Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

With a global network of paper bag making machines, Nova machinery maintains its integrity at the same pace. We are customer-oriented and manufacture all solutions per the client’s preferences. Our production area has various paper bag-making machines that serve you in a wide range of features and specifications. Being a best-seller, our fully automatic paper bag making machines win the tile of the most efficient and highly-demanded machine in the industrial market. 

The blog intends to reveal everything you want about the automatic paper bag making machine. Continue reading!

Automatic paper bag making machine – Introduction

Belonging to a paper bag manufacturing industry is about being proficient in time management. Only a fully automatic paper bag making machine can help you reach your monthly goals as paper bags and machines are in high demand. This machine saves time and produces 350 carry bags/min on average. Its perfect design and working abilities let you deal with massive orders with utmost precision and efficacy.  

The benefit of using an automatic paper bag-making machine is that you get printing and handle making services. Our staff is trained enough to be always at your services. For quotes and other paper bag making machines, contact us any time. 

Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

Figure 1: Automatic paper bag making machine

Working process of the machine

Our fully automatic paper bag making machine works in the following steps. 

  • First, we feed the raw material, such as the kraft paper rolls, through the automatic hydraulic system.  
  • Then, the three sections of the machine perform their respective functions. For instance, the unwinding unit converts the paper roll into the paper web. 
  • This web stays aligned until it goes to the tube making section. Here, the fine tubes are formed of a certain length to make the paper bags. The tube width is adjustable with the help of a round handle on the side of the machine. 
  • In the last section, the machine makes paper bottoms. You can make it square or V-shaped it is totally up to your choice. The bottoms are attached to the paper tubes with the help of hot glue. And your paper bag is collected through the collection unit. It is the regular process of making paper bags. 
  • The additional work takes place in the printing and handle making unit. Yes! both units are attached to this machine. We use fine quality printing inks with several meters per minute printing capacity. With 4 different printing options, you can make different designs using flexo printers. 
  • A similar process is with handle making units.  It offers three different handle designs that enhance to outlook and grip of your bread bags

Features and specifications 

You’ll finds the following features and specifications in the automatic paper bag making machine.

  • High-production 
  • 5cm wide frame to reduce vibrations 
  • Machine weight 8000kg 
  • Consumes less electricity 
  • Servo technology 
  • Glue and ink tanks to avoid frequent refills
  • Sharp cutters for precision 
  • One control unit for all the functions 
  • Can work for 40 hours straight 
  • 3 – 4 years warranty 

paper bag making machine


Automatic VS semi-automatic paper bag machine 

Clients mostly ask about the automatic VS semi-automatic paper bag making machines. We have cleared the difference between these two below. 

  • When a machine is designed to perform all the functions by itself, requiring no manual effort, it is called an automatic paper bag making machine. All the machine parts work as per the instructions and the machine monitors every activity by the machine parts. When detects any unusual activity, it stops by producing a beep sound to let you know of any problem.
  • While a semi-automatic packaging machine requires some time and energy, you’ll need labor to put the paper rolls on the unwinding section and collect the prepared paper bags. You’ll also require a team of professionals to check for any residing errors in the machine. 

Both machines make paper bags with a difference in manual labor. If you are earning enough revenue, you should go for the fully automatic machine, while if you are establishing your industry, a semi-automatic machine is a perfect suit. 

Machine price 

If you have been in the manufacturing industry, then you probably know that the price of the paper bag making machine fluctuates according to its features, specialties, and functions. On average, the cost of a fully automatic paper bag making machine (with printing and handle making facilities) is 200000 USD to 250000 USD. These prices are negotiable at Nova during our discount period. 

Automatic paper bag-making machine factory in China

Getting your hands on a reputed and valuable manufacturing factory owner is not easy. But if you are in China, you would not find a better automatic paper bag-making machine production factory than Nova. We have proposed strict rules and regulations that maintain the manufacturing decorum. We have spared a land of more than 40 square feet to accommodate your production lines. To ensure their stability, we have them under the right environmental conditions so they won’t wear out. 

Other than Nova, there are also well-organized emerging industries that propose reasonable solutions. We support their efforts, and that’s why we also help you find the best factories in China. All you have to do is to give us a call or meet us in person. We will assist you in every way possible. 

Nova – Your go-to manufacturer of reliable paper bag machines

Our gallery is extensive, and it won’t be wrong if we say that Nova is your go-to manufacturer. Our spare parts are genuine and imported from well-developed countries like Japan and Germany. The plus point of a joint venture with Nova is that you can get anything from raw materials for an automatic paper bag making machine to an entirely manufactured machine here. 

Here is what you get more than the manufacturing services

  • Fast and international product delivery with several options such as by road, air, or shipment. Choose the feasible method according to your location. 
  • We accept MOQs and emergency orders to help you grow on your premises.
  • Your investments are safe with us as we have a transparent and scam-free online transaction system.
  • We set out our machines for sale to help the newbies buy quality products for their firm.
  • You can freely visit our company site and get free operational videos and catalogs.
  • For queries, our customer service center is always open.
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