sealing feature of this machine is highly-admiring for the long-term use of the products stored in them. To know further about the specs and functions of the machine, continue reading!

Automatic tin tie sealing machine

Automatic tin tie sealing machines is serving different sectors including food, retail, automotive, and pharmacies. The top overlap of the tin tie paper bags gives an easy grip that eliminates the need for a handle. Further, the organic material, food products, and other eatables stay fresh for as long as you want.

The tin tie paper bag packaging machine is highly-productive and works automatically just like the other paper bag machines at Nova. You can use any material with the machine such as food paper, brown kraft paper, or aluminum foil material. The automatic tin tie sealing machine gives the best results on any input.

Figure 1 Tin Tie paper bag machine

Figure 1: Tin Tie Paper Bag Machine

Important parts and working

Before operating the tin tie paper bag machine, knowing its important parts and working process is essential.

  • Starting from the automatic control panel of the tin tie paper bag machine, it is a unit that allows you to make amendments to the machine settings.
  • Once you set the desired tin tie paper bag machine settings, you mount the spool roll on the shaft and press the start button.
  • The tin tie spool unwinder unwinds the spool to tie the paper bags. The spool is a plastic thin-strip type material used to tie the paper bags. The dancer moves to and fro to release tension in the spool. The print mark sensor gives different colors to your spool or marks the company logo onto it. In this way, the tin tie paper bag machine reduces the cost of a separate printing machine.
  • The release liner separator separates the printed spool and unwinds on an empty roll.
  • Meanwhile, the pouch feeder feeds the already manufactured paper bags in the sealing section. Here the tin tie paper bag machine seals the tin tie paper bags, cuts the required spool lengths, and a tapping device taps the spools on the paper bags.
  • In the last step, the tine tie paper bags are moved towards the pouch output collection side where they get collected in the smart collector. The smart collector is automatic and has two sides. It moves to collect the tin tie paper bags automatically.
Types of paper bags tin tie paper bag machine seals

Nova’s well-constructed tin tie paper bag machine or packing machine is designed to seal the following types of paper bags.

  • Kraft tin tie bags – made of kraft paper
  • Tin tie paper bags with window – bags having window units in them
  • Tin tie coffee bags – these are used to store the coffee
  • White tin tie bags – they are printed in white color
  • Black tin tie bags – these bags are fully black
  • Custom printed tin tie bags – you design them as per your choice.

The benefits of your tin tie paper bag machine are as follows

  • It consumes less electricity
  • Can be easily moved from one place to another
  • Fully-automatic
  • An advanced touch technology system
  • High production of 100 to 120 bag sealing in a minute
  • Easy on budget
  • Additional units, can work independently and with your paper bag machine

You can also visit our production line to know more about the benefits and overall system of the machine.

The best tin tie bag machine factory in China

According to our experience, the best tin tie bag machine factory in China is the one that is

  • Certified
  • Has legal business
  • A detailed description of the products
  • No faulty information
  • Positive feedback
  • Reasonable prices or budget deals
  • Has a good company interface
  • Cooperative workforce
  • High selling rate
  • Customizable options
  • Fast delivery and manufacturing

If the company you are looking for has the above-mentioned qualities, you can trust them. You can also contact us for our assistance.

Nova’s customer services

Our customer services are famous both at the national and international level because we listen to their demands and provide them with personalization in their orders. Our yearly sales help several start-up businesses and we provide free consultation, tin tie paper bag machine operational videos, MOQ services, and after-sale services. Moreover, our staff stays active 24 hours a day and responds to your queries. Nova ensures that you feel welcome at our factory.

Order placing methods

Not all customers can avail of a single order placing mode, so, we have introduced the following ways for their ease.

  • Either call us on the telephone number or WhatsApp provided on the website.
  • You can physically meet us and place the order at our firm in you live nearby.
  • Email us or click on “send inquiry”. Your order will be placed.
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