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Butter Paper Bag Making Machine

  • Highly-trained staff to execute the manufacturing process of the butter paper bag making machine
  • Quick quality control testing system for minimum operational faults.  
  • Precise butter paper bag making machine assembly units for easy maintenance. 
  • Optimum and innovative designs that enhance the production speed and overall performance. 
  • Availability of the genuine spare parts in case you run out of them or your machine gets any damage. 
  • Effective budgeting schemes along with free consultation and after-sale services.

A Standardized Firm In China That Provides Butter Paper Machine

Nova Machinery offers wrinkle-free butter paper bags and packaging machinery  

D-cut bag making machine

Industries try to keep up with the demands of their clients and Nova machinery works to fulfill them. D-cut bag-making machine is a huge advancement in butter paper bag production.  It is a unique style that is formed by making a D – like a cavity on the paper bag. It not only adds to the unique look of the paper bag but also serves as a handle. Its dimensions can be personalized.  

Film Unwinding Machine

Films of different materials are famous in the paper bag manufacturing system. The role of the film unwinding machine is to unroll the film material from the shaft. The shaft is a part of a machine where we place the film material. The shaft rotates continuously thus unwinding the paper film material at the desired speed.  

flexo printing machine

Serving as a milestone in the butter paper bag machine industry, this flexo printing machine is a great money saver. It prints your paper rolls and paper bags with uncompromised quality ink. The whole system is automatic and the printing process gets monitored on its own. The presence of the ink tanks further reduces the ink refilling fatigue.

paper bag cutting unit

Cutting is an essential element in making precise shapes and structures of the paper butter paper bags. Without proper cutting, your paper bag will look like a sack with no aesthetic. The paper bag cutting unit consists of cutters of different sizes that cut the length, width, and bottoms of the paper bags. 

Nova Machinery – A Well-Defined Butter Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Gallery

We offer you with paper bag making machinery with prominent features!

Flat Bottom butter Paper Bag Making Machine

To cope with a high demand for flat bottom butter paper bags, Nova machinery has provided the industrialists with a permanent solution which is a flat bottom butter paper bag making machine. The butter paper bags manufactured with this machine can have handles if you attach the optional handle-making machinery. These are highly compatible with lifting and storing food items.  

Fully Automatic butter Paper Bag Making Machine

To reduce manual labor and human error, we have launched the fully automatic paper bag production machine. Its production capacity is around about 300 paper bags per minute (highly specific to the type of butter paper bag machine model you choose). It takes ideal power to work even with weak electrical connectivity. Once you buy this fully automatic paper bag production machine, your daily selling target of the butter paper bags will be improved.

Handle Making Machine

With customizable options, this machine has proved to be the right hand in the butter paper bag production. Providing the benefits of the easy-grip, this machine also provides the inline and offline working facilities. Not only this, it can make different handles with paper ropes in the bulk quantity. 

Square Bottom butter Paper Bag Making Machine

Being a highly utilized machine in the butter paper bag making market, this machine has its distinct benefits. From spacious bottoms to the crease-free paper surface, your store can be a place of optimum attraction. Square bottom butter paper bag making machine makes highly comfortable shopping and carrying bags thus providing great benefits to the retailers.

Nova Machinery – A Hallmark Of Proficient Customer Services For Years!

Starting a business from scratch and excelling within years is not an easy ride. Nova machinery has always been on the verge of hard work and true devotion. After 20 long years of unstopped efforts, we have accomplished the international reputation of a number one seller! Our working staff is highly competent in dealing with the customers and taking their customized orders. We deliver high-quality paper bag making machinery that have no faults and are considered the best-selling machines around the world. 

Our business has been established in the outer areas of China such as UAE, South Africa, India, and other 35 developed countries. This is all because of our transparency and good client relations. Our international customers leave good feedback that increases our ranking among other manufacturers. Moreover, you get easy discount deals on your favorite paper bag machines once or twice a year! Go ahead and place the order! 

Why Should You Choose Nova As Your Business Partner?

butter paper bag making machine video


Apply to paper bag made from 100% wooden fiber
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
X ≥60X ≥80X ≥100
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 10kg≈22lbsCan bear 14kg≈31lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch
Apply to paper bag made from recycled paper
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
60 ≤ X <10080 ≤ X <120X ≥120
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch

Bottom Of Paper Bag

Paper bag speed30-200pcs/min280pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-200pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-150 pcs/min
Paper bag length (C)220-430mm190-430mm270-530mm260-530mm260-530mm350-810mm
Paper bag length (L)180-380mm180-380mm225-470mm210-480mm210-480mm280-730mm
Paper bag width(W)80-190mm80-220mm120-280mm150-330mm150-450mm220-450mm
Paper bag bottom width(H)50-100mm50-120mm60-160mm60-180mm60-180mm90-250mm
Paper thickness45-120g/m245-150g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m260-160g/m280-160g/m2
Paper roll width290-610mm290-710mm380-950mm400-1050mm560-1300mm620-1450mm
Roll paper diameter1200mm1300mm1200mm1200mm1200mm1200mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm76mm
Machine power11.5Kw9Kw12Kw15kw15 kw18Kw
Machine weight5000kg8000Kg7000kg8500kg10000kg12000Kg
Machine size9200x1600x180 0mm8600*2600*190 0 mm10500x3600x19 00mm10000x2100x21 00mm10000X3000X21 00mm11000X3200X25 00mm


Top-Notch Team of engineers:

Nova’s technical team is well trained and has a wealth of experience in producing paper bag making machines. The machines’ research and development is handled by an experienced engineering team at Nova.

Partner brands

Service before & after sales:

All Nova machines come with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support, showing that we trust our products and believe that we can provide a good solution for any problem you may encounter.

Butter Paper Bag Making Machine – FAQ Guideline

Nova machinery is running a successful business enterprise in China and a lot of other countries around the globe. our manufacturing services are well known among different industrialists and they seek our guidance in every matter. Due to our promising customer services and high-quality paper bag making machine, our clients have become permanent. No matter what the order quantity is, they only rely upon our on-stop paper bag manufacturing shop.

Recently, we have launched a butter paper bag making machine which serves a great sector of the business market. Talking about the cost and ordering services, you can get customization in your desired machine at reasonable prices. Do not be afraid to invest in our company as it is a certified manufacturing business that has given life to several small businesses on the go. Furthermore, we have listed down some of the frequently asked questions regarding the butter paper bag manufacturing machine. Continue reading to solve your queries for free!

What Is A Butter Paper Bag Making Machine?

Just like a regular machine, a butter paper bag making machine is a source of making highly durable and serving paper bags. A butter paper bag machine is completely reliable in the perspective of cost, maintenance, and production.

Nova’s butter paper bag making machine is highly efficient and makes 210 to 290 paper bags per minute. This quantity varies from one model to another as different models are manufactured concerning your technical preferences. The features of a butter paper bag machine are unmatched. It can work for 40 hours straight on a stable power connection. We have installed a digital control system for the input of the paper bag dimension-related settings. With the help of a finger touch sensor, you can set the length, width, and size of the butter paper bags.

Moving onto the sections, it is a one-piece machine with three sections. The first section is the unwinding section where we place the butter paper rolls. The next sections make the paper tubes, which is the initial step of giving the paper bags their proper shape. The width of the paper tube signifies the size of the paper bag after the formation. This section has a manual unit to control the tube width. The last section of the machine collectively makes the paper bottoms and after sealing them together, the butter paper bags are collected at the collection unit. This unit once can hold 50 butter paper bags.

Nova machinery provides free maintenance tips for the long life of your butter paper bag making machine. You can always count on our services.

Figure 1 Butter Paper Bag Making Machine

Figure 1: Butter Paper Bag Making Machine

What Is The Butter Paper Bag Manufacturing Process?

Nova Machinery is highly concerned about the manufacturing regime followed at its manufacturing site. We enforce strong laws and regulations so that nothing gets wasted, no one gets injured, and the manufacturing process takes place efficiently. We have trained our engineers to strictly supervise the major and minor considerations during the butter paper bag production process. This is to avoid any human negligence that can cause major errors.

The butter paper bag manufacturing process takes place as follows.

  • Raw Materials

Raw Materials don’t necessarily mean the machine material, it includes all the essential material that can be used in the butter paper bag production such as printing inks, glues, cutting units, handle making units and other similar stuff.

  • Butter Paper Bag Manufacturing

At this point, the manufacturing of your butter paper bags officially starts. Starting from the very first step which is to shift the butter paper rolls on the shaft. The diameter of the paper rolls is 1000mm on average and their width is 200 to 920mm. The automatic pneumatic hydraulic cylinder is used to place the butter paper rolls on the unwinding unit. It is great to ease in reducing manual labor.

The unwinding unit is designed to spin or rotate so that the paper web moves to the tube formation section. The magnetic brakes are installed to control the tension in the paper web. Ultimately, we receive the crease-free paper web which is ideal to maintain the shape of the butter paper bag.

The tube formation section folds the paper web to form a tube. The cutter cut through the tubes according to the size of the paper bag. There is also an addition of glue tanks that hold a large amount of glue. It can serve all day, thus refraining from filling the gluing units.

After the tubes are formed, your butter paper bag making machine makes the paper bottoms. The machine also has a gusset of 20 to 120mm that helps to make sharp bottoms.

