Paper Bag Machines in UAE: A Case Study

This Blog is a real life example of our work with Paper Bag Machines in UAE. The client was very new to the industry and did not have a good start-up plan, so we sent our technical consultant from the UAE to talk to him face to face and provide him with a complete solution for his investment size and investment budget.

Owing to the drastic environmental effects of plastic, the whole world today is fighting against its use of it. The damage caused by the use of plastic is no less than a global pandemic. Concerning the strategies to bring the climate to a healthy basis, many countries have decided to quit plastic from their daily use. The industries using plastic for making different products mainly shopping bags are elevating themselves from plastic.

UAE is one of the countries that have taken strong measures to eradicate plastic from their manufacturing industry. The practice of quitting plastic will officially take place from the end half of 2022. This led to a sheer breakdown in the existing businesses and that is where we have gotten our UAE-based Indian client “Mr. Rajesh Kumar” in search of the paper bag-making machine.

It is highly wise on the part of our client “Rajesh Kumar” to decide beforehand to invest in the paper bag machines in UAE. He found us on the internet and immediately contacted us for guidance regarding paper bag manufacturing machines. As Rajesh was completely new in this field, we needed to give him an extensive overview of the bigger picture which is paper bag making machine production.

Having Rajesh Kumar’s call, we sent our working staff in UAE to assist him in every possible way. From the tiniest machine part to the massive production of the paper bag making machine, we enlisted everything in front of him, set up his morals, and gave some strategic policies for the business flourishment. Below is a detailed account of the business difficulties that Rajesh Kumar faced and how our contribution to his business opened the door to success.

The Prime Reasons For The Business Downfall Faced By Rajesh Kumar

Nova’s UAE team while having a conversation with Rajesh Kumar came to know that the business growth was at its peak until the law enforcement of removing the use of plastic from the industries. People got well aware of the disadvantages that plastic caused and there was a sudden pull in the plastic bag manufacturing business.

The prime reasons for the business downfall include:

  • Non-Eco-friendly Nature of Plastic

Plastic becomes a highly toxic material when it is exposed to the air, or burnt. It releases strong chemicals in the air that do not fade away, rather they affect the ozone layer. In return, the whole ecosystem stands the risk of ultraviolet rays and the greenhouse effect.

Furthermore, plastic is a non-renewable material. This means that no matter how many years it takes below the soil, it does not decompose. Ultimately, we are left with nothing but plastic waste.

  • Food Contamination

Being low-temperature resistant, when hot food is placed in plastic bags, their chemicals defuse with the food placed inside. This contaminates the food to a larger extent and resultantly, we fall victim to bad health.

  • Sudden Loss in the Economy

The economy is the biggest source of an industry’s survival and if that gets affected, the industry is more likely to fall. This is exactly what happened to our client Rajesh Kumar. He had bulk production of plastic bags available and they did not get sold even at the cheapest prices. This caused a huge drawback to his economy and he has left again at point zero. At this point, having foresight into the upcoming future, he decided to convert his plastic bag production to paper bag production.

What Were The Strategic Flaws That Hindered The Paper Bag Business Profit?

Starting a paper bag manufacturing business was challenging enough for Mr. Rajesh Kumar. Although he was trying to meet the needs of his new production requirements yet he lacked some of the strategic and manufacturing flaws that were hindering the profit in the business. Nova’s team deduced the following issues in his business.

  • In-experienced Workforce

A strong and competitive workforce is the core of the high-production and maintenance. Mr. Rajesh Kumar lacked this asset because his workforce was previously trained for making plastic bags. A whole turn and shift were needed to educate the team and Mr. Kumar was facing difficulty in doing that. The production rate was slow and overall profit was getting affected.

  • Lack of Management

As Mr. Rajesh was the only one with this new idea of making paper bags with a paper bag making machine, he had to handle a lot of things at once. He was getting late with team meetings, couldn’t teach his team about the core principles of paper bag manufacturing, and producing the hard copies of the daily progress was also a task unfinished. In short, due to a lack of experience and insufficient team, 24 hours per day weren’t enough for Mr. Rajesh Kumar.

