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Small Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

  • Nova Machinery is the reliable paper bag machine manufacturer you can trust on!
  • We have a well-earned status for first-rate small paper bag making machines that endured the test of time.
  • Our competent engineers enterprise each machine with great care, ensuring that it meets the highest standards in terms of presentation and wellbeing.
  • Our priority is your gratification.
  • We have a long-standing reputation for superiority.
  • Our quality management system backs our machines.

One Small Paper Pouch Making Machine That Can Fulfill Your Custom Needs

With a small paper bag making machine, you can yield bags your factory will need in a single pass.

bottom floding of sharp bottom

The Bottom Folding Machine is an indispensable part of any paper bag making process. This machine folds the bottom of the bags, ensuring that they are securely closed. With a creation speed of up to 200 bags/minute, this machine can retain up with even the most demanding factories.

Film Unwinding

The Film Unwinding Machine is accountable for feeding the paper into the bag making process. This machine can handle up to 500 meters of film per minute, making it seamless for large-scale production.

flexo printing machine

Branding logos and text on your shopping bags are a great way to set your business apart from the competition. The Flexo Printing Machine permits you to do just that with a high printing speed. You can indicate between various printing methods, giving you the ability to create any type of design you want.

paper bag cutting unit

Want to make your bags in any size you want? The Paper Bag Cutting Unit makes it conceivable. This machine can cut bags to any size or shape you need. It’s superlative for creating branded bags tailored to your company’s desires.

Get An Efficient Packaging Machine To Encounter The Market Demand

Nova Machinery retains up with the newest tendencies to certify that our machines gratify market needs.

Flat Bottom small Paper Bag Making Machine

The trending Flat Bottom bags are quickly becoming the most prevalent type of bag in the market. Our small paper bag machine is seamless for manufacturing these bags, with up to 200 bags/minute production speed.

Fully Automatic small Paper Bag Making Machine

The Fully Automatic small paper bag making machine is the latest addition to our machines. With a bagging rate of up to 200 bags per minute, this machine is supreme for extensive production. It also features an automatic feeding system, certifying that your bags are always made in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Handle Making Machine

The Handle Making machine is picture-perfect for accumulation an extra touch of professionalism to your bags. With this machine, you can add handles to any bag in a matter of seconds. It’s the flawless way to make your bags stand out from the competition.

Square Bottom small Paper Bag Making Machine

The Square bottom small paper bag making machine is flawless for making bags with a more refined look. These bags are perfect for high-end stores. With a production speed of up to 200 bags/minute, this machine can keep up with even the most demanding factories.

What Makes Nova Machinery Your Only Partner?

We only source from the unsurpassed manufacturers in the business. We have a gigantic range of machinery and equipment, so you’re sure to find what you need with us. We’re always here to help, our team of connoisseurs is on hand to give you advice and support whenever you need it. 

The certification that we have obtained from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a testament to the quality of our products and services. We are proud to be one of the few companies globally that can be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We have a massive range of spare parts and accessories, so you can keep your machinery running smoothly for years to come. We offer an inclusive pledge on all of our products.

Why NOVA Is Your best Choice For Small Paper Bag Making Machine


functional introduction


Bottom Of Paper Bag

Paper bag speed30-200pcs/min280pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-200pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-150 pcs/min
Paper bag length (C)220-430mm190-430mm270-530mm260-530mm260-530mm350-810mm
Paper bag length (L)180-380mm180-380mm225-470mm210-480mm210-480mm280-730mm
Paper bag width(W)80-190mm80-220mm120-280mm150-330mm150-450mm220-450mm
Paper bag bottom width(H)50-100mm50-120mm60-160mm60-180mm60-180mm90-250mm
Paper thickness45-120g/m245-150g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m280-160g/m2
Paper roll width290-610mm290-710mm380-950mm400-1050mm560-1300mm620-1450mm
Roll paper diameter1200mm1300mm1200mm1200mm1200mm1200mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm
Machine power11.5Kw9Kw12Kw15kw15 kw18Kw
Machine weight5000kg8000Kg7000kg8500kg10000kg12000Kg
Machine size9200x1600x180 0mm8600*2600*190 0 mm10500x3600x19 00mm10000x2100x21 00mm10000X3000X21 00mm11000X3200X25 00mm


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Small Paper Bag Making Machine FAQs

Nova machinery is a top-choice machine trader that bids an extensive assortment of machines to its clients. The company has rich experience in manufacturing and exporting different types of machines. With ages of knowledge in the trade, Nova has become a trusted title for value machines that are proficient in meeting the most demanding necessities.