This sums up the paper bag manufacturing process. You are free to visit our firm for your satisfaction, we will show you the operational videos for your better understanding.

Figure 2 Bottom Folding of Butter Paper Bag Machine

Figure 2: Bottom Folding of Butter Paper Bag Machine

Is The Butter Paper Bag Machine Durable For Large Production?

Yes, your butter paper bag making machine is durable for large production. We have specifically designed your butter paper bag making machine keeping in mind the massive order production. We know how difficult it becomes to deal with the orders in the peak season, especially when you are running a new firm. Our machine speed is 50 to 250 pcs per minute which is quite exceptional. So, without holding back, invest in our latest technology fitted butter paper bag making machine. You’ll be amazed to see the results.

Does The Butter Paper Bag Making Machine Offer Fully Automatic Services?

Yes, your butter paper bag making machine offers fully automatic services. it is foolish to rely on the manually working machine in this advanced time. The customer demands are high and to maintain the credibility and permanent clients, you need to be 10 times faster than the running demands in the market. Only a fully automatic paper bag making machine can fulfill the above services with a high production rate while consuming less time and power.

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Butter Paper Bag Making Machine?

You should never blindly invest in a butter paper bag making machine before considering the following aspects.

  • Production quality: check if the production quality is according to your desired requirements. If not, then skip this machine and check for another manufacturer or another machine model. This is because specifications at every paper bag machinery supplier are different.
  • Cost: Check the cost in the first place! check if it matched your budget otherwise cross-check the prices on the internet among different manufacturers. Invest in the one which is close to your savings.
  • Features: Features are the most important thing to consider while buying a butter paper bag making Prefer the butter paper bag making machine that has the latest technology and has servo-driven systems. These features enhance the life and efficacy of your machines and you work with ease.
  • Maintenance: Make sure the butter paper bag making machine is easy to maintain. If not, you’ll have to invest money every now and then. This may affect your monthly budget as well.
  • Spare parts: Ensure that the spare parts installed in your machine are genuine. Nova Machinery uses imported spare parts to make no compromise on the quality.
  • Certification: One of the most important things to consider is certification. If the machine and the manufacturer both are certified, then you can buy the butter paper bag making machine. Otherwise, avoid it!
  • Previous feedback: Customer feedback is also a great way to go through the company policies, product quality, and behavior. If you see positive feedback, you are good to go!
  • Optional Units: This is a game-changer because you can get more benefits at less price. The optional units like handle making and printing machinery are the absolute money makers.
How Many Types Of Raw Materials Does A Butter Paper Bag Making Machine Use?

Your butter paper bag making machine uses various types of butter papers including brown paper, kraft paper, white paper, and parchment paper to make different butter paper bags. We can add more variety upon your request.

What Is The Area Of Application For A Butter Paper Bag Making Machine?

Nova Machinery makes precise yet compatible butter paper bags that are applicable to

  • Restaurants
  • Food franchise
  • Wrapping food such as sandwich
  • Bakery shops
  • Oily food materials (so that oil doesn’t sneak out)
  • Grocery stores
  • And to store sweets

They are used frequently because of their oil-resistant properties and durability.

Can I Use A Butter Paper Bag Machine As A Printing Machine?

Yes, you can use a butter paper bag machine as a printing machine once you attach the optional printing unit with it. Your butter paper bag printing machine offers you to print in 2 and 4 different colors depending upon your choice. Its printing speed is 5 to 100m in a minute which is remarkable. The ink tanks ensure that there is always enough ink to maintain the non-interruptive printing procedure.

Figure 3 Auto Ink Pumping in Butter Paper Bag Printing Machine

Figure 3: Auto Ink Pumping in Butter Paper Bag Printing Machine

What Is The Market Price Of A Butter Paper Bag Machine?

The market price of a butter paper bag making machine is different with and without the optional attachable units. Its better to consult our support team to get the exact quote as per your required machine.

Why Should I Invest With Nova Machinery?

There are tons of compelling reasons why you should invest with Nova Machinery, such as

  • Healthy working environment
  • Competent and trained team
  • Innovative and improved ideas
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Fast delivery system
  • Order on-demand services
  • Minimum and maximum ordering services
  • Maintenance service s
  • Quality control
  • After-sale services
  • And customized services

Other than the above set of reasons, you can call us at any time to take a free consultation with our strategists.

How Can I Place My Order For A Butter Paper Bag Machine?

By visiting our website, you’ll see the “contact us option”. There is also a WhatsApp pop-up on the right below corner from where you can WhatsApp call us or text us. You can also email us and visit us at the address provided. Our customer staff is open 24 by 7 to take your queries and orders.

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