  • Financial Imbalance

Due to the increased workload, another flaw that reduced the business profit was the financial imbalance. Although his team was not skilled in paper bag production mechanisms, he had to pay the labor cost. Other than this, Mr. Rajesh had to invest in the raw material for paper bag production, had to pay for the marketing of his business, and invest in the proper training of his workforce. These things altogether ran him tight on his monthly budget.

  • Bare Knowledge of Audience Demand

Another issue abundantly faced by Rajesh Kumar was the lack of customer demand. He couldn’t offer customization services at the very beginning of his paper bag manufacturing business. Clients were not getting where they wanted and this was a huge drawback in the face of the audience and business simultaneously.

  • Quality Production

As Mr. Rajesh’s experience with the paper bag making machine was new, he wasn’t aware of the machine operator system. lacking the true knowledge about the machine’s technicalities and functionalities, he wasn’t able to produce quality paper bags.

NOVA Supplies Rajesh Kumar With Customised Paper Bag Machines In UAE

Nova machinery went through all the challenges and problems faced by our client Rajesh Kumar and helped hand-in-hand with the upbringing of his business. For this purpose, Nova provided printing machinery along with paper handle-making machine units to bring novelty to the paper bag design.

We also provided quality kraft paper, high-speed and fully-automatic paper bag manufacturing machines, and gluing units for the paper bottom and handle pasting. Our technicians worked on polishing the staff at Mr. Rajesh’s firm and provided free operational videos for their better understanding.

Nova’s premium advice to Mr. Rajesh was to work with honesty and transparency because these two virtues drive your business towards success and gain customer trust. With slow and gradual steps, Mr. Rajesh Kumar’s business was set to flourish on the road to success.

Paper Bag Machines In UAE

Figure 1: Paper Bag Making Machine

Did Nova Paper Bag Making Machine Fulfilled The Monthly Selling Target For Rajesh?

Yes, Nova machinery helped Mr. Kumar to gain the monthly selling target. This happened with the consultation of business analysts at Nova who devised certain policies and highlighted the customer demands. Mr. Rajesh was able to pull his target selling with the help of Nova business professionals.


Difference Between Customer Feedback Before And After Contracting With Nova

The customer feedback went highly positive after contracting with Nova which is quite vigilant by the number of sales per month. The innovation that Mr. Rajesh brought in his paper bag production, intrigued the interest of hundreds of customers as compared to the previous business. The high interest of people ensures the credibility of Nova as well as Mr. Rajesh.




Machines Related To Paper Bag Making Machine

How To Choose A Reliable Manufacturer For A Paper Bag Making Machine?

The prime consideration for finding a reliable manufacturer of the paper bag making machine is the check the audience’s response. This is because people speak of what they receive with no filters. Another effective way is to check the certification that either the company you are looking for is legal and selling authentic products. The third important thing is to conder the product specifications and cost. If you get satisfied with all of the above then you’ve found a reliable manufacturer. Nova Machinery is also a trustworthy and efficient business partner which is clear from Mr. Rajesh’s experience above.

What Features Does Nova Paper Bag Making Machine Offer?

The features include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • High production
  • Easy operation
  • Quick maintenance
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Automatic gluing and printing services
  • Collecting unit with a space of 50 paper bags at a time

Paper Bag Collecting Unit

Figure 2: Paper Bag Collecting Unit

What Is The Life Cycle Of The Paper Bag Making Machine?

The lifecycle of your machine is directly proportional to its maintenance. However, Nova machinery gives a warranty of 3 to 4 years of flawless paper bag manufacturing machine.

What Are The OEM Services At Nova?

No one can beat Nova machinery in providing OEM services. We provide authentic and certified equipment with premium raw materials and other relevant tools.

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