Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

Nova machinery is the epitome of quality paper bag manufacturing and provides services in different world areas. With our continuously improving strategies, we have built several local servicing points where we help our customers with technical complications. Our policies are transparent, and our customers highly trust our products. 

We welcome you to visit our production site to have the satisfaction of management visually. Paper bags are our most-loved environmentally friendly product; we have subjected this blog to the paper bag manufacturing process. Read to know more!

Paper Bag Manufacturing Process video

Paper Bag Manufacturing Process video

Gathering of raw material 

When it comes to choosing the raw material for the paper bag manufacturing process, Nova is a bit choosey! This ensures that we deliver the best products and satisfy our clients with what they receive.

The gathering of raw material is an essential step, and Nova has trained workers to perform this job. We collect fine-quality kraft paper (paper bag material manufactured at Nova) because it is a high-in-demand paper product for its non-retaining properties. Other raw materials include printing inks, hot glue, external units, paper rolls, and paper bag making machines. It is essential to have all the necessary things by your side to avoid any shortcomings during the paper bag manufacturing process

Paper bag manufacturing machines

To maintain the innovation level in the market, Nova uses different paper bag making machines to give novelty to your paper bags. Various industries demand different designs for paper bags, and a single machine cannot fulfill all the requirements. We have manufactured a variety of machine models that give a distinct look to your paper bags. 

We have a square bottom paper bag-making machine if you want more spacey paper bags. It makes small and large block bottomed paper bags that give more space to hold products and easy-grip with paper rope handles. For making convenient shopping bags, we have a paper carry bag machine

As most food and pharmaceutical industries demand, we have a V-bottom paper bag machine with customizable features for flat and satchel paper bags. 

All the machines are well-equipped with foreign automatic servo-technology and touch control systems. The machine production is high and has no paper tension due to the magnetic brakes. In case of any error, the machine automatically stops with a beep. You can adjust the machine settings according to your preferences. 

Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine

Figure 1: Paper bag manufacturing machine 

Paper bag manufacturing process 

It is the most delicate process in the manufacturing industry as a minor error could ruin the hard work. Our machines are fully automatic, and their less manual dependency makes them stand out. Here is a step-by-step paper bag manufacturing process.

  • Loading of Paper roll

The step that initiates the paper bag manufacturing process is mounting paper rolls at the hydraulic shaft. You don’t have to make an effort to lift the heavy paper rolls. The hydraulic pneumatic cylinder performs this job for you. It automatically takes the paper roll and mounts it to the unwinding section. 

  • Unwinding process 

This is the first section of the paper bag machine of all three sections. The paper roll here unwinds at high speed (that can be adjusted as per your choice). To make sure that the paper web remains straight, we have a system called a tension control unit or magnetic brakes that reduce the paper tension.  

  • Paper tube formation 

The paper web reaches the second section of the paper bag machine, the paper tube formation unit. It is the core step of the paper bag manufacturing process because it gives that sleek look to your paper bags. The tube reflects the size of the paper bag you want to have. It has a manual width adjustment wheel that lets you control the width of the paper tube. 

  • Cutting 

Next to tube formation are the cutter that cuts the tube to the required length. The blades are sharp, and the waste material is immediately disposed of outside the machine. 

  • Gluing 

The paper tube sides are glued together through the small gluing units. We use hot glue for this purpose and have glue tanks to store the excess adhesive. In this way, you never run out of glue. 

  • Bottom Making 

The final step in the paper bag manufacturing process is the bottom formation. The machines have a gazette that gives a V-shape to your paper bags. 

  • Bag Collection 

Our one-piece paper bag manufacturing machine has a bag collection unit that can collect 50 bags at a time. 

  • Packaging 

Once prepared, your bags are delivered in corrugated packaging to ensure they don’t get damaged. 

  • Printing and Handle Making 

These are the additional choices you want to have in your machines. For printing, we offer 2 – 4 color flexo printing machines. We have a separate handle-making unit that makes rope, flat, and D-cut handles for making handles. Both units work inline and separately with the machine and are suitable for massive production. 

Either you can print the paper rolls before making paper bags or print them afterward. The same procedure goes with the handles-making unit. 

For pricing, operational videos, or catalogs, you can always contact Nova.

Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

Figure 2: Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

Nova’s paper bag manufacturer factory 

Nova machinery is a reliable option if looking for quality paper bags in China. Our production line is spread over several square feet to store your paper bag machines. We have a moderate environment and strict factory guidelines for continuous paper bag manufacturing. Our team runs life cycle assessments on our paper bags to ensure they satisfy the environmental requirements. 

Customer Services  

Nova is famous for its customer service because of our generosity. Here is a list of the customer services you get after joining hands with Nova.

  • Free operational videos 
  • Fast manufacturing and delivery services 
  • 24/7 open booth to hear customer queries 
  • Flexible order placing choices 
  • Quick quality control inspection
  • Premium Packaging 
  • After-sale services 

To know more about life at Nova, visit our website or contact us. We are open to any services at any time and in any part of the world! 


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