Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine

The retail and food markets are the ones that need evergreen production of paper shopping bags. This is only possible if they get enough paper shopping bag making machine production and quality paper bag supply. Nova had great foresight in such matters, and soon after the plastic ban, we started focusing on building compatible solutions to serve the shopping bag utilizing industries.

Our paper bag manufacturing machine is super-hit! Our workforce includes certified engineers, technicians, business developers, and customer service representatives. We have several outlets in different states and countries that are a source of positive international feedback. Read below to know more about the paper shopping bag making machine.

Paper shopping bag making machine – Brief

A paper shopping bag making machine is perfect for making diverse paper bags. It is a one-piece machine with tons of specifications to create the ideal paper shopping bags you want. It offers three variants of paper sizes: short, long, and medium.

Starting from the machine models, Nova offers square bottom, flat bottom, and sharp bottom paper shopping bag making machines. These models have different specs that accommodate your requirements. Moving forward to its technical information, a shopping paper bag making machine generally makes 30-280 pcs/min with a paper thickness of 40 to 160 g/m2. For paper bottoms, the machine can adjust the bottom width from 50 to 250mm. The machine’s weight differs with and without the additional tools, between 5000 to 12000 kgs.

You can see detailed specifications of our paper bag making machines in our catalog. The main parts of the machine are Germany and Japan imported with servo technology and automatic control system. Paper shopping bags produced with these machines have a bearing capacity of 5 to 14kgs depending upon the bag width. With a manual wheel, you can adjust the tube width of your paper bags. This is ideal, thus, proving our paper bag manufacturing process.

Paper shopping bag making machine

Figure 1: Paper shopping bag making machine

Raw material and paper bag types

The reason we choose craft paper is because of its non-retaining properties. It’s chemical-free and doesn’t react with anything placed in it. However, we shift to our customer choices because we work for them!

Coming toward the paper bag types, you’ll see

  • Flat paper bags
  • Square bottom paper bags
  • Sharp or V-bottom paper bags
  • Paper bags with windows
  • Paper bags with flat handles, twisted and D-cut handles
  • Shopping bags
  • Food bag
  • Grocery bags
  • Medicinal bags and many others.

Paper shopping bag vs. paper pouch making machine

Both machines are thought to be similar, but they are not. The input is a kraft paper roll that unwinds at high speed. The machine makes paper tubes with adjustable width.

The difference lies in the paper’s bottom widths and handles. The shopping bags are meant to hold large items, so they should be spacy and have a high bearing capacity. On the contrary, the paper pouches do not have handles. This is because they are used to lift food items, medicines, and other lightweight objects that do not require a solid grip to hold.

We always recommend consulting with us before having any self-made assumptions. We want you to invest your money in the best!

Square bottom paper bag making machine and Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

Figure 2:   Square bottom paper bag making machine and Paper Bag Handle Making Machine

Paper shopping bag machine – Auxiliary equipment support

What is worth it more than having auxiliary equipment for your machine at a budget-friendly price? Well, Nova offers you that! You get your machine fixed in just $200000 to $250000 with a flexo printing unit and a handle making unit. Your printing machine works inline and offline with a paper shopping bag making machine. Similar goes with the handle making machine. The offline units are intended for massive order production. You can print or attach handles before or after your paper shopping bag making machine makes paper bags.

Furthermore, if you already have the machine and don’t want to spend more, you can only buy the additional units. We offer you market competitive prices so that you don’t stop growing.

How to lubricate the machine?

Lubrications double the life of your paper shopping bag making machine. We have included this section to let you know the correct lubrication method.

  • First, remove any dirt on the machine using a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth. Do not use any complicated or friction-causing material as it’ll cause scratches on the machine.
  • Second, take lubrication oil from the nearby service center, or you can have it from us. Pour this into the open holes, or check the catalog or the lubricating parts.
  • Fill the parts with oil as required and clean the excess. Remember, the cleaner you keep your packaging machine, the more efficient it’ll be.

You can always have Nova’s assistance if you cannot lubricate your machine. Just give us a call!

Packaging and shipment

Your prepared paper shopping bag making machine units are stored under the optimum environmental conditions. They are packed in the carbureted boxes to avoid external damage. Our lead production time is 15 days, which can fluctuate according to the massive orders. For shipment, we use all the available methods to get the order reach from China to your destinations. We ship by air, road, and cargo per your location and budget.

Why invest in Nova Machinery?

The clients prefer to check the company background and selling response. We have nothing to show off as customer feedback is the biggest thing you can rely upon. Our company and products are certified with ISO and the legality of the business certificate. Nova always prefers customer demand and offers customized paper bag machine solutions for their ease. You can have a free consultation with our business advisers, who devise strategies to keep your business excelling in the external market.

We have several services once you sign the deal with us.

  • Transparent online transactions
  • After sale services
  • Free operational videos
  • Discounts
  • Genuine machine parts

Above all, you are free to visit our working site. You’ll be more than satisfied to examine our working environment, as we strictly impose the rules!

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