Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

Nova Machinery has been remarkably expanding the paper bag machine manufacturing business for years. With the 20 years of consistent struggle, we have managed to open our offices in 40 countries which is a huge trademark in the history of Chinese manufacturers. The customers across the borders highly admire our improved and constantly developing solutions. 

The main focus of our team is to manufacture fault-free paper bag making machines that not only enhance your business but all make permanent customers. Furthermore, we believe in sheer honesty, that’s why our complete managing and production system is transparent. 

This blog intends to highlight the different forms of paper carry bag making machine that can suit your business. Learn more about their functions and features by giving a detailed read! 

Paper carry bag making machine

At stores, shopping malls, and pharmacies, you need to carry a paper bag that can store the stuff. To ensure that the bags are environmentally friendly and of high quality, Nova machinery has launched a paper carry bag making machine. This machine offers high efficacy and fast speed paper bag production at low voltage. To accommodate your different paper bag design requirements, we have come up with different machine plans as well. 

Available options – paper carry bag machines

Your shopping bags are not limited to a single design. Nova Machinery has launched different variants of the paper carry bag making machines just to add novelty to the paper bag designs. The technical data of the machines are described below. 

Fully automatic paper bag making machine

This machine consists of a one-piece paper bag making unit along with the twisted handle making unit attached. This handle works in-line with the machine to allow rapid production of your paper carry bags with handles. All the functions are automatic and labor cost is saved. A digital touch screen system helps you to modify the paper bag settings that almost take 4 to 6 hours to alter the old settings. 

For the retailers or clothing shops where beauty is admired, a fully automatic paper bag making machine will be of the best use.

Square bottom paper bag making machine and Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

In this case, the paper bag making and handle making process takes place separately. The optional handle making a pasting machine is not attached to the square bottom paper bag machine. It works offline with your machine but automatically makes and pastes the handles. 

You have to use the square bottom paper bag making machine to make your square bottom paper bags. The paper bag manufacturing system takes place on its own. Feed the kraft paper rolls (or any other paper material of your choice) in the machine and it will start unwinding. Once your paper bags are formed, use handle making and pasting unit to paste the handles on the bags (with 25 – 45cm width).  

twist handle making machine video

paper handle making and pasting machine video

  • Square bottom paper bag making machine

    & manual paper handle gluing machine

Square bottom paper bag making machine and manual paper handle gluing machine

Similar to the machine mentioned above, this machine makes square bottom paper bags separately. The difference is that this machine has a manual handle making and gluing system. It is perfect for those manufacturers who have a low budget. The production and qualities are flexible and bag dimensions can be changed easily. 

Except for the paper carry bag making machine, we have other machines in our production line. You can visit to see the live operational process for your understanding. 

Paper carry bag machine for small and large production

It becomes a huge confusion when it comes to buying a machine for small and large paper bag production. Nova machinery, after a lot of effort, has figured out this chaos for you. For massive paper bag production, we recommend you use a twisted handled paper bag making machine. For lower production, you can opt for the square bottom paper bag making machine with an offline handle making and pasting unit. However, if you are starting your business and want to keep the labor cost low, you can use the third machine which is a square bottom paper bag machine with a manual paper handle gluing machine. If you still need assistance, our staff is always ready to guide you.

Used paper carry bag making machine

When you start a new venture, sanity is to spend your money wisely. To help you stand in the new business, we provide used paper carry bag machines. You can buy a new one if you are financially strong, but those who have a limited budget can start with the used paper bag making machines. These machines are great in production and have no technical faults except that they are used and not in the new condition. We also run through testing of the machine to look for errors or broken parts for customer satisfaction. 

Customized paper carry bag making machine

As a well-grown and experience paper carry bag making machine manufacturer, we offer you to customize your machines. In this way, you can add or remove whatever feature you like. Our engineers’ support will be always at your back in choosing the right technical specifications for your paper carry bag making machines. You can hand over a printed document of machine specs you want to include, send us an online copy of the document, or live to tell us your requirements. We provide a feasible environment for all types of modes. 

Paper carry bag making machine price

The value of your business depends upon the price of the machine you pay for. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive machine available on the market. It is about investing in the right machine be it used or a brand new paper carry bag making machine. The price of a single machine unit at Nova is $200000 to $220000 US dollars (with optional printing machine and handle making units attached). Without the extra features, you can get the paper carry bag making machine for between 80000 to 100000 US dollars. Nova machinery always lends a supportive hand towards its customers, that’s why we also provide discounts on special days. Keep an eye out and avail the perks! 

Best suppliers in China

A lot of competitive China suppliers have come across the line who sell durable machines and their parts. You can consult their services to find the product you are looking for. However, if you are looking for proper assistance, maintenance services, product descriptions, paper bag making machine, their parts, and additional equipment, you need to come to Nova machinery. This is because our manufacturing factory is loaded with all the stuff you need. We can also help you find a suitable supplier near your location. Contact us for any kind of queries.

Why choose Nova machinery

Apart from a set of services you probably get at every store, we have some specialty in our working method that is reflected through our products. Choose Nova as your business partner because we provide 

  • Advance technology 
  • Premium packaging 
  • Innovative machine deigns 
  • Quality control test 
  • Machine Warranty
  • Business and product certification 
  • International client relations 
  • Free business consultation 
  • Feasible prices 

Services at Nova

You will not get off the services list at Nova Machinery once you visit us. Our customer service providing range is quite extensive that you can find everything of your benefit. The top services you’ll find at Nova machinery before and after buying a paper carry bag making machine are as follows. 

Quick manufacturing: No matter how massive your order is, we will complete your given order in time. our standard manufacturing time for a single one-set paper carry bag making machine is 12 to 15 days. However, this period may fluctuate depending upon the location and the order quantity.

Fast delivery: Just like we provide fast paper carry bag making machine manufacturing services, we make no compromise on the delivery time. You just have to select the delivery mode such as 

  • By road shipment 
  • By Air shipment 
  • Or by sea shipment 

We will make sure that your order reaches in less than due time. If you are placing the order from China, you will receive it in 2 to 4 working days. 

Machine maintenance: Maintenance always goes better in the hands of the manufacturers. They the functions of all the parts in detail and can sort the problem in a matter of minutes. You can also have Nova’s maintenance guide to keep your machine young! 

After-sale services: This is a broader concept that Nova Machinery came forthwith. Providing free after-sale services (services you get after buying your paper carry bag making machine) has not become handy yet. But Nova makes sure to assist its customers whenever needed.

MOQs: This service allows you to place minimum to maximum order quantities. You can order from a single to hundred sets of paper bag making machines on the go! Moreover, we also provide an emergency order manufacturing facility. A lot of customers have enjoyed this service and become permanent buyers afterward. 

24 hours response: We promise 24 hours customer response service at our portal. This is a trusted way of client satisfaction. 

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