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Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

  • We have a discrimination-free working environment
  • We provide you with the roll feeding square bottom paper bag machines with Japanese and German Imported technology.
  • Your square bottom paper bag making business will flourish in our hands 
  • Our machines make environmentally friendly paper bags
  • We provide you with our best engineering services in case of any queries

We Give You One Roll Feeding Paper Bag Machine With Uncountable Features

Gone are the days of your dismay, our machine’s quality products will bring style and profit to your business.

Inline Handle Making Section

An optional inline handle making section can also be attached to the machine upon demand. The inline handle making section assists in developing paper bags with handles. It reduces the production time and the labour cost.

Automatic Paper Roll Feeding

Paper rolls are mostly heavy and hard to lift manually. To bring ease for both our workers and clients, we have installed automatic hydraulic paper roll lifters.

HMI Control

This control system has proved very beneficial in increasing the production rate. It is easy to operate as it has a touch screen. You can adjust the size and length of your paper bag rolls and paper bags.

Flexo Printing Unit

A 2/4 colour flexo printing unit can also be attached to the machine for manufacturing printed paper bags. The unit can be attached to the machine upon the customer’s request.

Choose A Single Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine And Bring Versatility To Your Paper Bags Collection

We have hired capable engineers and machine designers that bring a variety of features to your square bottom paper bag machines.

NWFD 330 Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

The dimensions of this roll feeding paper bag machine are smaller than the other machines. It is suitable to handle small-sized paper bag production.

NWFD 330 Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

The paper bags manufactured with this machine are more in demand because their size suits every industry from food to construction and retail.

NWFD-450 Roll Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine

We manufacture this machine to fulfil your needs for large-sized paper bags such as to handle large grocery items.

NWFD-450B Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

The NOVA-450B roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine offers you the possibility of larger sized bags.

Buy Roll Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine And Make Adaptable Paper Bags

We specially designed this machine with customised solutions to bring a versatile look to your paper bags.

For Flexible Sizes And Dimensions, Nova Machinery Is Your Best Choice!

The first and foremost priority of Nova Machinery is to develop good customer relations. To fulfil this stance, we do every possible effort to provide the best manufacturing services in the area. With our team’s constant hard work and imperial designs, we have reached a landmark of 40 foreign countries where our products are shipped!

Talking about the services, we do not run off the market competition and provide customer services, maintenance services, project development, business guidelines, and after-sale services. Innovation is our motto and we do not disappoint you with our quality.

Nova Machinery Provides All Of These Attributes And More!

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You might want to see more products other than roll feeding square bottom paper bag machines. That’s why we give you our product catalogue that contains a detailed description of each.

functional introduction

To build your trust, we make quality machines that are equipped with the latest technology. They are tested before we deliver them to you!

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Our working team is highly adaptable to high pressure and workload. We manufacture and deliver your products within a month.

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Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine FAQ



In the manufacturing industry, Nova is a well-known brand of paper bag machines. We provide one of the most effective solutions for the paper bag industry. Under the supervision of skilled and experienced engineers, our production facility is closely monitored.

We guarantee your product’s availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and prompt delivery. All of the machines have been thoroughly tested and confirmed to be effective. With our Roll Feeding square bottom paper bag machine’s long lifespan, you’ll be able to profit in no time.

Experts at Nova have designed the following questions that can possibly come to your mind while buying a roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine.

What Is a Roll Feeding Square Boom Paper Bag Making Machine?

Roll feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Figure 1: Roll feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

As quality is our prime focus and we do not compromise on that. This is why we hire skilled engineers to design and manufacture our roll feeding paper bag machines which are precise and easy to operate.

The main purpose of this machine is to convert the large rolls of papers into smaller ones to make the paper bags of diverse range. We make different models under a roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine to accommodate different widths of paper bags from 40mm to 80mm. Paper dimensions are very dear to us as they bring accuracy in the design and overall structure of the paper bags.

We have a cylinder-shaped paper bottom folder and manufacturer in our single-piece paper bag cutting machine. This unit makes concise bottoms which are reliable for lifting weights.

Talking about the machine efficiency and productivity, this machine operates at a high speed of making 200+ bags in a minute. It consumes less energy and produces less noise.

If you are establishing a new business then you might opt for this machine because its benefits are more than its cost.

How Many Types Of Paper Bags Does A Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Make?

To keep up the pace with the advanced technology and versatile demands, Nova Machinery’s Roll feeding paper bag machine makes the following paper bags.


Since the discovery of plastic’s hazardous properties, the globe has switched dramatically toward the usage of environmentally benign paper bags. Nova Machinery is always on the cutting edge of emerging ideas and producing paper bag production machines. With the use of high-quality paper kraft material, our Biodegradable paper bags are non-toxic paper bags.

Kraft paper Bags

Kraft paper is the finest type of paper available, as it is not only long-lasting but also has a higher tensile strength. In our roll feeding paper bag production machine, we employ kraft paper rolls. It’s a great infrastructure that can handle the most cutting-edge technologies without being overburdened. It makes fine paper bags with high strength and tolerance.

Block Bottom Paper Bags

These paper bags are the speciality of Nova Machinery because we invest our money and time in the production process. They are famous and are mostly used in grocery stores.