Our most hot-selling machines include V bottom paper bag machine, paper bag printing machine and paper carry bag making machine. Moreover, we also have a paper shopping bag machine, which is the latest category of bag machine. The after-sale service of our machines is also unswerving. If you have any interrogations, please communicate us.

What Is A Small Paper Bag Making Machine?

To make a small paper bag, you will need a small paper bag making machine. This is a machine that uses two rollers to create the bag shape. It can make bags of different sizes, contingent on your settings. The small paper bag making machine works by feeding a continuous web of paper through the machine. The two rollers then come together and create the bag shape.

Small Paper Bag Making Machine with Printing Unit

Figure 1: Small Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Unit

The small paper bag making machine is very adaptable and can make numerous bags, from small gift bags to sandwich bags. It is also a very reasonable machine, supreme for small or large businesses.

Which Type Of Raw Material Is Required For A Small Paper Bag Machine?

Using any specific raw material with a small paper bag making machine is unnecessary. However, it is vital to use good-quality paper if strong and durable bags.

For most small businesses, using Kraft paper is a terrific option. Kraft paper is a strong paper that is made from recycled materials. Moreover, it is an affordable option that will help to keep your costs down.

Is It A Mechanically Driven Small Paper Pouch Machine Or A Servo-Driven One?

A small paper bag making machine can be either mechanically driven or servo-driven. A mechanically driven machine is powered by a motor, while a servo motor powers a servo-driven machine.

The choice between a mechanically driven or servo-driven machine will hang on to the type of machine you purchase and the amount of money you are willing to spend. A mechanically driven machine is usually cheaper than a servo-driven machine, but it may be less reliable. Doing your investigation before buying is indispensable to ensure you get the best machine for your preferences and budget.

Is The Small Paper Bag Making Machine Fed By Roll Or Sheet?

Considering raw material, there are generally two types of small paper bag machines:  the roll-fed machine and sheet-fed machine.

The roll-fed machine is the most casually used. It takes a continuous web of paper and feeds it through the machine to make the bags. This small shopping bag making machine is best matched for those with a steady flow of paper coming in.

Paper Roll Unwinding

Figure 2: Paper Roll Unwinding

On the other hand, the sheet-fed machine is more precise and can make bags of different sizes. The preference for this machine usually depends on how particular the paper bag business is about bag size and measurements.

NOVA mostly encounters the roll-fed small paper bag machine as it beholds a low price and is mechanically driven. Plus, if we talk about effectuality, mechanically driven machines are more long-lasting.

Both of these machines have their advantages and disadvantages; It’s crucial to pick the appropriate machine for your needs since it will save time and money.

Does The Small Paper Bag Making Machine Hold The Fully Automatic Operation?

Yes, most small paper bag making machines are fully automatic. This means that they require very little operator involvement once you have set them up. They will automatically feed the paper through the machine, create the bags, and eject them at the other end.

The fully automatic operation of a small paper bag machine is one of its main advantages. It means that you can produce bags with very little operator involvement, saving you time and money. It also means that you can produce bags of a consistent quality, which is important for businesses that rely on their brand image.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Operating The Small Paper Bag Making Machine?

When operating a small paper bag machine, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that the machine is set up correctly and that all of the settings are correct for the type of bag you want to make.
  • Secondly, you need to ensure that the paper is feeding through the machine correctly. If there are any problems with the paper feed, it can cause the machine to jam and stop working.
  • Thirdly, you keep an eye on the machine while it is operating. This is to make sure that there are no problems with the machine and running smoothly.
  • Fourthly, you need to focus on the bags as they come out of the machine. Ensure that they are of good quality and that there are no defects.
  • Fifthly, you need to watch the machine’s operation time. If you notice that it is getting close to its maximum operating time, you should stop the machine and let it cool down.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that your machine runs smoothly and creates high-quality bags.

How Often Do We Change The Small Paper Bag Making Machine's Parts?

The frequency with which you need to change the parts of your small paper bag machine will depend on the type of machine you have and how often it is used.

If you are using a V bottom bag machine, you will need to change the heating element every 6-12 months, depending on how often it is used.

Other than the heating element, most of the other parts of a small paper bag making machine should last for a long time. However, it is a good idea to keep some spare parts on hand, just if something goes wrong.

NOVA also procures the small paper bag machine consumables, including the printing plate, ink, ribbon, etc. If someone wants to purchase a separate spare part, Nova is hereby your best choice.

