Sos paper bags in the pharmaceutical industry

Sos paper bags in the pharmaceutical industry

Figure 1: Sos paper bags in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is leading in innovation in the age of enhanced ecological awareness and the growing need for sustainable practice. Among the myriad advancements, one solution has emerged as a beacon of eco-friendliness and practicality: SOS paper bags.

Having the expiration date and daily dose indicated on the bags, together with their recyclability, SOS paper bags present a solution that includes the values of both pharmaceutical companies and consumers.

Do you know?

According to recent research, the global pharmaceutical packaging market is anticipated to reach a value of 149.25 billion dollars by 2025, with a CAGR of 8.3% from 2020 to 2025.

SOS paper bags are well-positioned to dominate the packaging market because of their unique features and environmental benefits.

What you are going to learn in this post?

This blog brings to light that SOS paper bags are eco-friendly alternatives to packaging done with the help of plastics and that these paper bags offer direct medication information printing, various sizing options, and custom branding with NOVA Machinery.

Advanced Die-Cutting Technology | Custom Semi-Circular Arcs for SOS Paper Bags

Custom Semi-Circular Arcs for SOS Paper Bags

Figure 2: Custom Semi-Circular Arcs for SOS Paper Bags

Our semi-circular arc die-cutting machines based on SOS paper bags in our facility use specialized die-cut devices that enable us to create fully customizable bags. This capability makes it stand out from all the rest since it can provide accurate for your unique packaging needs.

  • Precision Engineering for Tailored Packaging:

Our engineers have carefully and thoughtfully designed and arranged it with the help of a small die-cutting unit, which has been seamlessly integrated into our SOS paper bag making machines. This precise and reliable machine makes the smooth cutting of semi-arcs on each bag, which the brand can proudly attest to.

  • Adjustable Arc Size for Versatile Applications:

With our innovative setup, the size of the semi-circular arc can be easily adjusted according to your preferences and needs. Whether you require a subtle curve or a more pronounced arc, our system allows for seamless customization, ensuring your packaging stands out while maintaining functionality.

Sos paper bags

  • Streamlined Production with In-House Capabilities:

At Nova, we optimize production and reduce turnaround times by fully integrating this function into our production line. The in-house resources of our organization will let you efficiently implement design changes and promptly respond to market demands, which will eventually help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Enhanced Branding and Aesthetics:

There’s room for customization of this semi-circular arc on SOS paper bags to improve your branding and brand aesthetics. This is a perfect way to infuse your branding with Arc or integrate are’s design with your brand’s visual identity, which, in the end, adds a unique touch that makes the customer remember your brand.

  • Superior Functionality and Presentation:

Next to aesthetics, the semi-circular arc has a practical purpose as it helps to open and handle the paper bags smoothly. The ergonomics of this design guarantee a convenient user experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Solutions for SOS Paper Bag Applications in Pharmacies:

SOS Paper Bag Applications in Pharmacies

Figure 3: SOS Paper Bag Applications in Pharmacies

Pharmaceutical product packaging demands cleanness, lots of safety at the same time, less wastage, and sustainability. Integrated paper bag machines designed to deliver a customized basket of solutions to the varying drug store necessities is the system we offer.

SOS bags tapeV bottom paper bag machinesquare bottom paper bag machinePaper Bag Printing Machine
Unprinted V bottom bags
Unprinted square bottom paper bag
Custom Printed Paper Bag Pouches

Streamlined Solutions for SOS Paper Bag Applications

From unprinted V bottom bags to custom printed paper bag pouches, a technology employed in the machines cut into production speeds while ensuring quality, flexibility, and versatility.

  • Unprinted V bottom bags (low-profile packaging):

With our unique V-bottom bags paper bag machine, we designed the process to be highly automated for the mass production of unprinted V bottom bags. This machine has been designed to give bags with a V-shaped bottom speaker well for medications as they require low-profile packaging. This machine, which has passed precision engineering requirements, can produce each bag with the same level of consistency and intact structural integrity.

  • Unprinted Square Bottom Paper Bags:

Unprinted Square Bottom Paper Bags

Figure 4: Unprinted Square Bottom Paper Bags

Our sustainable square bottom paper bag machine, which produces unprinted square bottom paper bags, is one of our outstanding business methods. This machine is designed to create bags with flat and square bag bottoms to increase their stability and lifetime span for various pharmaceutical products. This machine is based on strong construction technology that provides steady performance and excellent quality of high-level paper bags.

  • Custom Printed Paper Bag Pouches:

Custom Printed Paper Bag Pouches

Figure 5: Custom Printed Paper Bag Pouches

Printed paper bag pouches with custom designs give pharmacies a great chance to advertise their services and fill the essential medication notes. The pharmacy can print its logo, recognizable elements, and information like expiry dates and daily dose instructions directly on the pouches. 

Thus, these pouches can boost customer engagement and their brand as effective advertising materials. Additionally, our machine for printing paper bags could be helpful to pharmacies as it has customization capability with state-of-the-art printing possibilities.

Why SOS Paper Bags Are Best for Pharmacies?

In this debate on the sustainable option between SOS paper bags and plastic bags, pharmaceutical outlets opt for eco-friendly packaging that simultaneously meets their functional needs and contributes to environmental care. 

SOS bags deliver all the convenience without negatively affecting the environment, as these paper bags are the better choice for the pharmacies. Here are some benefits of using SOS paper bags:

  • SOS paper bags are sustainable and sourced from renewables.
  • They are biodegradable and cause little environmental issues compared to plastic bags.
  • SOS paper bags with medicines suit the pharmacy image of a green and eco-friendly community.
  • The pharmacies can cement their brand image through customization and supply important information about the drugs.
  • The SOS bags comply with the regulatory standards, thus promoting a circular economy.

Sos paper bags in the pharmaceutical industry

Switching to SOS paper bags provides pharmacies a tool to feature their participation in ecological conservation and observe the requirements of the regulations. Using NOVA’s advanced paper bag machine, pharmacies can look forward to a new era of eco-friendly packaging, undoubtedly without the needed setback of operational efficiency. 

Our technologically advanced machines, built for precision, reliability, and efficiency, can make bag shapes from square bottom to custom-printing. NOVA Machinery is a perfect match for all pharmacies that want to have their operations running smooth, their carbon footprint reduced, and their brand enhanced, all this being done conscientiously with every paper bag. Contact us for more details.

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