Paper Pouch Making Machine

Nova machinery is the most preferred paper pouch machine manufacturing firm around the globe. Clients are super-satisfied with our packaging, delivery, and machine production services. We run a quality check on our products before shipping. Our paper pouch making machines are noise-free and vibration resistant.  

Nova is certified with CE and ISO certificates. Our honesty and certification are the main reasons our clients trust us. Furthermore, if you need any assistance, just give us a call or a text, and our respective offices will send our employees for your help. Paper pouches are hype these days, which is why we have subjected this blog to the detailed information about the paper pouch making machine. Let’s get started!

Paper pouch making machine – Introduction

All the paper pouches you see in the market are made through paper pouch making machines. A whole lot of industrial sector uses these machines, which makes them highly admirable in the market. Nova comes up with the most demanding solutions for paper pouch making machines because of the features and qualities it offers. 

In a typical paper pouch making machine, you’ll see three main sections. Three sections are unwinding, tube making, and paper bottom making/collecting. The paper roll unwinds in the first section, leading to paper tube formation in the next, and at last, the paper bottoms are formed. Nova has added premium quality machine parts such as the sharp cutters, glue holders or tanks, an additional printing unit (flexo printer) for printing, a hot ink tank, and a servo control unit. These facilities are user-friendly, and their easy operation makes the paper pouch fast. 

The machine uses kraft paper to make 300+ paper bags per minute. This fully automatic paper pouch making machine stops when figuring out any problem. It also monitors the functions of every machine part so that you don’t have to. 

Figure 1 Paper Pouch Production Process (2)

Figure 1: Paper Pouch Production Process

Types of pouches made by paper pouch making machine

With the advancement in technology, innovation in the styles and designs of paper bags and machines is necessary. Nova machinery’s staff is competent enough to work on different practically-working machine drafts that make various types of paper pouches. 

The types include 

  • Flat and satchel paper pouches 

  • Square bottom paper pouches 

  • V-bottom paper pouches

You can also visit our workplace for paper pouch making machines, spare parts or additional equipment.

Printed paper pouches vs. Simple paper pouches

Seeking novelty in every industrial sector, the manufacturers opt for printed paper pouches over simple paper pouches. Let us differentiate between the two. 

The printed paper pouches are the ones that have some company logo, name, or motto printed on the front. These printed paper pouches help promote the brand and attract customers due to their unique designs. With the help of flexo printers, you can print them entirely in 2-4 different colors.

The simple paper pouches, on the other hand, are regular carry bags without handles. They are perfect for small and large businesses and go perfectly with every industry in the market. They can be manufactured with a simple paper pouch making machine. 

Paper pouch making machine in wholesale

Nova provides paper pouch making machines wholesale for businesses with massive paper bag making machine production. The benefit gets to the local manufacturers is the reduced price wholesale. Many suppliers prefer to buy machines in bulk to feed their massive order needs. For this purpose, Nova offers its wholesale bulk order services. However, we also entertain minimum quantity orders as per your demand.

Customizable features 

Nova is one of the early manufacturers that emphasized giving customizable options to its customers. With years of experience with international clients, we learned that the customers get more comfortable when they can improvise the machine designs according to their preference. We took this seriously and introduced personalized options to help clients get what they pay. Our engineers can change different features and specifications such as paper width, length, pouch size, and many others. 

Paper bag load-bearing capacity

Apply to paper bag made from 100% wooden fiber
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
X ≥60X ≥80X ≥100
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 10kg≈22lbsCan bear 14kg≈31lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch
Apply to paper bag made from recycled paper
Bearing CapacityBearing Parameter
Paper Bag WidthPaper Bag WidthPaper Bag Width
Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X(g/m2)Paper Weight X (g/m2)
60 ≤ X <10080 ≤ X <120X ≥120
Can bear 5kg≈11lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbsCan bear 8kg≈17lbs
Suitable needed bag size5.25×3.75×8inch8×4.25×10.5inch
16×6×12 inch

Machine price

Paper pouch making machine price differs according to its features, location, and additional units. For instance, a machine with auxiliary equipment will cost between $200000 to $250000. It is because single detachable equipment costs $13000 to $18000. However, if you buy a simple unit, its cost will be relatively less. If you are short on budget, you can buy a second-hand or used paper pouch making machine at Nova. 

Reliable suppliers in China 

The paper shopping bag industries have grown above and beyond in paper pouch making machine production since the ban on plastic in China. Several manufacturers are excelling due to their effective marketing techniques and quality equipment. You’ll find many reliable suppliers based on the feedback or customer reviews. However, don’t get straight to order placing without having a profile check. Otherwise, you may get robbed or receive the undesired product quality. If you are facing difficulty finding a trustable factory owner, you can contact us. We’ll assist you in every way possible. 

Business at Nova

Keeping in view the integrity of the business establishment, we always tries to maintain transparency between the clients. It is our utmost effort in the upbringing of our business enterprises all over the world. We assure our clients they get what it takes to help their business grow. While doing business with Nova, you get the following perks!

Strategic policies for business growth: We hire business analysts with whom you can talk directly about your business. Once you join hands with us, you can also get a free consultation.

Effective management: Our managing staff is expert in maintaining your business progress, client–staff meetings, and resolving queries. 

After-sale services: This is the biggest start-up on the part of Nova machinery. It means you get assisted in your machine-related problems after buying them from us. Our specialists help you with worn-out machine parts, care and maintenance, and other machine-related issues. 

Transparent transactions: For overseas and native customers, we have made the payment process for the paper pouch making machine handy. With the ease of online payment, clients can pay anytime, regardless of location.

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