Can We Purchase A Small Paper Bag Machine For A Small-Scale Business?

Yes! You can. But this is a question that many business owners may find themselves asking, and the answer is unfortunately not always clear. There are a few factors to consider while purchasing a high speed small paper bag making machine for your business.

The first consideration is whether or not you will be able to profit from producing bags. The cost of the machine, the cost of materials, and the time it takes to produce each bag all need to be taken into account. If the final price of the bag is more than what the customer is willing to pay, you will not be making a profit.

The second consideration is how many bags you think you will be able to sell. If you only think you will sell a few bags each day, the machine may not be worth the investment. However, if you think you could sell hundreds of bags each day, the machine could quickly pay for itself.

The last consideration is what type of bag you want to produce. There are a variety of machines available, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you pick the machine that is best suited for your wants.

A Paper bag making machine small scale business is a great way to produce an eco-friendly bag. Most small paper bag machines use recycled paper, which is good for the environment and helps your business look green.

Describe The Different Working Units Of Small Paper Pouch Making Machines?

There are a few small paper pouch making machines, but they all have the same basic working units. The machine consists of three main parts: the feeding unit, the cutting unit, and the bag-making unit.

Feeding Unit:

The feeding unit is the part of the machine that feeds the paper into the cutting unit. It generally consists of a motor, a belt, and a few rollers. The motor spins the belt, which in turn spins the rollers. This causes the paper to be fed into the machine at a constant speed.

Tube forming Unit:

The tube forming unit is the part of the machine that forms the tubes of the krafted paper. It generally consists of a few rollers, a heating element, a folding section, and a gluing section. The rollers press the paper against the heating element, which causes it to soften. The paper is then folded and glued into a pouch.

Bag Forming Unit

Figure 3: Bag Forming Unit

Cutting Unit:

The cutting machine is the part of the small size packaging machine that cuts the paper tubes into pouches. It generally consists of a knife/blade, a pair of rollers, and a few guides. The cutting blades are attached to the rollers and spin around them. This causes the paper to be cut into pouches.

Cutting Unit

Figure 4: Cutting Unit

Collection Unit:

After bottom forming and cutting section the small size paper bags are sent to the collection unit.

Define The Types Of Bags That We Can Make With A Small Paper Bag Making Machine?

There is a variability of paper bags that can be made with a small paper bag making machine, including grocery bags, gift bags, garment bags and party favor bags. Food paper bag is also a type of bag that can be made with a small paper bag machine. However, the type of bag you can produce is determined by the sort of machine that you have. Make sure to do your examination before making a purchase.

Small Size Paper Bags

Figure 5: Small Size Paper Bags

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Low-Cost Paper Bag Making Machine?

The benefits of owning a low-cost paper bag making machine are many. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it allows you to produce your bags, saving you money in the long run. It also eliminates the need to purchase bags from a third party, saving you even more money. Additionally, owning your machine allows you to customize the bags however you want, which can give your business a more professional look. Finally, owning your machine allows you to produce bags faster than if you were to order them from a third party.

Do You Give An Estimate For A Small Paper Bag Making Machine Price?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the price of a small paper bag making machine will vary depending on the type and size of the machine you purchase. That being said, you can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for a machine. It depends on the sort of machine you buy and its features. Plus, adding any additional inline or offline will increase the price.

Along With A Small Paper Pouch Making Machine, What Are The Other Machines We Need To Complete The Paper Bag Making Process?

To make a paper bag, you will need a small paper pouch making machine, a handle making machine (if you want handles on your bags), and a flexo printing machine (if you want your bags printed). While these machines are not required, they will certainly make the process easier and produce better results. If you are serious about making paper bags, it is worth considering investing in these machines.

Nova offers a wide range of small paper bag making machines that will fit your needs, including grocery paper bag machines, SOS paper bag making machines, food paper bag machines, and more. Hand on heart, we believe that our machines are of the best quality and offer the best value for your money.

What Is The Typical Delivery Time, And How Do I Get A Quote At Nova?

Small paper bag making machines typically take between 4 and 6 weeks to deliver. However, it is important to note that this is just an estimate, and the actual delivery time may vary depending on the machine you purchase and the supplier you work with.

To get a quote for a small paper bag making machine, you will need to deliver statistics about the machine you are interested in, including the size, type, and features. You can get a quote by communicating Nova or by calling us at our company number. We would be enchanted to assist you in shaping which machine is supreme for your rations.

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