Paper bags pricing and categories – A comprehensive guide

Figure 1 Paper Bags Pricing And CategoriesFigure 1: Paper bags pricing and categories

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront of our minds, the paper bag has emerged as a symbol of sustainability and eco-consciousness. 

With the increasing shift towards reducing plastic waste, paper bags have gained widespread popularity as a viable alternative for carrying groceries, goods, and even fashion statements.

In a survey conducted by the Plastic Pollution Coalition, 86% of respondents preferred paper bags over plastic bags due to their biodegradability and recyclability. 

However, amidst the wide array of paper bags available in the market, understanding their pricing and categories becomes crucial for making informed choices that benefit consumers and businesses.

By knowing what factors contribute to the cost of a paper bag, you can make choices that align with your budget while still meeting your preferences for size, quality, and design. Let’s dive further into the price and classification of paper bags.

Classification of paper bags | All you should know 

Figure 2 Paper bag supplier

Figure 2: Paper bag supplier

We know that paper bags come in various classifications based on their design and intended use. Two common classifications are “V-bottom paper bags” and “square-bottom paper bags.” Let’s delve into these classifications and a few others:

1. V-bottom paper bags

These bags have a distinctive V-shaped crease at the bottom, which allows the bag to expand and stand upright when filled. V-bottom bags are often used for packaging items with irregular shapes or when the bag needs to accommodate more volume.

2. Square bottom paper bags

Square bottom bags have a flat, stable base that enables them to stand upright and provide better support for the contents. These bags are commonly used in retail settings and for carrying items that require stability, such as groceries, clothing, and gifts.

3. Flat paper bags

These bags have a flat, rectangular shape with no pronounced bottom fold. They are typically used for lightweight items and often come in smaller sizes, suitable for carrying small items like jewelry or cosmetics.

4. Gusseted paper bags

Gusseted bags have expandable sides that allow them to open up and provide more content space. They are often used for items that need extra room, such as food items, bulk items, or merchandise.

5. Satchel paper bags

Satchel bags have a flap that folds over the top, resembling traditional satchel bags’ designs. They are commonly used for takeout orders, fast food, and other quick-service businesses.

6. Handle types

Paper bags can also be classified based on their handle types, such as twisted, flat, or rope handles. Handle types vary in terms of comfort, strength, and aesthetic appeal.

7. Custom-printed paper bags

These bags can fall into any of the above classifications but have the added feature of custom printing. Businesses often use custom-printed paper bags to display their branding, logos, and messages.

8. Recyclable and Eco-friendly paper bags

With increasing environmental concerns, paper bags designed for recyclability and eco-friendliness have become their classification. These bags are made from sustainable materials and can be recycled, promoting green practices.

These classifications reflect the diverse options available in the world of paper bags, catering to various needs, preferences, and industries. Each type serves a specific purpose, for instance, carrying groceries, promoting a brand, or contributing to environmental sustainability.

Paper bag making machine pricing | A basic overview

When it comes to paper bag pricing, a range of factors influences the cost, from the type of bag to the machinery used in production.  The classification of paper bags, such as V-bottom, square bottom, gusseted, and more, impacts their pricing. Different types of bags require varying materials, complexity in design, and manufacturing processes, all of which can influence the final cost.

The type of bag-making machine used in production is a significant factor in determining pricing. Different machines are designed for specific bag types and production capacities.

V-Bottom machine price

Figure 3 V Bottom Paper Bag Mach

Figure 3: V bottom paper bag machine

The cost of V-bottom paper bag making machines can vary significantly based on several factors. The entry-level machine starts at around $18,000. These machines offer basic functionality and are often chosen by businesses just entering the paper bag manufacturing market. 

Conversely, advanced V-bottom machines with higher production capacities and additional features can cost up to $75,000. These machines are designed to cater to larger production volumes and offer greater automation, precision, and customization capabilities. 

Square bottom bag making machine price

Figure 4 Square Bottom Bag Makin

Figure 4: Square bottom bag making machine

 If your focus is on square bottom paper bags, be prepared for a slightly higher starting price. Square bottom paper bag making machines begin at around $60,000. This cost accounts for the square bottom bag’s specialized design and production requirements. These machines can produce bags with a flat, stable base, making them ideal for retail packaging and items that require enhanced support and presentation. 

Depending on the brand, features, and production capacity, the price of square bottom bag making machines can increase significantly, providing businesses with various options to suit their specific needs.

Fully automatic bag making machine price

Figure 5 Fully Automatic Paper B

Figure 5: Fully automatic paper bag making machine

For businesses prioritizing high production capacity and advanced automation, fully automatic bag making machines offer unparalleled efficiency. These machines start at approximately $150,000. The higher price tag reflects the cutting-edge technology and sophisticated automation systems integrated into these machines. 

Fully automatic bag making machines streamline production, reducing labor costs and increasing output. While the initial investment might be substantial, the long-term benefits in terms of production volume and reduced labor make these machines a valuable asset for large-scale operations.


Paper bags have different varieties and stand as champions in the battle against plastic pollution. The prices of paper bags are in accordance with the type of features you add to them. From local grocery stores to high-end boutiques, paper bags have woven themselves into the fabric of modern living. 

If you’re a business owner looking to invest in cutting-edge paper bag making machinery, look no further than Nova Machinery. With a wide range of options to suit various production requirements, Nova Machinery is a trusted provider of high-quality, reliable machines that deliver exceptional results. 

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