What Is The Working Principle Of A Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine?

Nova Machinery hires experienced technicians and educates the existing ones to bring the best output of their skills. They design flexible machine structures that can be operated easily.

  •  To start working with the machine, you first need to adjust the parameters of the machine according to your desires.
  • Tension control is very important to maintain in the machine as it ensures the durable paper state. For this purpose, we have installed magnetic brakes in our roll feeding paper bag machine which automatically keep the paper tension in control. We resultantly get a damage-free paper for making the paper bags.
  • The working process begins by unwinding the paper rolls. To keep the paper bag roll aligned, we use an imported EPC automatic alignment system. In this way, the paper web stays intact to the machine parts.
  • Next, we have a tube making unit that works on both sides. To elaborate, it not only pastes the sides of the paper bags but also the bottoms. To fulfil this act, we use a hot glue system which is also automatic. It takes the required amount of glue that pastes the sides and the bottoms.
  •   In case you want to attach the handles to your paper bags, you can use the optional handle making unit which works both manually and automatically. It’ll make the handles, then the handles are cut and transferred to the tube making unit with a double-path. This two-way mechanism saves time and amount.
  •  Due to the automatic features of the roll feeding paper bag making machine, much of the manual effort is reduced. The machines work automatically and the PLC system looks for the possible errors in the manufacturing process.
  •  At the end, the collecting unit collects the paper bags. It has the capacity of holding 50 bags at a time.

We put our efforts in the refined and quality production of the paper bags you want. We value your demands and your interest in buying from us. For any queries, we can provide you with the tutorials and product catalogue.

Paper Bag Cutting Unit

Figure 2: Paper Bag Cutting Unit

Does Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Work Automatically?

A fully automatic roll feeding paper bag producing machine is self-operating. Because of its automated features, it is in high demand. Monitoring the production process and machine health does not necessitate manual work. The defects are detected by the automatic German tracking systems, which automatically halt the equipment.

You can call us or email us at any moment to get an instant price for any of the above-mentioned equipment.

How Can The Printing And Handle Making Units Attached To The Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine?

You can have the assistance of experts from Nova to attach the optional flexo printing and handle unit to your machine. These units are both inline and offline. They handle the small and massive production orders.

How Many Sizes And Styles Of Carry Bags Does Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine Make?

Different types of square bottom paper bags

Figure 3: Different types of square bottom paper bags

Nova Machinery provides you with a wide range of sizes from small to large paper bags. You do, however, have the option to adjust the proportions to your liking. We offer a variety of formats to meet your requirements.

As far as the styles are concerned, our fully automatic machine makes

You can also get your personalised styles at Nova Machinery.

What Are The Industrial Uses Of Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine?

Because of the numerous advantages of roll feeding square bottom paper bag machines, several companies employ them in their operations. These are the industries.

  • Bakery goods and eatables are included in the food and beverage category.
  • Drugs and medicines are referred to as pharmaceuticals.
  • Clothing, clothes, and other related items are sold in retail stores.
  • Cement and related materials are used in construction.

All the above-mentioned industries use paper bags manufactured by the machines provided by Nova Machinery.

What Raw Material Does Roll Feeding Square Bottom Machine Use?

This roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine uses high quality kraft paper rolls for the manufacturing of paper bags. However, if you want to make paper bags with any other material, we have designed this machine to accommodate any material of your choice including paper and cardboard material. 

Can A Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Make Paper Bags With Windows?

Yes, a roll feeding square bottom paper bag machine can make paper bags with windows. Nova makes certain that its machinery is current. Nova also offers solutions for making plastic windows due to their increased demand.

For this aim, Nova designed roll feeding paper bag production machines that manufacture plastic windows in the paper bags. Strip and die-cut plastic windows are used for these windows.

Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine In China?

It’s not easy to find the best manufacturer. With closed eyes, though, you can trust Nova’s services. This is due to our decades of quality experience in the square bottom paper bag machine market and our understanding of our clients’ wants and demands.

We make offers that are tailored to your specific needs. Our delivery time is quick, and our high-quality packaging material allows for some damage.

How Can I Make A Purchase Of A Roll Feeding Square Bottom Machine At Nova Machinery?

Our order placement system has been maintained simple for the convenience of our customers. If you live in China, come to our manufacturing location and place your order by hand. As a result, you’ll be more pleased with the quality of our job.

The second and most convenient alternative is to place an order online. Our customer service representatives are ready for your purchase on the contact page! You can also seek their assistance if you encounter any difficulties.

Is Nova Machinery A Certified Company To Work With?

Certification is an excellent technique to get clients’ attention. People trust a company’s services if it is certified.

Nova’s firm is a certified manufacturer, and all of its roll feeding paper bag machines have received CE certification. Nova has built a global marketing standard as a result of this accreditation.

How Much Does A Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Cost?

Roll feeding paper bag machine is a low-cost machine. The price machine varies depending on whether or not optional units are included. The cost of a roll feeding machine with a handle-making unit is around 80000-100000 USD, whereas the cost of a roll feeding machine with handles is between 200000 and 2500000 USD. The cost is mostly determined by the features you add to your system.

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